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Janpian Embassy


Announcement: Embassy construction launched at Alegra and Kalingrad City. Expect traffic at Minosche Street and Revolution Avenue. Munchen Isle Harbor Pier 2 is closed for the arrival of a diplomat.

The following shown are the international treaties, or deals where the Janpian Union is part of the assignatory. This may also serve as an archive of treaties and such.

Treaty of Brunswick: NATO-UF treaty

Signed at The sealandian state, Brunswick

Both sides must agree and recognize to the following clauses:

- NAP between NATO and UF shall become permanent. Ensuring both sides to not start a major or proxy war

- The alliances must ensure the right of nations and companies/people to trade with who they want, while encouraging international and inter-alliance trade. The most eager nations from both sides that wish to trade with each other sign a mutual agreement, this however, is optional.

- Ensure democracy through elections for NATO leadership, and UF Chairman

- Both sides will not attempt to influence, accuse, or start misinformation against each other

- Both sides will not engage in espionage and propaganda activities against each other

- Both will settle down differences to ensure peace and security of the region

- Both will agree to the opening of communications and establishment of hotline communication between members and alliances.

- Both will give respect and harmony between member states relations.

- Ensuring the true Détente.

- NATO will continue its reforms.

- Both sides establish a joint council to prevent situations such as these from breaking out again, or both sides send observers to each other

- The United States and all veto members must agree to not veto or ignore any major reform proposal, including adding new veto members.”

This council will involve the following nations:
Nova Catania
South Olpen
Zarnicovia nova
New Provenance

The following signatories must observe, follow, and recognize the stated conditions and clauses above

Non-Agression Pact

- Both parties will not start an armed conflict between each other

- Both parties will refrain from performing espionage against each other

- Both parties will practice restraint

- Both parties would not bother each other's interests

- If one party wishes to exit this pact, the said party must notify its counterpart. However, NAP and its provisions will still be on effect for 3 months after the said notification


The Military State of the Galapagos

The Treaty of Sicily

Signed at Meretica, Sicily

Herein is the Treaty of Sicily, signed by the many attendees of the Save Diplomacy summit, led by Amelia Bell of Meretica, attended by many nations from across the world of varying ideologies and beliefs, particularly regarding religion following the IHS-Galapagos War.

Article the First, regarding the payment of Janpia for destroyed ships and supplies: IHS shall pay, in full, the amount requested to appease and satisfy Janpia for all losses made in the duration of the war; in return, Janpia shall not attack IHS.

Article the Second, regarding Cyprus: the international community shall oversee a renewed referendum after Cyprus has been rebuilt to determine the fate of the island; all parties involved shall stand by the results, even if they are not favorable.

Article the Third, regarding missionaries: any and all missionaries to the Holy Land shall register with the international community and shall face immediate deportment if they stir violence, religious tensions, racism, or other such things that result in conflict.

Article the Fourth, regarding worshippers: any worshippers seeking access to Jerusalem shall not be denied entrance as the Holy Land is, should be, and ought to be open to all that would worship there.

Article the Fifth, regarding ownership of holy sites: IHS shall retain all Islamic holy sites, whereas key Christian holy sites shall be handed over and overseen by the international community. unum menem

Article the Sixth, regarding maintaining the peace: IHS and the Galapagos shall immediately sign a non-aggression pact and accept a white peace, thereby ending the war; additionally, IHS and Meretica shall also accept a white peace.

Kalisight Treaty Organization

The Kalisight Treaty Organization or KTO, is an alliance dedicated for military defense of its member states. It is a collective organization that looks forward on democracy, peace, and cooperation, regardless of ideology and creed. The name is a combined term from the capital cities of Janpia and Galapagos, which are both respectively: Kalingrad and New Oversight. The KTO is made as an extension of the original NAP between Galapagos and Janpia


Article I: In times of an armed conflict, all member states are required to defend each other. An attack on one of the KTO states, is an attack against all of its members.

Article II: All member states within the KTO are automatically signed on a non-aggression pact with each other.

Article III: Economic and cultural trade is encouraged, as long as it benefits all parties

Article IV: Each member states must have an allocation of a minimum 2% from their GDP, to aid KTO peacekeepers

Article V: In case of an armed conflict, each member states must deploy, under the collective command of the KTO Security Council.

Article VI: Each state members must provide their intelligence information of any such external threats, in order for the alliance to act accordingly.

Article VII: Member states are obliged to aid states that requires economic need. Furthermore, it must also lend monetary funds to help alleviate such problems.

Article VIII: The goal of the KTO is to aid in democracy, peace, and security. As such, the alliance's ideology should be focused on fighting against those who stood against it

Article IX: Each member states have the right to pass legislations, after gaining the majority votes from member states

Article X: The KTO's organization structure would involve 5 voted member states' representatives, that will have the power to veto legislations. These member states however, has no power over military decisions

Article XI: The military concerns of the KTO will be performed and decided by a collective group of advisers and planners

Article XII: If one of the said parties wishes to quit this organization, the said party must notify the rest of the signatories. However, the treaty and its provisions will still be on effect for a year, after the said notification.



Unified Communist Councils

Munchen Isle. Harbor City

Kingdom of Voidstania

Kalingrad City


Kalingrad City

The Aquaria

Kalingrad City


Kalingrad City


Kalingrad City


Alegra City


Kalingrad City

Yen Trang

Kalingrad City

New agraya

Kalingrad City

The United States of Ibica

Kalingrad City


Kalingrad City

The King Isle

Kalingrad City

Astares Amauricanum

Kalingrad City


Alegra City


Kalingrad City


Kalingrad City

Neo-Western East Korea (NWEK)

Alegra City

Negara Melayu Raya

Kalingrad City

Kingdom Of The UN

Minachi City


Munchen Isle. Harbor City


Kamayacha City


Munchen Isle. Harbor City


Darlinburg City


Kalingrad City

Gothian Crimea

Chinchyenat City

Reich of the New World Order

Darlinburg City