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Overview of Soveiniesberg

Established in 1909, then again in 1991, Soveiniesberg is a city-state west of the Ural Mountains in Russia, but experts debate whether it is it's own nation with borders stretching into the Ural Mountains or if it is just a city-state.
Back in the 1700s, a group of Russo-Germanic people decided they didn't want to be near anybody anymore and moved to the Ural Mountains to continue life. Eventually they moved out of the Ural Mountains and created a town, and named it Soveiniesberg, after the Soveinians who lived in and around the area.

In 1909, the Soveinians fought the Russo-Soveinian war, in an attempt for Soveiniesberg to gain independence from the Russian Empire, and the war was a stalemate, after 3 months of awful rainy conditions and both sides being a bit unprepared for the weather. In 1925 it got incorporated into the Soviet Union, but Soveiniesberg tried to be quite distanced from the Soviet Union, and seemingly had a decent amount of autonomy. During WW2 Soveiniesberg contributed to the war effort by manufacturing wood products and steel. During the Cold War Soveiniesberg was quite worried that the U.S. would launch ICBMs at them, and the Soviet Union put nuclear missile silos in Soveiniesberg, near the outskirts of Soveiniesberg. In the 80s Soveiniesberg began to export fish to other parts of the world, and Soveiniesberg became renowned for their tuna.

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