by Max Barry

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by The Rogue Nation of The Skullhead Islands. . 5 reads.

The Short History

500 years ago, these islands were uninhabited. Then a wooden ship sailed in from the west and made landfall. Off stepped a handful of explorers, who roamed the eastmost islands and reported their findings back to their host nation. More expeditions were made onto the island and the islands close to it. Colonies were established. They didn't prosper, but there were enough resources on the islands to get by.

The people lived peacefully for the most part until 50 years ago when the island colonies asked for independence from the host nation. Surprisingly they agreed.

The governor's house became a revolving door as new leaders stepped in and out, fumbling their way across multiple issues. Eventually the people broke off into different factions and started warring with each other until the military pulled itself together and secured control over all of the islands. Thousands of people are dead. Many more are left homeless.

The generalissimo steps into the governor's office and rests on the seat of power. Now he has to rule with an iron fist to prevent the islands from falling apart again.