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Refugia IFV: On Repeal GAR#179 "Clean Prostitution Act""

Repeal GAR#179 "Clean Prostitute Act"

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Proposal at Vote
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The resolution-at-vote seeks to repeal the target resolution on the basis of not providing clear definitions on what prostitution or any other types of sex work, limiting its legislative powers to only prostitution and neglecting a broader portion of the sex industry, not providing enough protection against sexual, physical and mental abuse against sex workers and not having effective measures against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in place.


The proposal, at a first glance, makes sense. It has been almost a decade since GAR#179 has passed and the resolution itself isn't going to hold against the modern standards the General Assembly community practices in 2021. The repeal arguments does hold some merits; Particularly the Dispirited clause which accurately points out a very valid concern about the well-being of prostitutes and other sex workers. It is, like said before, makes sense at a first glance.

However, digging deeper into it reveals a litany of issues with it yet to be properly explained by the author. First off, the Acknowledging clause states that;

Ga author wrote:Acknowledging the intentions of GAR#179 to insert itself as the be all, end all of legislation on prostitution;

This is untrue. GAR#179 clarified exactly three things; the matter of legalization of prostitution would be left up to individual member nations, regular screenings for STIs would be conducted and sex workers might not engage in any sexual activities if they have been diagnosed with a STI for the duration they suffer. This is hardly the "be all, end all" of legislation on prostitution the repeal is claiming the target to be.

Ga author wrote:Observing that GAR#179 does not introduce any sort of definitions or foundational information on prostitution or sex work, thus rendering itself less credible as a General Assembly Resolution;

This is redundant. Prostitution is the oldest profession there is in history and it has an universal meaning enough to be understood by everybody. It is not some vague term like "green space" where there are thousands of interpretations of it based on your perspective and knowledge. This is clearly not the case here,
as there is very little chance to misinterpret the word "prostitution" or "sex work" into something else.

Ga author wrote:Confused by the resolution’s naive, ineffectual, and very over-simplified solution for limiting the spread of sexually transmitted infection through sex work, placing all responsibility for STI testing and regulation on the sex workers themselves and providing them no protection against clients or other participants in sex work that may transfer an STI to that sex worker;

The first part of the clause makes a bold assumption in saying that the costs of testing for STIs must be given by the sex workers themselves, when the target resolution makes no reference to it whatsoever. For reference,
the addressed clause in the target resolution reads as;

Ga author wrote:REQUIRES that prostitutes working in nations choosing to allow prostitution be regularly screened for sexually transmitted infections and further stipulates that any prostitutes who are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection abstain from their work until their infection has been cured.

In this instance, we refer to GAR#97 "Quality In Health Services", which states that the treatment of all medical conditions would be paid by the state, thus absolving the sex workers from this burden and making it redundant again.

Furthermore, GAR#179 does not, at any point, block any future legislation on prostitution, meaning that it is entirely useless to repeal and replace it, which is the author's current goal to do so. This serves as nothing but a waste of time of the General Assembly, time which could be spent better on legislating other crucial areas. Refugia has taken its duties within the World Assembly seriously since its inception and strongly protests any and every waste of time by redundant resolutions blocking the functions of this august chamber.


As such, the Refugi Office of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote against Repeal "Clean Prostitute Act"