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Political Belief

For the American Politics Thread, I present the Jamesianist Manifesto. This is an outline of my political beliefs and am I willing to share this with you all.

I have pondered deeply over the affairs of the United States of America and the world. The world is in a grim state. Between stagnating superpowers with weak and fragile democracies who where never really democracies to begin with and former superpowers committing atrocities in the name of foolishly trying to reconstruct the worst eras of their history it is time for change. Whether this change can come from the power of the people in the ballot box or on the picket sign which is what I sincerely hope is the reason for such a change not just in the United States but the world. I do not forget nor entirely disavow revolution. If a revolution is indeed a necessary force of change to bring about the goals of Jamesianism then so be it. However if this ideology comes about by revolution it's principles should be protected not by a revolutionary vanguard in the vain of Vladimir Lenin but rather a peace seeker like Cincinnatus or George Washington. I want my ideology to be interpreted in various ways by various political ideologies and cultures throughout the world. I do not want my ideology to be the birth of one party states I want my ideology to cultivate multi party democracies around the world. The ideology itself is a mixture of different ideologies: Social Liberalism Social Democracy The Three Principles of The People Progressivism Centrism and Georgism. These are ideologies with different ideas and ways of governance. I want conservatives socialists anarchists libertarians you name it to look upon this ideology and interpret it I don't want a single interpretation of Jamesianism I want all possible interpretations of it. Ultimately Jamesianism wants to see a global democratic reformation. It wants to see people born free It wants to see the people's will exercised not just in the government but in the economy and the work place. It wants to make sure that all people are created equal even if they are better or worse at somethings it wants to make sure that human beings are given dignity and respect under law. It wants to see the people's needs met. It wants any and all injustices corrected and the people who committed them punished no matter who they are. It wants a united nation where people are judged by character not by race gender religion ability disability or sexual orientation. It wants to see the people educated. It wants to see the truth not lies being told to the people so the people's will is further advanced. It wants to see people working in safe jobs with benefits and control over their work. It wants to improve the state of the nation it is in. It wants people to freely exercise their spirituality or not to if they so wish it shouldn't matter. It wants the people protected and most importantly it wants to ensure that the people will have healthcare food water clothing and shelter amongst all the other things people need to live. Jamesianism seeks to tear down systems of oppression in all their forms. It wants to see the United States further democratized and the world to unite in the name of democracy. With this I, the writer of this document dedicate this The Jamesianist Manifesto. I also ask for this one thing as well

People of The World Unite! The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword!

Ideologies and Principles


Jamesianism is a concoction of Social Liberalism, Progressivism, Social Democracy, Three Principles of The People, Georgism, and Centrism
These ideologies share common principles: Democracy, Liberalism, Social Welfare, Land Value Tax systems and Centrism. Jamesianism seeks to combine strong social welfare policies like universal healthcare social security and public housing along with a liberal democracy. Jamesianism is also progressive more specifically Bull Moose Progressivism. The current Bull Moose Party advocates for more democracy and fighting corporate tyranny and supporting sensible climate immigration and gun reform. Three Principles of The People advocates for Nationalism Democracy and The People's Welfare. This ideology goes well with Jamesianism. Sun Yat Sen was also inspired by Henry George's land value tax. George proposed a taxation system based off of the land one owns. If someone owns more land they will be tax more. The less you own the less you are taxed. Jamesianism would use this tax system to fund it's government along with other progressive tax measures. Jamesianism is not an extreme ideology. Jamesianism advocates for equilibrium in governing policy. There must be a balance in all things. Going to extremes can cause chaos and be detrimental to progress and the people's welfare.


Jamesianism can be broken down into thirteen principles. These principles will outline what Jamesianism will be governed by
#1. Freedom- The most important right anyone can be have is to be born free from enslavement and tyranny from the government and corporations. In a Jamesianist society everyone is born free. Nobody is to be enslaved. The government is to not restrict the civil and political rights of the people. Corporations should not deliberately make their workers work for non livable wages and in poor conditions.
#2. Egalitarianism- In a Jamesianist society everyone is born equal under the law. No is to be deprived of their civil rights on the basis of race gender religion ability disability or sexual orientation. A Jamesianist government would make sure that civil liberties are granted to all people.
#3. Equity- Jamesianism proposes a lot of services that are designed to help the people. Having those services is one thing but making sure that people have access to them is important. A Jamesianist government will make sure that the services it provides will be efficiently distributed as not to deprive people of their rights or disenfranchise them.
#4. Justice- All citizens are to have a fair and speedy trial with a jury and with a lawyer. Justice is to be applied to fight against injustices wherever and whoever they are rich people should not get to go unpunished for their crimes neither should the common people as well. A Jamesianist criminal justice system would reasonably treat criminals but would not let them go unpunished. Police and other law enforcement would be reformed to better serve and protect the people.
#5. Unity- The people of a nation should be united together and not divided by arbitrary labels. Culturally diverse nations like the United States should embrace it's diversity. A united nation would also better withstand potential
threats to it.
#6. Democracy- A Jamesianist system would be a democracy. This democracy would be a mixture between a representative democracy and direct democracy. Elected representatives will represent the people in congress or parliament but occasionally the people will directly vote on matters via national referendum initiated by the president. There would also be more than two parties. Democracy doesn't stop at the governmental level. Jamesianism advocates for a democratic economy and workplace. The economy and work place should not be solely controlled by one group of people whether it be corporate leaders or workers. Rather the economy and workplace should be owned by both with a complex systems of checks and balances between them. This is also goes for small business owners.
#7. Education- Education is a key concept to a functioning democracy therefore a key concept to Jamesianism. Jamesianism seeks to make sure that all people are given equal access to education. Education is more than just the three R's. It is also about learning to care for themselves and others along with defending themselves and others.
#8. Truth- Knowing and understanding the truth of the world around oneself is important to Jamesianism. In a Jamesianist society the press will play a vital role in letting the people know what is going on. The people are ultimately the checks and balances of the government. The problem is ordinary people cannot take time to monitor the government so a well functioning independent and balanced press is needed to represent the people and hold our governments accountable. If the press is malfunctioning not independent and unbalanced then the people in power can exploit this and harm the country. The press should not push one narrative but rather it should layout all sides of the story and let the people decide where they stand.
#9. Work- Every worker should have the right to a living wage good working conditions and benefits. Workers are the backbone of any economy. The government and corporations should do what they can to keep them happy and safe. If the government and businesses fail to do so then workers should be able to form unions and strike until the government and businesses meet the workers demands. Workplaces should also be worker owned. The workplace should be democratically ran by the workers from hiring bosses to deciding the functions of the workplace.
#10. Patriotism- Patriotism in a Jamesianist society is more than loving or being loyal to your country. It is about wanting to improve your country and the lives of those who inhabit it.
#11. Faith- A Jamesianist society respects the right for one to choose or not choose to follow a religion. There wouldn't be a national religion that all must follow nor would there be national atheism policy. A personal matter like that is left to the individual person not the state to decide or enforce on the people.
#12. Protection- The people have the right to bear arms to protect oneself or others. Sensible regulations like expanding background checks would be in place but no buy backs or weapons bans.
#13. Welfare- Similar to the People's Livelihood principle In The Three Principles of The People Jamesianism would make sure that people get affordable humane and effective healthcare own a safe home have food have water and have clothing. There would be a government agency to ensure that these things are given to the people who need them.

Jamesianist Society Government and Economy


How a Jamesianist society comes about is all dependent on how and where it comes about. Ideally this society would be created by the implemented via reforms by democratically elected people in government. Though depending the situation of a country pre Jamesianism it may come by revolution. If it is done by revolution then there must be a careful implementation of the system as not to inadvertently recreate the same system it was designated to replace. A Jamesianist society would strive to build equality before the law and equity amongst it's people. It would also strive to make sure people born free remain free. Justice shall not be denied in this society. The people will be given what they need. The workers and business owners will share their labor and the hierarchies of the past will be made easier to traverse. The will of the people will hold the government accountable for it's actions. Everyone will be educated and will hold jobs with a livable wage to support one's self and their family. Arbitrary labels of the past will be torn down and the people will be united together. Religion will neither be imposed or denied Most importantly a Jamesianist society would be safe society. While this is my personal idea of the society Jamesianism would create it all depends on how one interprets Jamesianism it also depends on the culture of the interpreter. What might be ideal to the United States may not be entirely ideal for someone living in Russia. But this is the ideal society I would like to see crafted from Jamesianism.


A Jamesianist government as mentioned earlier would be a mixture between representative and direct democracy. It would also follow the model of liberal democracies. I would like to go more in depth into how I want this government to run.
- Executive Branch: The executive branch would be headed by the President and would function as it normally would. However the president would be able to initiate a referendum if they feel like Congress or Parliament would be too slow in acting on an issue. The president would be elected by popular vote not electoral college
- Legislative Branch: The legislative branch would also function like it usually does however both houses would be proportioned by population and there would be more than two parties in power. Members of Congress in both houses can serve up to eighteen years with three terms of six years. Older members could serve as part of the newer MCs' staff.
- Judicial Branch: The judicial branch would have the most changes. It would have a binding code of ethics justices would serve ten years. The Chief Justice position would be rotating every two years a lottery is held the eight other justices would pull a slip of paper. If their paper is marked with CJ they are chief justice.
Everyone 18 or above would be allowed to vote including prisoners. Authority would be broken down into the national, state, county, and city governments. A new constitution would be written. The part of the Constitution that outlines how the government would function would stay mostly the same except for the changes above.
However this constitution would have three bills of rights. One for civil rights one for economic rights and one for workers rights This constitution would be rewritten every 19 years. Here is how a Jamesianist Constitution would look like:

Civil Rights of The People

Amendment 1: All citizens have the right to be born free from slavery and have the right to be treated equally no matter who they are
Under Jamesianism the right to be born free and equal under the law is the most important right one can have
Amendment 2: The right to vote is granted to all people 18 and older.
Under no pretext should votes and the rights to cast them be surrendered; any attempt to disenfranchise the people must be frustrated, by force if necessary.
Yes this is adapted from a quote by Marx but it is relevant here

Amendment 3: All people have the right to the freedom of Speech Press Assembly and Religion.
Amendment 4: All people have the right to bear arms.
Amendment 5: No one whether in peace or war is to be forced to house soldiers
Amendment 6: No one is to be forced into searches or seizures.
Amendment 7: No is to be subjected to spying or data tracking.
Amendment 8: No double jeopardy right to a trial by jury accused rights.
Amendment 9: All people have the right to a fair and speedy trial with a lawyer.
Amendment 10: All civil cases require a jury.
Amendment 11: Punishment for crimes is not to be cruel or unusual nor have excessive bail.
Amendment 12: Other individual civil rights are reserved to the people.
Amendments 3-11 would remain the same as the United States constitution but there would be an amendment to ban spying or data tracking from the government and corporations

Economic Rights of The People
Amendment 1: All people have the right to effective safe and humane healthcare.
This amendment outlines a public option universal healthcare plan. Under this plan all citizens are automatically enrolled. This plan covers Doctor's Visits Hospital Bills, Dental Services, Vision Services and Mental Health Services It would also set affordable prescription prices. Private insurance plans are allowed if one chooses to go under that.
Amendment 2: All people have the right to a good education
This amendment would make all public universities free with no tuition fees and it would enshrine the right to an education into law it would also expand the school voucher program and establish universal preschool
Amendment 3: All people have the right to a job with livable wage and safe working conditions and good benefits
The minimum wage would be $22.00-$24.00 dollars an hour or whatever that translates to in other currencies It would also constitutionally mandate safe working conditions Companies would have to allow 12 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave
Amendment 4: Business owners have the right to be free from monopolies and unfair competition
If given due cause the government can break up big companies if they break laws or stifle competition
Amendment 5: All people have the right to a safe home
The government would invest in public housing abolish redlines and make a trust fund to invest into communities. Section 8 would become a by-right program
Amendment 6: All people have the right to social security
Social Security would be expanded to an agency called Total Security. Total Security is an expanded form of Social Security. Under this extended form all citizens are immediately enrolled and beginning at age 18 would receive a basic income. Total Security would also provide health car homeowner/renter insurance life and disability insurance to those who cannot afford private insurance. Total Security in times of an emergency (war, pandemic, natural disaster) will provide a job in essential and public works. (If they wish and if the need is that great) Total Security will build affordable housing units and community farms. It will also incentivize companies who manufacture essential items in a time of surplus to give a portion of that surplus to Total Security to distribute to low income families.

Worker's Bill of Rights
Amendment 1: Workers have the right to own the means of production.
In a Jamesianist society the workers would own the means of production. The government or even Wall Street should not own the means of production.
Amendment 2: Workers have the right to form and optionally join unions.
Workers have the right to form unions and join them if that is their wish
Amendment 3: Workers have the right to under their union refuse to work and strike if their company fails to provide for their needs
This amendment guarantees that when a company fails to meet the needs of the worker then the workers if under a union to strike.
Amendment 4: Workers have the right to speak freely in and out of the workplace
Amendment 5: Companies are not allowed to lockout workers
Lockouts hurt non-union members. Non union members should still be able to work during strikes
Amendment 6: Workers have the right to solidarity
Workers should be able to be in solidarity with each other. This includes secondary strikes and boycotts
Amendment 7: Workers have the rights to set their own demands
During a strike workers have the right to make whatever demands they want as long as it is within legal means

These amendments are the ones that would be found in a new Jamesianist constitution.


A Jamesianist economy would be a mixed market one. Free Markets and Private Industry would exist however the government would own some part of the economy. By some I mean utilities like Electricity and Water and essential services like Healthcare and Education but even then private companies would be able to able to exist and openly compete with the government. Capitalism and Socialism do have benefits but both have many problems and aren't the end all be all of an economic model. Jamesianism seeks to reconcile the competitiveness and innovation driven aspects of Capitalism and the worker based aspects of Socialism. In other words a mixed market economy with the scales tipped to favor the workers. Big corporations can indeed exist under Jamesianism. Ideally these corporations would function similarly to a federal system with power delegated from corporate and the branches of the company. Company branches would have autonomy but still answer to corporate. The branches would ideally form unions and union leaders would represent the workers and said workers would own the means of production. The head of a big corporation would be democratically elected by the workers of the company. If the corporation breaks laws or stifles competition then the company will be broken up. A Jamesianist economy would also make sure Mom and Pop businesses aren't swallowed up by big businesses as well. Companies would also be forced to produce on their home soil or if they really need to branch out be forced to pick an allied nation to their home country.

I have laid out what I wish Jamesianism to result in regarding society, government, and the economy. I would also like to outline Jamesianism's stances on social issues facing the United States. Hopefully these stances can also apply to other countries.

Jamesianism On Issues in America
Societal Issues

* The most important right for all people is to be free individuals. No one no matter their race gender or creed should be enslaved.
* All legal citizens have the right to vote in elections. This even includes prisoners. Once a citizen is born legally in their country they are granted voted registration and which can be officially activated once the child turns 18. To make sure these IDís are distributed an equitable system needs to be set up to make sure no one is inadvertently getting disenfranchised.
* Election Day for Presidential Elections should be a national holiday. On Election Day public transportation to Polling Stations should be free
* All people are to be treated equally under the law. They are to have have the same rights and benefits. Their lives matter.
* Historical figures should be viewed as humans whose decisions have influence history for worse or for better. Not as gods among men or beings of pure evil. History must be preserved at all costs so never again can the mistakes of the past be made and to build a better system from those mistakes.
* Red lines and other types housing segregation should be abolished. All people deserve a good home in safe neighborhoods.
* The freedom to express ideas and beliefs wherever possible and to peacefully protest should be held sacrosanct. Granted this could give rise to violence. If said comments are acted upon or the protests turn violent, then the government has the right to step in. Private individuals and entities have the right to prohibit speech they donít like, but the government should not make laws that do so i.e. The Alien and Sedition Acts. The people have the right to a free and independent press. The free press further allows freedom of speech.
* Any protest or strike must be as peaceful as possible. Revolution and Violence is never the answer, unless a colonial government is in power then the people have the right to revolt but only under those circumstances.
* All people should have the right to believe and practice their faith. All people should also have the right to not believe or practice a faith. Their choice to believe or not believe should be treated with respect.
* Guns and firearms should be allowed to be carried by the people. The right to protect themselves or their families should be respected. There should be certain regulations on guns, like better background checks and red flags are acceptable. A universal healthcare system designed to tackle mental health issues would help cut gun violence. The second amendment should not come at the cost of tragedies like Columbine or Parkland.
* The Police and Law Enforcement are also important in society. Their sacrifice and their dedication should be respected. They need help and support. Defunding the police will not solve the issues, rather reasonable reforms and investment into the communities the police serve will do. The police need to be trained to better handle an active shooter.
* The Military in all branches deserve respect for sacrificing themselves for the nation.
* Prisoners should be rehabilitated into society. After the punishment has been delivered the healing process must begin. Prisoners should have the right to vote. The death penalty should only be used for the most heinous of crimes. Citizens should be not subject to spying data tracking or unconstitutional searches.
* People should have the right to marry who they wish. The government shouldnít make regulations on marriage. Except to make sure the participants are 18 and above and are human. Homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children. Children need parents and adults who will give them love and support.
* What people do with their bodies should not be regulated. If someone wants to surgically change their gender they should have the right to do so. However there are still two genders. Whatever pronouns they use should be respected.
* While I cannot agree with the concept of abortion I donít agree with overturning Roe V. Wade. Rather the government should focus on education self defense contraception mental and emotional health and socioeconomic policies to help women and their children. The government should also encourage women to have their children adopted. There are couples who want babies and canít have them. The rapist and the relative who committed their crime must be punished severely. Grief and PTSD counseling should optionally be given to the woman if she wishes.
* Healthcare is a right not a privilege. The government should provide a universal service to its people. The right to healthcare should be enshrined in the Constitution. The people have the right to choose their healthcare
* Education is a right not a privilege. The right to learn the access of knowledge and the choice of what school someone goes to is the best way for society and our children to go forward.
* Social Security is a right not a privilege. Social Security should provide the essential insurance policies one needs if they cannot afford one by themselves. It should also build affordable housing and build community farms and distribute essential supplies like clothes and food.
* The minimum wage should be livable. All people deserve to work for a living wage.
* Parents and family members have the right to care for their children and sick loved ones without financial penalty.
* It is the right of the workers to form unions to make their voices heard. If the company fails to listen to the workers then they have the right to strike until their voices are heard.
* Small Businesses should have the same opportunities to succeed as their big business counterparts.

Governmental Issues
* The governmentís power is from the people. The government should be made up of everyday people.
* The head of state should be popularly elected by the people and so should the cabinet members.
* There should not be an electoral college but rather the election results should be decided by popular vote.
* As presidents have term limits the other branches of government should have term limits and elections. Members of Congress in both houses should have 3 six year terms and Supreme Court judges should have a single 10 year term. Judges should be democratically elected. Since their are 9 judges there should be 9 Judicial Voting Districts.
* There needs to be a major overhaul of infrastructure to catch up with the rest of the world and for safety reasons.
* The Congress has the right initiate a national referendum if there is a majority of votes for one.
* Instead of fence or an iron curtain along the southern border there should be a branch of the military along with a fleet of drones and cameras monitoring the border. This military branch is called the Border Guard.
* The United States should use diplomacy as well to deal with immigration. A treaty with Mexico to use our militaries to track migrant groups as well as going to the countries they originated from to address the issues that cause immigration.
* The immigration process should be streamlined to keep track of immigrants coming in. That we get them on the radar and keep them on the radar.
* There should be multiple parties rather then two parties.
* Both houses of Congress should be proportioned to state population.
* This country should isolate itself from international affairs. However isolation should not mean pacification. In secret we should prep our military and defense forces. Unless this nation is attacked our allies are attacked or a situation in a foreign nation turns into a humanitarian crisis thatís when we should intervene. However in the current geopolitical climate in this era it will not be possible for America to be a giant Switzerland therefore we need to make sure our country has no threats or contests to its power.

Environmental Issues
* Global Warming and Climate Change is a threat and must be dealt with. The best way to do this is with pragmatic reforms.
* While this is a threat, there is also the question of jobs. The government should give incentives to companies to invest in better energy sources.
* Workers should be prepared to transition into new jobs and legacy payments to older workers.
* The government should focus on balancing fossil fuel and green energy instead of alienating them.
* The country needs to be energy independent.
* One way to get fossil fuel workers to move to green jobs is to provide better benefits. Once they begin changing jobs then the fossil fuel companies will change their attitudes
* To get fossil fuel companies on board with green energy is to make it affordable desirable and profitable


I have laid out the design ideals plans and goals of Jamesianism. I want to leave the readers of this document with a better understanding of my beliefs and my ideology. I also want you to think about what has been presented here and hopefully use it as a course of action in the future. The future is an uncertain and frightening thing and right now it does not look good. I hope whoever reads this document sees a better world ready to be made. I think there is but I need more people who feel the same. So with all of this mind remember these sacred words
People of The World Unite! The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword!