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Nanthaliene A. Omamaer - The Chairwoman of Sandalos


Nanthaliene A. Omamaer

The Party Chairwoman
Madame Chairwoman

Nanthaliene A. Omamaer

N. Aegella Omamaer in Sae Traditional Attire

Chairwoman of the Party
58th Chairwoman

Addressed As

Madame Chairwoman (Formal)
N. Aegella Omamaer (Informal)


2000 CE – Present (22 Years)


July 8th, 2000 CE; 20:24:29 PM WSST


Chairman Valentino Zangara


Sept. 25th, 1905 CE; 1:24:10 AM WSST; Tarrelitergasecu, Ischia

Full Name

Nanthaliene Aegella Omamaer ​

Place of Residence

20th Ave, 115th Street, Building No. 11340-20; Cepra City Department


Cereza A. Omamaer (Mother),
Rolim N. Yessandoral (Father)


Iulio C. Omamaer (1st Husband; Died of Disease, 1925 CE - 1950 CE),
Moreno C. Omamaer (2nd Husband; Died of Age, 1950 CE - 1978 CE),
Kata K. Omamaer (1st Wife; 1999 CE - Present Day)




Emphyba San Iuana Military Academy (Graduate Officer),
Fontechiati Naval Academy (Master Chief Petty Naval Officer)
Tarrelitergasecu University of Law (Doctor of Jurisprudence),


Orthodox Zalamitism


Military Service


Service Branch

SPLN (Sandalosi People's Liberation Navy)

Years of Service

1950 CE - 1985 CE


Chief Warrant Officer (1950 CE - 1968 CE),
Fleet Admiral (1968 CE - 1985 CE)


The Gannean-War (1949 CE - 1953 CE),
Sandalosi Winter Coup (1969 CE - 1970 CE),
Kranío Incursion (1971 CE - 1972 CE),
Sandalos-Gannean Border War (1974 CE - 1975 CE),
Zamasicusi Ultranationalist Coup (1975 CE - 1976 CE),
The Vinfigia Straits Crisis (1979 CE - 1985 CE)

Nanthaliene A. Omamaer (born, Sept. 25th, 1905 CE; 1:24:10 AM WSST) is the 58th Chairwoman of Sandalos, hailing from the city of Tarrelitergasecu, in the department of Ischia. She was elected unanimously on July 8th, 2000 CE; 20:24:29 PM WSST, by the general public for her former military service, law doctorate, and general high lady-esque demeanor. Nanthaliene is Sae, with her being considered as young by the standards of her culture, even more so with her ascension into a leadership position within the higher echelons of the Sandalosi government. With her being controversial for being too young by many Sae. With her ascension into the office of Chairwoman of the Party, she immediately reversed some of the policies of her predecessor, Valentino Zangara. This was due to Valentino's tenure as Chairman was considered as one of warmongering and unnecessary suffering, such as with conscription and the minimum age to enter the military being 17. Not to mention the disastrous involvement in the Enobian Civil War which the coalition of socialist nations known as INTERCOM did prevail over the military junta of Enobia and their Manahi and Kranío allies, however millions were either dead or displaced after the fact, and wanted war criminals were bailed out by the Manahi government.

The Chairwoman would implement numerous policies in-order to increase the quality of life all over Sandalos, as well as open up and expand upon new industries that were ripe for the picking, such as tourism, robotics, prosthetics, computer sciences, and most interestingly Ischian industrialized rice agricultural industry. She would also increase funding for public healthcare, education, spirituality interestingly enough, and implemented mandatory school programs for understanding self-esteem and self-confidence for young girls and women.

There are unexplained expenses that is attributed to the 58th Chairwoman's current government, with funds going towards numerous military black projects. The details of said programs are and will remain unknown.

Her military record is extensive and impressive, with her serving 35 years within the SPLF (specifically the SPLN; Sandalosi People's Liberation Navy) as a Chief Warrant Officer and a Fleet Admiral, with her serving in 6 conflicts during her tenure. And more impressive, no serious or visible injuries sustained during her service. She was educated at the Emphyba Military Academy, and the Fontechiati Naval Academy, with her expressing great aptitude for her studies and training.

She was especially skilled with a firearm, particularly a pair of .45-caliber semi-automatic handguns, which she would always carry on her throughout her service. Although her pair of .45's were specially-crafted for left-handed use in-mind, as the SPLF (especially the SPLN) at the time didn't issue left-handed or ambidextrous weapons and equipment.

Initially she was a Chief Warrant Officer before working her way up to Fleet Admiral of the Northern Fleet. Her first deployment was during the Gannean-War, wherein a ultranationalist political party had taken power in Ganne after the failures of the local social democratic government in dealing with the socio-economic problems the nation was facing. Her second deployment was in Cepra, during the Winter Coup, where she aided in the operation to remove the members of the coup via Ichthys Battalion deployment. Her final deployment before retirement was the Vinfigia Straits Crisis, where her flagship (the NF Torres) was sunk, with her leading the evacuation efforts of the flagship, earning her with the Hero's Star; the highest military honor in Sandalos.

Early Life

She was born in the Ischian city of Tarrelitergasecu in the year of 1905, where the People's Republic of Sandalos was still a nation recently birthed, and the industrialization of agriculture was still on-going. The nation had recently come out of a war with Zamasicus, Onheneret, Ganne, and Estenano over succession of the long-dead Sandalosi royal family. She lived a relatively normal childhood, with her playing in the streets of Tarrelitergasecu at day and coming home for prayer and supper at night.

She would have aspirations to become a powerful woman, like her mother, who fought in the Bloody Summer as a partisan against the monarchy. And these initial aspirations and conversations with her mother would lead her to a career into law, and then into military service. And recently, as a head of the Sandalosi government.

In-order to fulfill her aspirations and dreams, she would become an excellent student and better teacher, with her becoming a doctor in law and becoming one of the best lawyers in the country, with her saving Enzo Zangara (father of 57th Chairman, Valentino Zangara), from life imprisonment for what was technically high treason (the smuggling of arms to a foreign group without proposing such an act to the National People's Congress). She had documents forged to prove that her client attempted to notify the National People's Congress in advance, however the message was intercepted by counter-revolutionary and reactionary non-state actors embedded within certain aspects of the current government. This sub-sequentially led to a purge of the government which resulted in the mass arrest of 500 party officials who were supposedly involved with the plot to destroy the country. Her false claim would turn out to be true funnily enough, when regarding non-state actors within the government planning to overthrow the People's Republic in-order to replace it with a capitalist state. She was given the highest civilian award, the Pigeon's Olive Branch.

After her stint as a lawyer, she would decide to enlist in the SPLF, particularly the SPLN, in 1935 CE. She would enroll into the Emphyba Military Academy, and afterwards, the Fontechiati Naval Academy between the years of 1935 CE to 1948 CE. Here she would meet a Hatharal Iarxina Iardithas, her future prime minister.



Her domestic policy is one of rapid scientific and societal advancement, with her policies and her expansion of previously existing social, healthcare, and education programs becoming incredibly popular among the people of Sandalos. She also employs a no-tolerance policy when dealing with local nationalist groups, with mass arrests of such groups being incredibly common, whereas they would roam wild under Valentino Zangara. Her policy of no-tolerance and extreme crackdown on such groups has proved incredibly effective, although incidents regarding certain groups has resulted in unfortunate losses and skepticism on her approach towards such groups.

Her foreign policy is one of opening foreign relations with other nations, although some policies have still remain in-effect, such as with those with Onheneret and Ganne, where the border is highly militarized and entry is prohibited with exception for government officials. Anmen Guoi and Sandalosi relations haven't been better, with the two nations signing into an open-borders agreement with each other, where citizens of both countries can travel between the two countries (and live in them) without a visa, passport, or work permit. Although some of Zangara's foreign policy is still in-place, with it being the primary reason for Sandalos and Anmen Guoi to get involved in the Enobian Civil War on the side of the Enobian Revolutionary Army against the country's military junta.

Her policies regarding the Sandalosi military industrial complex has resulted in an increase in funding, particularly with a wide variety of military black projects that are highly classified. The only thing that's known about them is that they're black projects.

Other countries have responded accordingly with past and current foreign policy, with the Gannean government seeking out the materials in-order to manufacture their own nuclear weapons in-order to match Sandalos in power. The Zamasicusi government signing a non-aggression pact, like wise with Gythos. The Manahi military government committing genocide against the Sae within Manah, as an insult to the new Sandalosi leader. And most importantly, recent skirmishes with Onhenereti soldiers at the border, with armored vehicles such as BTR-82A's and even a tank division (with T-80U's main battle tanks) being deployed in-order to defend Sandalosi troops from Onhenereti border troops. Sandalos is on the brink of war with Onheneret and Manah.

For & Against

  • For: Expansions for universal healthcare programs, expansions for educational programs, further military funding, school programs for the empowerment of young girls and women and their self-confidence, expanding and diversifying industry, patriotic education, expanding the state's surveillance apparatus, improving social welfare, and fighting nationalism within Sandalos and abroad.

  • Neutral: The Zamasicusi and Gythosi government's recent non-aggression pacts with Sandalos, and the local video games industry.

  • Against: Nationalism within the departments of Sandalos, nationalists Abroad, the Gannean government pursuing development into nuclear weapons, the Manahi military government's genocide of the Sae within Manah, recent ongoings in Onheneret and the border region, and racial discrimination within eastern Sandalos.


  • Nanthaliene A. Omamaer, unlike other female Sae, is roughly 8'5 ft (56.54 cm) tall. She is taller than most Sae women by a foot.

  • Nanthaliene is 117 years old. Which in Sae-terms is akin to a human in their late-20's, early 30's.

  • Nanthaliene always carries at least one of her custom-made Model 1911's.

  • Nanthaliene doesn't have any children, she is infertile.

  • Nanthaliene is a vegetarian for religious reasons and health reasons.

  • Nanthaliene is Sae, not Human.

  • Nanthaliene's first husband specifically died of alimentary toxic aleukia.

  • Nanthaliene walks with a cane due to her height.

  • Nanthaliene goes through 20 boxes of chocolates and cheeses a day.


Custom Model 1911

NF Torres and NF Urabain, Vinfigia c. 1985

Pigeon's Olive Branch

Hero's Star