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The Grey Wardens - New Delegate Going Green

TGW Goes Green - New World Assembly Delegate

Looking back, 2021 has been an unprecedented year for defending and an outright success story for The Order of the Grey Wardens. With the help of our allies, we've seen outreach and turnouts for significant operations go through the roof in win after win and found time to explore new internal developments in raiding's decline thanks to our talented and dedicated Lieutenants and Constables. Diversification is a good look for us, and the gains from growing our communal environment, cultural engagement, and World Assembly interest have paid out in dividends in attracting talent and new defenders. After all, what else is there left to do but push higher after reaching the top of military gameplay?

Delegate and Warden Lieutenant Frilless Islands aka Sarah has helped us oversee this growth for nearly 6 months now, acting as a major source of gameside engagement and driving new World Assembly programs in TGW. Under Sarah's delegacy, we reached record levels of endorsements thanks to some incredible recruitment efforts, bringing our sway in the World Assembly to a degree never seen before. Being WA-locked also hasn't stopped her from assisting in preparing for operations, and she has all-around been incredibly helpful in cutting a new path in TGW's history. I personally cannot thank her enough as Sarah looks to explore new areas in NS for her enthusiasm and dedication to her work and for her uplifting presence in our community over the last year––stolen lunch money aside.

That being said, I'm happy to announce that Warden Thousand Branches aka Ara will be stepping into the position of World Assembly Delegate going forward!

All World Assembly nations in The Order of the Grey Wardens should endorse Thousand Branches immediately if not already doing so.

Ara is a newer face in TGW with an undeniable passion for the World Assembly and a keen interest in working with WA newcomers, which makes them more than perfect for the role they are stepping into. Such a new member to the Order is an unusual choice, but I have absolute confidence in their ability as Ara is already known for their well-appreciated editing skills and is a driven author in their own right with multiple proposals in the works. They bring a much-needed WA focus and determination to TGW that will no doubt greatly benefit WA activity and growth for us, putting those high endorsement numbers to good use in the future. I'm beyond excited to see us develop new areas of activity for our members under Ara's leadership as TGW's delegacy turns a new leaf and our accomplishments hit new levels by going green (sorry, couldn't resist).

Congrats Ara!

In War, Victory
In Peace, Vigilance
In Death, Sacrifice

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