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Enzonar overview WIP


Enzonar speaks a language identical, apart from differences in vocabulary, to Dutch. No other historical language spoken on Enzonar has an equivalent in Earth's history. No other languages are extant on Enzonar. Enzonar has one dominant culture into which all members are inducted, with minor variations present between areas of different population density, climate, and industry.

Before the appearance of parasitic Marce Beetle about 500 years ago, Enzonar was a mundane mercantile society. Post-exposure, Enzonar either destroyed or assimilated most of the ~7,000 other cultures that existed at the time; the remainder were wiped out during an ecological collapse in 1712 resulting from Enzonar's indiscriminate elimination of keystone species that preyed on moose, among other factors.

95% of Enzonarians live in urban areas; these cities average 30 million in population and are generally in locations with mild weather that are not near coastlines, active volcanoes, or active tectonic plate boundaries. Cities built by Enzonar are largely enclosed, with a single nearly flat surface on which food crops and certain biomaterials are grown. Cities are designed with the intent of maximizing productivity; a secondary concern is the lining of various surfaces with a material that mimics the appearance and texture of moose fur, which functions as a form of public entertainment.

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The remainder of Enzonarians live in rural areas, and are tasked with monitoring and maintaining Enzonar's climate and biosphere, as well as attending to supplemental agriculture, mining, and materials production. The organization and architecture of any rural community are tailored to the primary occupation(s) of the community in question.

Living conditions

Enzonar's young are raised communally in groups of 100-300 by health and education specialists. Members of the Enzonarian society are first implanted with an instance of the Marce between 15 and 18 months of age, depending on size and health. Additional instances of Marce Beetle are allowed to parasitize Enzonarians as they grow, until the age of 17, at which point each member hosts roughly one instance per three kilograms of body weight; past this point, additional Enzonarians are added only to replace dead instances. Regular medical intervention is necessary to mitigate the adverse effects associated with this degree of parasitism.

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Each member of the Enzonarian society, beginning in childhood, is regularly subject to a variety of evaluations of its mental and physical capabilities and talents. This information is used to generate assignments regarding occupations, formal education, living space, and health needs.

Adults spend an average of twelve hours per day performing their occupation(s), with the remainder spent performing self-maintenance (resting, eating, exercising, etc.), receiving education on a variety of topics, and partaking in several forms of entertainment. This entertainment revolves almost exclusively around exposure to Marce Beetle-related stimuli; common forms include touching the lumps produced by their parasitism (either on one's own body or on that of another), listening to audio recordings of SCP-3003-1 swarms, full-body enclosure in garments that simulate Marce surface texture, or visits to Marce Beetle enclosures.

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Social organization

Most decisions regarding the maintenance of Enzonar, the lives of its population, and the day-to-day operation of Enzonarians are handled by computer programs designed for the task. Human interaction is mostly limited to the design and maintenance of these programs, as well as the generation of data inputs for them. Enzonar's political system is very autocratic, with a grand dictator controlling citizens and executing them for even the most misdemeanour of crimes.

Direct interaction between Enzonarians typically occurs in the context of their occupations and is used almost exclusively to coordinate activities or share useful information. This can be exploited for purposes of containment: as all of their human interaction has occurred with other Enzonarians, they will generally be unfamiliar with the concept of deception (as it serves no purpose in Enzonar), and are thus unlikely to independently verify any information given to them. However, testing has shown that subjects are perfectly capable of understanding deception once introduced to the idea.

Traced over the SCP foundation's facebook for SCP-3003, since I based the nation over it. I promise to add more things soon.