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[tab=20][/tab][color=#FFFFFE][align=center][size=250]Nizwa Gulf State[/size]

Nizwa is an oddball state, even by the standards of the others in the alliance. So you know you're in for a wild ride, considering we have cowboys, anarchists, and yours truly! The land Nizwa occupies is dry with vast deserts and shrublands, I get thirsty just thinking about it. It is seemingly inhospitable unless you're among the craziest of people. Which is exactly who you will meet hiding behind the dunes and riding on APCs. They attack without warning, at first you're just trying to get some water from the oasis, and then BAM! You're surrounded by 300 screaming men gunning your platoon down. Ha ha! It is a beautiful sight from my end, they send the videos sometimes. Enemies of the people of the gulf must think twice before stopping to rest, no? 

Nizwa is not a state that screws around. It is located along the North Coast of Oman and also controls most of the UAE - don't ask what happened there. 11,922,130 people live under its flag, mostly Arabs, but also a lot of Persians and Indian immigrants who are now stuck. Unlike the other three, including mi casa, they do not claim to be a democracy - though it still has some elections. Rather their government is a sort of hybrid regime between a dictatorship, a technocracy, and a parliamentary republic. Apparently, its leader is supposed to only be a Prime Minister but has the power to rule over the nation like a dictator and is supported by an unelected upper house? I'm too stupid to understand most of it, to be honest, though I know Infan Al-Zayani is the head honcho. 

The following are so-called 'factbooks' about the nation. There will be no commentary from me beyond this point, which is probably for the best.[/color][/align]


Alliance of self-defensive territories