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Vote Against SC resolution Commend Sacara

Security Council Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: Commend Sacara
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to commend Sacara for their authorship of numerous issues, creation of the "Issues Hub", and hosting of several editions of the Horror Short Story Contest.

To be clear upfront, the following recommendation is not an indictment of Sacara. We believe that Sacara has an impressive resume and body of work--a body of work that merits commendation. However, we do not believe that the author made the case for their commendation well. While we are not privy to all the details of Sacara's career, we are sure that the author could have come up with more to establish the nominee's commend-worthiness. Given especially that this is not a case where the nominee is on the verge of being lost to time and thus not commendable because they no longer exist, we cannot recommend anything other than a vote Against. We hope the author will take the time to further elaborate on the nominee's accomplishments if they wish to pass this in the future.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against the Security Council Resolution at vote, "Commend Sacara".

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