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Refugia Green Week 2021



Another year (and about a month, I know) has passed since our last Green Week, and with our recent surge of new friends joining our region Iíd say now is about the perfect time to have the spectacular return of the Amazing Annual [u]Refugia Green Week[/u]! 

[table=plain][tr][td=2][size=210][font=times new roman,serif][b][colour=#FFFFFF]Leaderboard[/colour][/b][/font][/size][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][size=150][font=times new roman,serif][colour=#FFFFFF]Raw Points[/colour][/font][/size][/td][td][size=150][font=times new roman,serif][colour=#FFFFFF]Percentage[/colour][/font][/size][/td][/tr][/table][/centre][/background-block]

1. [nation]dilwyn[/nation] 996.54
2. [nation]monaka_chi[/nation] 987.28
3. [nation]perpetual_light[/nation] 971.24
4. [nation]einoch_plains[/nation] 866.66
5. [nation]haibaria[/nation] 857.14
6. [nation]goeppingen[/nation] 744.23
7. [nation]irelis[/nation] 636.58
8. [nation]inaros_opa[/nation] 629.83
9. [nation]vylixan_gaea[/nation] 590.68
10. [nation]celebrur[/nation] 568.67
11. [nation]the_great_union_of_russia[/nation] 517.95
12. [nation]bombay_state[/nation] 501.45
13. [nation]huitzilan[/nation] 501.44
14. [nation]first_kaumara[/nation] 473.36
15. [nation]gansolandia[/nation] 420.27
16. [nation]badeng[/nation] 416.95
17. [nation]parcria[/nation] 406.79
18. [nation]coarse[/nation] 392.39
19. [nation]the_land_named_bob[/nation] 389.41
20. [nation]metrax[/nation] 377.28[/td]
1. [nation]violent_fist[/nation] 274.7%
2. [nation]first_kaumara[/nation] 254.39%
3. [nation]bombay_state[/nation] 165.76%
4. [nation]rilethvulk[/nation] 155.44%
5. [nation]irelis[/nation] 120.29%
6. [nation]parcria[/nation] 119.64%
7. [nation]saostenia[/nation] 96.82%
8. [nation]elythion[/nation] 89.37%
9. [nation]goeppingen[/nation] 68.8%
10. [nation]vykara[/nation] 62.99%
11. [nation]grand_amoros[/nation] 60.64%
12. [nation]the_great_union_of_russia[/nation] 60.62%
13. [nation]tiralta[/nation] 58.08%
14. [nation]the_land_named_bob[/nation] 55.51%
15. [nation]moulk2[/nation] 55.24%
16. [nation]einoch_plains[/nation] 52.56%
17. [nation]haibaria[/nation] 50.76%
18. [nation]perpetual_light[/nation] 50.75%
19. [nation]esclain[/nation] 50.23%
20. [nation]basedilonia[/nation] 47.34%
[/td][/tr][/table][hr][centre][img][/img][/centre][/box][b][i]Most recent data collected December 22.[/i][/b][/floatleft]

For those of you who donít know, [region]Refugia[/region] is a region with environmentalism at the cornerstone of its values. Its nationsí improvement of their environments tend to add up and work together to improve the regionís environment and by extension benefits the world as a whole. Even the smallest strides from individuals can help benefit the region as a whole, (which is, keep in mind, astonishingly applicable to the real world as well.) Refugia, therefore, has a yearly event to encourage environmental growth within its resident nations to improve as a whole and get closer to our goals. 

Therefore, your challenge is to focus your efforts on improving your eco-friendliness stat when answering issues for the next two weeks. Yíall will have until the major update [b][u]December 21[/b][/u] to raise your eco-friendliness as much as you can. There will be a winner for whoever can rack up the most eco-friendly points and whoever can raise their stat by percentage so whether youíre new to the region or have been around for a while, anyone has a chance. Progress will be tracked in the table youíll see on the left, and winners will be announced December 22 [strike]assuming I donít procrastinate terribly much.[/strike]

Winners will have the option of having #general or #ground-floor in the discord server named after their nation for the next two months, or having the region page changed to a theme of their choosing for a week. 

Iíd love to see anyone and everyone new or old giving this a shot, and if any of you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a telegram!
Good luck! 
Of Green Week at least. It ended a few days ago at least and I've finally compiled the results! For the raw points section, [nation]dilwyn[/nation] came in first after raising their eco-friendliness by an impressive 996.54 points. First place for the percentage was [nation]violent_fist[/nation] who raised their eco-friendliness by 274.7%! Congrats to both of you, and great job to everyone who participated in Green Week this year. 

Feel free to telegram me with your preference of prize, and if y'all both want to theme the region, then the theme will be changed to the theme of the other's choosing after the conclusion of the first's week.

Congrats, and I'll hope to see y'all next year!