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SPSF Ribbon Ceremony: China




From the Office of the Minister of Defense, 12/23/2021

Fellow South Pacificans,

As many of you are aware by now, the South Pacific Special Forces and its friends liberated China on the major update of December 20, 2021 from the clutches of The Black Hawks and associated forces. The battle, which lasted for twenty four hours, saw over 200 players fight for the region’s control and saw a near unprecedented 116 liberators rise to the call, overtaking Trovons as the largest liberation of this year and etching its place in history as one of the largest defender operations in history.

Apart from being an extraordinary milestone for defenderdom and ending this already incredible year on a high note, it also marked an impressive achievement for the SPSF. Twenty nine distinct liberators attended this liberation flying the light blue and white of the SPSF, second most among the participating militaries and a new record-high count for our regional military. This is the second time this year that we’ve broken our turnout record and it very much speaks about the strides we’ve made this year in terms of making our presence heard loud and clear in the battlefield. We’re now one of the foremost leaders of the eternal war against the invader menace that plagues vulnerable communities around NationStates and if our current trajectory keeps up, we’ll continue being one for a long time from now.

I would like to thank everyone who showed up for this liberation, especially the civilians that volunteered for this. They went out of their comfort zone and learned a relatively complex system of mechanics that many take days to pick up within a short amount of time, all to assist a founderless region in dire need of help. They didn’t only participate, they excelled, putting many of the better defenders out there to shame with their cross-endorsement skills and timely jump. They’re the unsung heroes of this legendary operation and we could’ve never done it without them. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done and I hope that we get to liberate together again in the future.

So without further ado, I present the special ribbon that immortalizes the amazing achievement we’ve accomplished and again congratulate the participants on a job well done.

Lux Veritas Virtus.

Faithfully Yours,
Minister of Defense

For the liberation of China on 12/20/2021

Minister Emodea
General Roavin
Commander HumanSanity
Soldier Atlantica
Soldier Heaveria
Soldier Qvait
Soldier South Asians
Trainee Domais
Trainee Qawe
Trainee The king isle
Tidal Force Member Namakka
Tidal Force Member Conexia
Civilian Askanios
Civilian Great Lothian
Civilian Cimmerien
Civilian Funkinburg
Civilian Klandan
Civilian Villa caruso
Civilian Not austria
Civilian Regrateraterpseria
Civilian Pronoun
Civilian Ritzel
Civilian Somurias
Civilian Uvalor
Civilian Cacatuoidea
Civilian Toastlin