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December 2021 Secretarial Endorsement | The Assemblian

EDITORIAL: December 2021 Secretarial Endorsement
by Kavagrad
After an executive term with a few bright lights, but that overall was below the standard that Assemblians deserve, it's time to look forward and find a new Secretary that will serve TLA with dignity and diligence. This field contains many candidates, but one standout combines the seriousness, activity, experience and policy to make TLA a better place for all Assemblians.

I am therefore offering my personal endorsement, and the endorsement of The assemblian, to Minister of Foreign Affairs Super Awesome Fun Times. Her plans to restore the Ministry of Community Affairs to its former glory, and to continue pushing our recruitment to new heights, should be welcomed. Her experience as MoFA, helping to create a relationship with the West Pacific and building on our existing alliances, demonstrates credibility on foreign policy that's unseen elsewhere in this field of candidates. Overall, I find SAFT to be the only candidate in this election that I genuinely trust to govern TLA through the next three months.

For all those undecided voters that want to see TLA come back from its Secretarial slump under Greylyn's watch, I strongly encourage you to give your first-preference vote to Super Awesome Fun Times!

For A Better Assembly!

by Kavagrad, 06/12/2021

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