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National Anthem

LinkNational Anthem of Wizlandia

Lyrics (To the tune of Adeste Fideles)

These twelve states, united under one Republic
Devoted to the cause of peace and liberty
Lord, protect our nation
Guard our land and people
And guide us Wizlandians
In times of light and darkness
Preserve our laws and freedoms
for posterity

Wizlandia, the splendid land of thousand islands
Where falcons fly, and dolphins swim in skies and seas of blue
Maintain our great nation
Our warm and temperate lands
Conserve our mighty forests
Our blue and pristine oceans
Our multitude of creatures
Sky, sea, and land

Let here be a refuge from tyrants far and wide
Welcome all who seek freedom in our motherland
To west and to east
Grant all men some reprieve
Let strife and hatred cease
Let hope and joy increase
And let the song of freedom ring
The world over

And let the song of freedom ring
The world over