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Endorse Delegate Frilless Islands!

The Order of the Grey Wardens
In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.

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Endorse Frilless Islands

Hello proud World Assembly Residents of The Order!

If you have been mentioned in this dispatch, it means you haven't endorsed our inspirational World Assembly Delegate Frilless Islands.

Representing The Order as our voice in The World Assembly, Frilless Islands relies on the World Assembly endorsements of all of you for strength and influence. They are a representation of our unified strength as the populace of The Order, as essential as The Wardens and The Guardians. For those not participating in military activities, endorsing the World Assembly Delegate is one of the best things one can do to assist us!

1. Go to this nation page: Frilless Islands
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page!
3. Click the button that says [Endorse Frilless Islands]

Thank You!