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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 18

The Gardener's Gazette

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of the The Gardener's Gazette! The Gazette is a monthly newspaper with the purpose of keeping both gardeners and guests informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society.

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

As you might already know, the Garden Insight article reports interesting happenings in the Gardens during the month before the one our edition is actually published in. Here you can read about all that happened in November in a few paragraphs!

In the start of the month, discussion about the end of the Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System continued, as I wrote about in the previous edition, although it died down in a few days. The other major happening in early November was the release of the seventeenth edition of the Gazette, with Gardeners such as The Unified Missourtama States finding Indusse's winning submission to the Card-Related Short Story Contest very interesting. Besides that, however, the early part of the month was not very active other than the normal giveaways.

Activity increased with Giovanniland's introduction of a new weekly event called Card Question of the Week, in which Gardeners are encouraged to answer questions about trading cards, without prizes but rather for fun and activity. Themes included favorite collection, favorite aspect of the Trading Cards game, what made Gardeners find out about and stay in the community, and opinions on the Gardens. Members such as Vylixan, Panagouge, Seanat, 9003 and many more each gave thoughtful answers to various questions. At the same time, other channels such as the Garden Displays and the Farmers' Market were also active.

Later in the month, The Unified Missourtama States also shared an interesting find they discovered about designs of different cards—that the "LEGENDARY" inscription at the top of legendary cards has a glowing effect around it that other rarities do not have, as seen in the two pictures below. The legendary card's now common border in the image can be explained by the fact this was found out during writing a color changing script, namely LinkReverse Rarities, with inspiration from Racoda's LinkSteak Rarities script. This discovery was commented on by other Gardeners, all finding it very interesting.

The common and the modified legendary card respectively.

Furthermore, there was also another major happening during the end of the month—as said by administrator Giovanniland: "just like in real life, our Gardens also have to be pruned sometimes". This meant that a membership purge happened in the Society, with Gardeners who had not sent a message within a month of the purge date stripped of their ranking. They were given either the Visitor or the Esteemed Guest role, the latter for inactive Contributors (people who have donated cards to EpLeHo) and former members of the Committee. The result was 23 of 44 Gardeners purged, with one having rejoined since then, leaving the Society with 22 active members and 19 of them eligible for giveaways.

While the decrease saddening, over 20 Gardeners is still a very good number in this time of general lack of activity in the cards community, and we hope for the Society's membership number to grow again. And talking about that, it is also a tradition to mention in the Garden Insight all new members that joined the Gardens recently. Welcome back to Apatosaurus, who rejoined after the purge! Stay tuned for the next edition of this summary.

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

November was definitely a month with a lot of giveaways, with a total of thirteen! Even though it was one less than October, there were several notable legendaries awarded, for example Season 1 Topid, a commended nation; and Season 2 Abacathea and SalusaSecondus, both cards with a high market value.

During the month, there were a few cases of Gardeners not having capacity to receive their gifts, some of them solving this issue before the next giveaway and thus receiving it, but others not doing that, which prompted the giveaway to be rerolled. This was also one of the reasons behind the purge of late November, which reduced the number of eligible Gardeners from over 40 to only 19. Perhaps due to that reason was the fact that the number of double wins increased, with two Gardeners each winning twice during this month.

Besides Fauzjhia's and TCM's double win, however, nine other Gardeners each won either a Legendary card or an Epic package, and the full list of them can be seen below:


Number of Wins



The Cosmic Mainframe


















The United Peoples of Centrism


Garden Spotlight
by Giovanniland

Ever since the 6th edition of the Gazette, when this type of article was created, the Garden Spotlight has happened every four months. This meant that we had the second iteration in the 10th Gazette, and the third one in the 14th Gazette. It's now time for the fourth—featuring both newly created ones and older ones, as well as some collections mentioned in answers to the first Card Question of the Week, which asked Gardeners about their favorite collection.

Beautiful sunrise. On a warm summer morning. I wait for day's start by Vylixan: This collection was the winning entry of August 2021's monthly contest, which had Summer as its theme. Vylixan conveys this theme through a beautiful display of almost two hundred summer-themed artwork, such as beaches, palm trees, clear skies, and of course the sun.

Defending 101 by ROM: Mentioned by Grea Kriopia as an impressive collection for historical interest, this collection displays prominent defender figures of NationStates, including the two legendary cards of NewTexas and The Bruce, as well as other commended nations.

Monochrome Madness by Panagouge: A display of cards whose flags contain only one color, although different tunes of a same color are still accepted in there, so not all of its cards will have only a monochrome background. A related fun fact is that, in real life, the flag of Libya has previously been a monochrome flag with only the color green!

Riemst's all legendary and epic cards by Riemstagrad: The collection's author is the only nation to have collected all legendary and all epic cards from both seasons, for a total of 3864 cards, and the dedication behind the collection was mentioned by Laudesia as an inspiration for them to start card farming and collecting epics as well.

The Pacific by Vylixan: Two collections by Vylixan on the same spotlight? That is correct, since I felt it was important to display one of their recent achievements, which they also commented on in the Garden Displays collection. After the acquisition of the Nieuw Oknomi card, the Season 2 part of the collection is now complete, grouping this collection together with other completed regional collections of Pacific regions!

Monthly Contest Update & Future Plans
by Giovanniland

In the last Gazette edition, a Collection Contest had been announced, in which participants would have to collect a set of cards that best fits into the theme of Thanksgiving. There was a lengthy timeframe of around four weeks, from the 7th of November until the 4th of December, but there were no submissions at the time the deadline ended, and because it was a seasonal event, we have chosen to not extend it. Instead, the Gardens will temporarily stay without a monthly contest running, partly because of the holidays and also because there are some upcoming plans and ideas for the Society currently being thought of.

You might be asking yourself, what are these plans? Well, in the short term, I want to continue publishing interesting articles and special features about the Gardens, such as new versions of Giveaways: from the Gardens' Founding until the End of the Year in the 7th edition and History of the Gazette in the 13th edition, as well as new ideas. These features may also include content from outside the Gardens and more about the general community, such as opinion articles about certain card topics discussed at the time of publishing.

In the long term, and this of course is related to the future dates of new changes to cards and the long-awaited Season 3, I want the Gardens to do its part in recovering cards activity when the time comes. Our current goal of retaining the existing activity has been successful so far, with giveaways and weekly questions running, as well as active members after the purge, but in the future this should ideally increase. While pull events aren't possible anymore due to the end of TCALS, changes are made by admins will open new ways of playing trading cards, and community-driven ones are worth looking into.

Furthermore, I want to make sure Gardeners' opinions are also heard regarding the future of the Gardens—my plans can only go so far, and the idea of a community effort sounds nice. I close this small article by asking, what are your suggestions?

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing the articles! If you'd like to write, please contact our Administration to apply for the Gazette Writer position.