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Complete and Utter Freedom

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The Great Kraken War

This document contains links to many pieces of information concerning Complete and Utter Freedom. If you don't need this information, do not concern yourself with it. Too much information can provide too many choices, limiting your freedom. It is better to remain in the dark rather than be blinded by the light. If you feel uncomfortable about being exposed to these dangerous materials, you can close this document and return to quiet undisturbed ignorance. If you feel you have already been exposed to too much, and your freedom has been destroyed, contact your local Freedom Administration Center. There, an agent can help you recover.

Copying the documents linked to from here is forbidden. Citing the documents in a forbidden document is forbidden. Using the documents as a source without giving proper credit is forbidden. Using the documents in a way that may impede the freedom of another is forbidden. Using the documents in a way that undermines the government is forbidden. Using the documents as an encryption/decryption key for non-state documents is forbidden. Distributing the documents in any other form is forbidden. Reading these documents when forbidden is forbidden.

These documents have been compiled through the efforts of the Complete and Utter Freedom Society of Loyal Citizens for History (CUFSLCH) and the Complete and Utter Freedom Armed Forces Historical Analysis Division (CUFAFHAD). These documents are from many different time periods, and may not in all cases reflect the political mindset of the compilers or comply with current censorship requirements. In these cases, the individuals ask that they are not held responsible. In return, any errors brought to them by a government official will be corrected with promptness.

Please note that reading these documents on an unauthorized device will result in the device being remotely accessed by intelligence officers and reprogrammed to only display the national flag and play the national anthem.
This document approved by the Kempetai.