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SAFT's Cabinet Nominees, Explained | The Assemblian

[box][size=200][b]OPINION: SAFT's Cabinet Nominees, Explained[/b][/size][hr]by [nation]Kavagrad[/nation][/box][/align]
[box]The December 2021 Secretarial Election has been and gone, and [nation]Super Awesome Fun Times[/nation] is the new Secretary of TLA. Following her election, she spent just under four days assembling her nominees for the 1st SAFT Cabinet and the 24th Supreme Court, announcing said nominees on December 18th.

However, if you're new to TLA or our politics, you might not be fully aware of our nominees' histories, nor what qualifies them to be nominated for those posts, and it's for you that I'm writing this one. Let's go through the nominees for the 1st SAFT Cabinet (and maybe the Judicial nominees too, if you're good).[hr]

[b]Vice-Secretary/Minister of Community Affairs - [nation]Dyl[/nation][/b]

Dyl has the most recent experience of all nominees, serving in key Cabinet posts in all of the last 4 executive terms. Dyl served two terms as Secretary from December 2020 to June 2021, as Vice-Secretary for Secretary [nation]New Samon[/nation] the term after, and most recently as the Minister of Recruitment under Secretary [nation]Greylyn[/nation], taking TLA over the 800 nation mark for the first time ever. Dyl is also probably the only pure Kavaist (outside of the next entry, for obvious reasons) in this set of Cabinet nominees. He calls himself a Kavaist-Dylist, but is there a difference? I have yet to notice one. A very solid executive figure, and one with previous experience both in the top job and in the deputy role, I'd expect Dyl to have the highest margin in favour when the confirmation vote results come out.

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs - [nation]Kavagrad[/nation][/b]

[i]It's ya boi.[/i]

This entry's gonna be a bit different, talking more first-hand about what I bring to this role, what I'd like to do with it, and the philosophy I'm looking to bring to the sphere of Foreign Affairs.

Fundamentally, I'm anti-WA, and anti-Gameplay. This means that I am opposed to a significant focus on the World Assembly, and opposed to TLA getting involved in "gameplay" affairs (raiding, defending, politics between the Pacifics, etc). The growth in TLA's relationships with other regions should, in my view, be based solely on positive interactions between the communities of our regions, rather than by treaties or other formal agreements. I am, in effect, a proponent of an inter-community approach to FA, rather than an inter-governmental one. An embassy is a formality, one to be worked out when the community demands it after establishing a cultural connection through joint events, and should not be the goal in itself, as it has been in the past.

[b]Minister of Recruitment - [nation]The Final Horseman[/nation][/b]

Probably the most successful MoR in TLA's history after [nation]Dyl[/nation] (putting me in third, bah!), TFH is a long-serving Assemblian coming back to one of the roles he's most identified with, despite also being a former two-term Secretary and Founder. Probably the least recognisable name to newer Assemblians, with his most prominent work in TLA occurring in 2019, TFH is nonetheless a strong pick if he can hit the ground running and deliver similar results to his last run in the job.

[b]Minister of Information - [nation]Ghillemear[/nation][/b]

The current Speaker of the General Assembly, and a former Minister of Recruitment under Secretary [nation]New Samon[/nation], this will be Ghill's first run in Information, but there's no reason to believe that he isn't perfectly capable, given his previous work. Ghill probably can't be considered as an outstanding example of any of the roles he's served in, but he's a solid hand nonetheless, and that's largely what a Minister of Information needs to be.

[b]Co-Ministers of Roleplay - [nation]Podria[/nation] and [nation]Callid[/nation][/b]

The Co-Ministers are back for another term! Pod and Callid have both served individually and together as MoRP for a while now. With the Roleplay Ministry it really is a case of "don't fix what isn't broken", and things seem to be going well over there as best I can tell.[hr]

Got this far? Little treat at the end, let's run through the Supreme Court nominees as well.

Mainly because I don't want to write two articles about this.

[b]Standing Justices - [nation]Eloren[/nation], [nation]New Samon[/nation], and [nation]South Miruva[/nation][/b]

The first Alternate Justice in TLA's history ([nation]Eloren[/nation]), along with recent Secretary [nation]New Samon[/nation] and a current Justice (and a former Secretary, lest you forget) in the form of [nation]South Miruva[/nation], this seems like a solid SC that isn't likely to make any obvious blunders.

And if they look like they're about to, trust that I'll run in there and yell at them.

[b]Alternate Justice - [nation]Silverfish37[/nation][/b]

A new name to government, Silverfish has actually been around TLA for some two years now. It's good to see new faces in government, especially when it's more experienced members of the community that one might not typically expect to jump in. Most either make a move in the first first months, or never do. It's nice to see, and I hope this won't be the last time that Silverfish goes for a place in government.[hr]

[i]For A Better Assembly![/i]

by [nation]Kavagrad[/nation], 21/12/2021[/box]

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