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EDITORIAL: Subscribe To The Assemblian!
by Kavagrad
Since our foundation a short three weeks ago, The Assemblian has gone from strength to strength. As a small one-man project designed to breathe some life back into The Leftist Assembly's increasingly stagnant political scene, we've grown not only to a strong readership in TLA, but increasingly across the NS Multiverse as well, with our recent article POLEMIC: We Need Higher Standards reaching an audience of over 270, and sitting 2nd on the New Dispatches list before a botting campaign booted us out. We've received messages from across the NS gameplay scene (boo, gameplayers bad, etc) from people reading our articles and either expressing their enjoyment of them, or wanting to dive deeper and get even more information or my own opinions on related topics that weren't fully addressed in the article at hand.

Our intention is now to maintain our audience, to bring readers in from TLA and beyond, and to keep them. We want to make The Assemblian the best publication it can possibly be. So, without further ado...

Introducing: Subscriptions

Don't worry, it's free.

Our new Subscriptions service will allow our readers to receive notifications on their Notices page whenever a new article from The Assemblian is published. It's easy to subscribe, and just as easy to change your mind.

Simply send a telegram to The assemblian, stating that you want to subscribe, and you'll be added to our list of subscribers, receiving a notification each time we publish. To unsubscribe, all you need do is telegram us again, stating that you wish to unsubscribe.

It's all very simple, you see.

Alternatively, you can send the same messages to Editor Kavagrad, either via my telegrams or my Discord DMs (Kava#3677)

For A Better Assembly!

by Kavagrad, 21/12/2021

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