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by The Syndicalist Communities of North Rosmana. . 20 reads.

The Syndicalist-Maoist Manifesto.

With the move to dissolve the national government, we have taken the first step is to dissolve the Parliament, which is replaced by the councils of representatives from each larger community in our land, as we shift from a peoples' republic, to a Syndicalist Union Of Free Communities.

These larger communities are:

1:The city of East Ampaka and the surrounding region, which are called the Greater Ampakan community, with the city of East Ampaka as its center.

2: The northern mountains, with the village of Santa Maria El Rojo as its center.

3:The plains to the west, also known as the Silent Groves, with the village of Graystone as its center .

Each larger community has smaller ones, like villages or neighborhoods.

These smaller communities provide all its citizens with their basic needs, provided they work to the best of their abilities, after all, those who refuse to work will not eat, and they can earn extra money to purchase luxuries there as well, if they can get a better paying job in your community.

But these are not managed by privately owned, faceless multinationals, but by the community, which is run by democratically electede, local people, people you know and grew up with, and people you elected into office, as heads of your own community.

Laws and regulations are implemented by the larger communities, and enforced by police departments of each of the smaller ones, and the New Workers Party will only intervene in national emergencies, or dire threats to one of these communities, such as riots, or a military incursion by imperialist forces.

Only the military, the power companies, public transport and other regional facilities are managed by party representatives, which in turn are provided by all the party leaders of the smaller communities, and elected in a Union wide election, without a central economy, or a central government.

All the other facilities from fire departments, schools, police departments and sheriffs offices are managed by the smaller communities, and only things like hospitals, collages, universities and prison facilities are managed by the larger communities, which are run be elected officials similar to the New Workers Party.

This way we do not only eliminate multinational corporations, but also bureaucratic, centralized governments, planned economies and other forms of autocratic tyranny, as we move to a more free, a more equal, and a more stable society.

But what you do with your home and your garden is not taxed or managed by the party or the community, as long as it does not break any laws.

A society where everyone gets an equal chance, one where everyone is valued, and one where everyone does their part, according to their skills, and their abilities.

Not to get ahead of the others, not to achieve success at expense of those around you, but to thrive.

As an individual, and as a community.

Or as Chairman Mao stated:

''What is work? Work is struggle. There are difficulties and problems in those places for us to overcome and solve. We go there to work and struggle to overcome these difficulties. A good comrade is one who is more eager to go where the difficulties are greater.''

Again, yes, we will struggle, but in the end we will persevere, and our communities will thrive.