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The Smoking Peaks

The Smoking peaks are a local tourist location of a mountain range that spans roughly 573 miles. The name comes from the constant fog that settles around the peaks of the mountains, which gives it a smoky appearance.

Some of the tourist activities that are available are a public obsidian mine, public fossil dig sites, public guided hikes, private hikes, and the Lotus Cove, a lake situated in the mountains, named for its large number of lotus flowers.

The obsidian mine, Onyx Depths, is the most popular attraction, and produces roughly $90 million Federal Pieces a year. They allow each and every visitor to take up to 5lbs of obsidian per week, with no visit restrictions.

Assuming tourists or locals don't wish to hunt for obsidian or fossils, they can book a trip with their families with the many hiking stands that can be found around the base of the mountains. The local favorite, Silver Wood Hiking, produces roughly $20 million Federal Pieces a year, with them estimated to only grow in income.

While there are no guided hikes or tours of the Lotus Cove, due to it being high in the mountains and only accessible by helicopter or various dangerous trails along the mountains, the government allows anyone brave enough to venture up the mountain to boat, fish, swim, or dive in the water.