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TWP Holiday Playlists

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Every season of Midwinter Shenanigans, residents of the West Pacific and visitors alike submit their favorite holiday songs on the Regional Message Board during Karaoke Fridays, a regional tradition that has happened for years. Submissions are gathered after Christmas, sorted by alphabetical order, and posted on this dispatch year after year, serving as an index of yearly playlists since 2021.

[b]Index of Years:[/b] [url=#2021]2021[/url] 


[center][size=115][b]12 Days Of Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Corbeil[/nation]

[b]Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful)[/b], suggested by [nation]The Holy Principality of Saint Mark[/nation]

[b]All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]All I Want For Christmas Is You[/b], suggested by [nation]Wauwa[/nation]

[b]Blue Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]Cantique de Noël/Minuit Chrétiens/O Holy Night[/b], suggested by [nation]Desmosthenes and Burke[/nation]

[b]Christmas at Ground Zero[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]Christmas in Dixie[/b], suggested by [nation]Toe-Jam[/nation]

[b]Christmas in Hollis[/b], suggested by [nation]Fuentana[/nation]

[b]Christmas In Our Hearts[/b], suggested by [nation]The Holy Principality of Saint Mark[/nation]

[b]Christmas is Coming[/b], suggested by [nation]Min-Su[/nation]

[b]Christmas Is The Time to Say "I Love You"[/b], suggested by [nation]Av Libertas Vindex[/nation]

[b]Christmas Night Of The Living Dead[/b], suggested by [nation]Papercuts and Skittles[/nation]

[b]Christmas Shoes[/b], suggested by [nation]Zoran[/nation]

[b]Christmas Song[/b], suggested by [nation]Bhang Bhang Duc[/nation]

[b]Christmas Time Is Here[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]Do they know it's Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Corbeil[/nation]

[b]Father Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Corbeil[/nation]

[b]Gaudete[/b], suggested by [nation]Bhang Bhang Duc[/nation]

[b]Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer[/b], suggested by [nation]Japonic Islands[/nation]

[b]I Believe in Father Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Bhang Bhang Duc[/nation]

[b]I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday[/b], suggested by [nation]Bhang Bhang Duc[/nation]

[b](I'm Getting) Nuttin' for Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Aluminum Oxynitride[/nation]

[b]It Feels Like Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Willow Gate[/nation]

[b]Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow[/b], suggested by [nation]Jolly Ole Saint Nick[/nation]

[b]Jingle Bell Rock[/b], suggested by [nation]RX-88[/nation]

[b]Jingle Bells[/b], suggested by [nation]Buster Brown[/nation]

[b]Joy To The World[/b], suggested by [nation]New Ulsan[/nation]

[b]Last Christmas[/b],  suggested by [nation]Wauwa[/nation]

[b]Merry Christmas Darling[/b], suggested by [nation]Locksley Hall[/nation]

[b]Merry Christmas Everybody[/b], suggested by [nation]Bhang Bhang Duc[/nation]

[b]Merry Xmas Song[/b], suggested by [nation]Corbeil[/nation]

[b]O Holy Night[/b], suggested by [nation]The Holy Principality of Saint Mark[/nation]

[b]Rocking Around The Christmas Tree[/b], suggested by [nation]Willow Gate[/nation]

[b]Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer[/b], suggested by [nation]Buster Brown[/nation]

[b]Shake Me I Rattle[/b], suggested by [nation]Moaning Lisa[/nation]

[b]Silent Night[/b], suggested by [nation]Moaning Lisa[/nation]

[b]Snoopy's Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Toe-Jam[/nation]

[b]So This is Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Moaning Lisa[/nation]

[b]The Little Drummer Boy[/b], suggested by [nation]Moaning Lisa[/nation]

[b]There's Something Stuck Up In The Chimney[/b], suggested by [nation]DeNorSweLand[/nation]

[b]This Christmas[/b], suggested by [nation]Emodea[/nation]

[b]Yelling at the Christmas Tree[/b], suggested by [nation]Moaning Lisa[/nation][/center][/size]

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