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The Skulls

The Skulls are a secret organization in the Federation of Africa that have recently reared their heads. It is believed that they have connections all across the world, and there is reason to believe they are an organization attempting to take over the government. Below is a list of all stuff they have been connected to.

Derrick Jones Incident
In November 2179, the Skulls sent out a letter to all nations, most of which the federal government has never contacted ever before, hence the belief they have connections all across the globe. The contents of the letter stated false claims that the head of the Blue Party, Derrick Jones, was corrupt and has taken several bribes. As such, they said that any nation that successfully terminated Derrick would receive a lump sum of $100M. However, 2 nations, the Empire of Gora and Northern New Solingarch, instead decided to protect Derrick Jones. The result of this is that an estimated 15 casualties occurred on the side of those who attacked Derrick Jones, while there were 4 casualties on the side of those protecting Derrick Jones, those being 2 Gorans who were severely injured, an African who was killed, and Derrick Jones who sustained severe injuries including a shot that grazed his right lung among other injuries. However, he did survive. Shortly after this, $50M mysteriously disappeared without a trace from government coffers. Below are the contents of the letter.

An interesting message has been sent out towards multiple nations, not signed by anyone. The content of the letter is as follows

Hello, nations of the world.

We have felt a need to have Derrick Jones... removed. You may not respond but have no need to respond. Derrick Jones is the head of the Blue Party, although we don't expect you to know that seeing as many of you don't know much about us. We will reward any government that successfully assassinates Derrick Jones with a lump sum of $100M, directly from government coffers.

In the event you are wondering, we are not politically affiliated with any group. We bring order and take out those who don't deserve power. Many of you may not know this, but Derrick Jones is known by our little group here to be corrupt and immoral, yet it has been covered up. Derrick Jones has accepted many bribes and as such does not deserve life. We would get out hands dirty, but we are already on the verge of being discovered.

Best of luck to anyone who attempts this endevor.

The Skulls.

Bluehold City Car Bomb

In March 2180 a car bomb was set off in a run-down section of the business district of Bluehold City. There were 8 casualties, 6 civilians, and 2 officers. Nearby a pile of fake skulls was found, connecting the bombing to the Skulls. Also found was a letter, with the following contents

You foiled our plans. You are allowing corruption to remain. Derrick does not deserve his power, nor can he handle the responsibilities from it.

We suggest you back off before it gets worse than this. We hold unfathomable power and have connections all across the place, how else would you think every nation in the world got our previous note.

We hope you realize that you have no idea what you are getting into, and hope you heed our warnings and leave us alone. Should you follow this, we will not bother you. We have no need to terminate any of your people at this moment and would prefer that it stay that way.

Stand down, or you will be hurt. No one is safe. We will accomplish our goal.

We really do hope you listen.

May the Federation live long!

The Skulls

Jonas Don Assassination

In April of 2180, Jonas Don was assassinated by a single shot through the head by a .308 rifle round. He was a school board member for the largest school district in the FOA, West New FOA City School District. He was also a member of the Red Party. A pile of skulls was found on the top of a building along with a man wearing all black with a skull mask on being spotted around the area has linked this crime to the Skulls, although there was no letter in the area.

Dajigi City Car Bombing (WIP)

In May 2181, a car bomb when off in a high-density commercial district in the city of Dajigi, located in the House Calany region of Northern New Solingarch. The bombing resulted in [REDACTED] people being injured, and [REDACTED] people being killed. A pile of fake skulls were located in a nearby alleyway, along with a note. The same note that Gora received in the aftermath of the Bluehold City Car Bombing.