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"A New Day For the World"

No one really knew where to go after the MineLegoEquestrian flag found itself flying across the world. From the frozen wastes of Crystallia to the peaks of Hippogriffia, the Union Flag flew; proclaiming to all that the time to disunity and separate states were over. For the Empire had triumphed, and through it the Empire may build a better future for all. And unlike the states that appeared in between what was now called the First and Second Union Ages, the Empire delivered well on their promises. Threlesia was organised into its own separate entity within the Empire, along with every other ethnic group, given their own place underneath the Kaisar’s Empire. The Empire didn’t ask for much, two years of your life and some tax and they would let you be. They didn’t care if the people had ideas in competition to their ideas of Harmonic Imperialism, all that mattered to them was that the people had ideas worth fighting for.

It was a wholly new phenomenon in the world. It taught people a single thing, that the Empire was different from the states before. They really did want to help their people grow and achieve meaning within their lives without suppressing their choices. Like a gardener to their work, the Empire really did want them to grow and prosper through their own little ways. Of course, not everyone believed this. As evident by the several insurgencies which would emerge following the foundation of the Empire. But despite such setbacks, the growing sentiment that the Empire truly meant it, began to seep into everyone's head.

The Empire built roads, schools, and other vital infrastructures. The Empire encouraged political participation, entrepreneurship, and the cultivation of the arts. Mortality rates continued to drop, lifespan extended, millions lifted out of ruins and poverty. Hope surged in the hearts of the Empire and trust within it grew. It seemed like a better world was upon the horizon.

No one knew how literal the universe was about to take that fact.

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The Great Multiversal War, often abbreviated as GMW, was an armed conflict that lasted from 1076 ALB to 1201 ALB. Many Historians would describe the era as an important part of MineLegoEquestrian, and by extension, Commonwealth History. The armed conflict would rage across multiple universes, take countless lives, and involved more than 87 countries. In a total war directly involving 200 million personnel from these countries, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, blurring the distinction between civilian and military resources. The advancement of science in various fields allowed for the first deployment of Sancron Reality Anchors, Nuclear Weapons, and various others. The Great Multiversal War would consume 200 to 900 million lives, a majority being civilians. Tens of millions of people would perish to xenocide, genocide, starvation, massacres, and disease. In the wake of the surrender of the Coalition Forces, the MineLegoEquestrian Empire would expand fifty-fold in land size, war tribunals set up to put monsters to accountability, and a new age would dawn on the peoples of Harmony.

Act 1
"A Dream and a Couple More" - (1044 - 1055 ALB)

Chapter 1

Interuniversal travel was something discussed by various physicists and thamutergicists following the foundation of the Empire. As the dust settled, they had been able to analyze the old writings of those that came before and created a working theory regarding interuniversal travel. This theory regarding interuniversal travel was soon put to the test as the Research Committee on Extrauniversal Dimensions was given Imperial clearance after being appropriated from the Legotian Kingdom. Politicians and demagogues excitedly chatted among themselves about new worlds, new civilisations, new lands to colonise and develop. At this point, MineLegotia and Equestria was growing at a rapid pace and there was a general sense that the state had ‘finished’ with most challenges at home - despite the glaring fact that this wasn’t the case. Thus, the most logical next step was to go forth and reach through space and time to find new worlds for the Empire to step into and develop.

As research continued, a revelation soon followed as they discovered two people that might have possibly originated from a different universe during one of the experiments. The state, of course, desperately covered it up as soon as they identified one of the individuals as being a carbon copy of Royal-Governor Sparkle I. Her and a Preventus I ‘Private’ Eye would be quietly whisked away to a government safe house while the scientists tried to figure out how they entered this universe. The MineLegoEquestrians interrogated the two, unsure to believe the statements they provided. Preventus would claim that the two were married and had been exiled due to their liberal political leanings. Further explaining that such an ideology was a threat to the nobility of the Equestria of their world. Dodging assassination attempts and eventually being placed on a government bounty led to them fleeing westward on a boat that got caught up in an anomalous storm that ended up with them being recovered by the Empire. Of course, the authorities saw this as suspicious. But the powers in MineLegotian Canterlot saw use of the two, contacting them, preparing a plan, and introducing them into the Imperial Family. This coincided with the finalisation of the first Interuniverse Travel Gates (ITGs).

As news soon escaped regarding the mysterious appearance of a copy of a Royal Governor, the Imperial Government would move quickly to construct a cover up of how they ended up in their universe. Claiming that they reached through the universes in order to seek support from the Empire in order to help liberate their homeland from the grip of a vile aristocracy intent on milking their people dry. As militarists and proponents of Harmonic Imperialists beated the drums of war, the Research Committee soon tested their Interuniverse Travel Gates in the now famous Operation 382 on a date around December 1046 and March 1047. A corvette would be sent through the portal, and within 24 hours report back, confirming the existence of a different world. Soon, Preventus and the now dubbed, Twilight II, would be recruited to provide information regarding this new world.

The young officers of the 'Liberationalist' faction

During the initial stages of observation, the MineLegoEquestrian officials involved in this operation soon began to split among two lines of thought, the Imperialists and the Liberationalists. The Imperialists consisted of the old guard of the MineLegoEquestrian Military, mainly composed of grandfathered in generals of the former states that made up the Empire. These generals and officials still retained their beliefs of a certain sense of superiority above an arbitrary opponent. Within this faction, was a variety of radical liens of thoughts. With a group being firm in the belief of the Kirinese concept of Quanzhan (Translated as ‘Total War’), and that a nation-state’s worth is based on a state’s ability to engage in war; and another group holding the belief that through the integration of all species, a ‘superior species’ can be created through sufficient genetic exchange. On the other hand, the Liberationalists also had the same variety as the Imperialists, with most of them being idealistic officers and researchers who were children before or born after the creation of the Empire. These idealists believed fully within the concept of Harmonic Imperialism, however were divided regarding the execution of the concept. The younger officer core believed that through the usage of the ITGs, aggressive methods should be used to export Harmonic Imperialism. Firmly believing that the unenlightened would have not had a chance to understand harmony outside of several unique circumstances, and thus harmony needed to be exported by those enlightened. The researchers were of the belief that the chances of harmony to foster and bloom within foreign worlds were higher than presented by the Officers. They believed that diplomacy and through slow integration could Harmonic Imperialism be exported to the foreign worlds. The infighting presented by the operation, eventually forced the Kaisar to intervene, appointing the foreigner, Preventus, of control of the operation under the direct supervision of the Kaisar.

Preventus I would align himself with the young officer core, his beliefs most closely resonating with the officers who believed in revolution over reformation. This would also gain him the support of the Imperialists who applauded the foreigner’s ‘common sense’, and the researchers also aligned themselves with Preventus’ charismatic oratory skills, with the differences regarding equality and ethnicity swept aside in order to achieve their united goal. Shattering an arrogant foreign aristocracy.

With the fact that Preventus I was in control of the operation, he would direct efforts in order to push for the liberation of Equestria-2 (it was quickly categorised to be -2 because the bureaucrats couldn’t think of a better numbering system). These efforts would lead to various reconnaissance missions across the new world. The Imperialists and Harmonists would clash once more during this period, with the former arguing for a preemptive strike on the natives, and the latter arguing for an initial peaceful contact. Historical records would reveal that Preventus I originally intended to side with the Imperialists, but orders from the Kaisar stated clearly that he wished that peaceful contact was at least attempted first.

Obliging this request, the operation was directed to make first contact with the local nations on the 20th July 1047. A naval task force was assembled and sent through the ITGs in what the press would call the ‘First Expedition’ - despite it not being the first. The expedition was heading by Admiral Math Dew C. Pari of the MineLegoEquestrian Navy, with Naval Task Force Harmony-1. An attempt was made to land at a suitable port region, like Vanhoofer, but unfavourable weather conditions led to the task force reaching Las Pegasus. Several noted the similarities of Equestria-2’s Las Pegasus to Equestria-1’s, noting how it looked like a snapshot before the First Union Age. Initial contact between the two states were over radio, with the MineLegoEquestrians attempting to communicate with the Equestrians in several languages before settling on Equestrian. Notes retrieved from the natives would note a sense of fear and awe at the arrival of the strange denizens from another world. A meeting was soon arranged between the Admiral Math Dew C. Pari of the fleet and Princess Celestia (hereby dubbed Celestia-2 for ease of recognition) of Equestria-2.

It should be noted that during 1047 ALB - or 1016 PB in Equestria-2’s dating system - the Privy Crisis was in full swing. In which a deadlock within the Privy Council of Equestria-2 resulted in a split amongst noble families, captains of industries, and military generals which stemmed from the issue of Preventus and Twilight II being banished from their lands due to different views of harmony. A good portion of the noble families were of the more liberal minded, having been influenced by Twilight II and her friend Fancy Pants before his assassination. They were of the view that reform was needed to the millenia old institution of Equestria-2, decrying its judicial system being outdated and entirely possible to be manipulated through strong-arming and widespread corruption. This opinion was shared by most of the officers and generals of the military, who saw the royal government as weak, ineffectual, and prone to manipulation by the industrialists; calling for proper streamlining of the state and a great limiting of Royal Powers. This reform-mindness within the military mostly stems from the presence of a Captain - and also Prince-Consort - Shining Armour being the older brother of Twilight II. The captains of industries and the traditionalists of the noble core were the ones who resisted such change, claiming that the reformers were attempting to overthrow the Princess and destroying the native culture of Equestria, and having no intent on actually protecting the people and their livelihoods. Various nations had taken a stand regarding the Privy Crisis, with Princess Snowflake I of Snowlandia and Princess Phoneix I of Calavria having been reinstated and good friends with Preventus and Twilight II backing the reformists, along with the Equestrian Protectorate of Crystallia threatening to succeed from the Principality in protest. These actions would be compounded by the increasing trend of political violence between the factions. The presence of the First Expedition simply placed even more pressure on the royal government to do something.

Admiral Math Dew simply requested two things, the recognition of the Empire as a legitimate state, and the creation of an embassy in Las Pegasus for future contact between the two states. In return, it was requested that the Empire supported the Equestrian Government in the current Privy Crisis. Princess Celestia-2 hoped that she would be able to secure some foreign power in order to secure stability, however this request was rejected by Admiral Math once he learned the true nature of the Privy Crisis by a helpful servant. Declaring the Princess as anharmonic. Negotiations soon fell through due to this.

Upon relaying the unsuccessful negotiations, Preventus I would order the Exepedition to head to Snowlandia and Calavaria to establish contact, ordering them to relay the fact that he was alive and well. Admiral Math Dew asked if Preventus would like to join the Expedition in order to relay the news himself, and Preventus agreed. On the 2nd of August 1047, the First Expedition would leave Las Pegasus, and soon link up with the corvette transporting Preventus I and Twilight II, before heading to Snowlandia.

By now, news of the First Expedition was spreading throughout the Equus-2 (again, bureaucrats couldn’t be bothered making a better numbering system). And frantic telegrams and radio messages from the Snowlandian embassy in Canterlot soon reached Frostgard, informing them of a mysterious fleet that dwarfed most navies. Up to this point, Admiral Math had not authorized any intimidation tactics, it was presumed that pure hysteria was the cause of this frantic message. Upon receiving this message, Princess Snowflake I panicked and ordered the mobilisation of the Snowlandian Armed Forces, ordering the navy to stop any unidentified vessels from entering into Snowlandian waters.

At around 19:00 on the 12th of August 1047, a Snowlandian destroyer would spot the First Expedition’s Flagship, the Sinupret heading westwards. It would attempt radio silence in reasonable fear of seeing the so-called ‘mysterious fleet’ - The Snowlandians would only receive knowledge of this fleet as being part of an Empire later on, way too late for the navy to know. This radio silence would soon be broken as one of the escorts of the Task Force noted a destroyer near their formation, and the fleet soon trained their weapons on the Snowlandian destroyer, asking if they knew which way Snowlandia was. The Snowlandians would initially feign that they were Calavarian, and stated the way was westward in fear of what the fleet would do. After the destroyer’s crew determined the fleet was far away enough, they radio-ed a warning back to command, stating the fleet was heading straight for Frostgard.

On the 13th of August, around 04:00, the Frostguard Local Port Authority would send a frantic courier up to the office of the Princess Snowflake I. A disheveled Snowflake would receive news regarding the arrival of the First Expedition, with additional facts that they were attempting dialogue with the same requests as what they gave to the Equestrians. A meeting was soon organised, between the Admiral of the fleet and the Princess. However the MineLegoEquestrians intended on sneaking Preventus into the meeting in order to keep the news of his existence secret for as long as possible. With Preventus planning on doing so, in order to exploit it during a proper return to Equestria-2.

Preventus was disguised with an illusionary spell, giving him a different colour coat under the cover as the First Mate for the Sinupret, and thus allowing him to meet Snowflake face to face in the meeting. Snowflake I was reportedly ecstatic at finding out her old friend was alive and well, records from Math Dew would note ‘that [she] jumped onto Preventus with a shout of glee, tackling him to the ground. A giggle escaped the two as they exchanged pleasantries.’ From the meeting, a tentative agreement for a consulate and proper diplomatic contact was established, with promises of future negotiations for closer ties. A similar situation also occurred when the First Expedition sailed south-westwards to Calavaria, an agreement was also struck. Overall, for the MineLegoEquestrian’s First Expedition was a successful venture.

As the fleet docked back in MineLegotia and Equestria, news of the successful expedition spread among the military and the operation’s crew. The young officers had by now organised into a faction, colloquially calling themselves the ‘Young Group’, and many were in favour of further military action to liberate Equestria-2. The Imperialists were split regarding the establishment of contact with the Snowlandian and Calavarian principalities, the old generals within the ‘Imperial Way’ - the one believing in Total War - vehemently opposing the idea. It is said a couple generals went over to protest the decision to Preventus directly. The argument that ensued would create more of a rift between the Imperial Way and Preventus. This argument also drew the Liberationalists closer to Preventus, allowing for them to influence the actions of the next expedition.

Meanwhile in Equestria-2, the influence of the arrival of the First Expedition would impact the Privy Crisis in the favour of the traditional nobility. The declaration of a foreign power dictating that the Princess was anharmonic was enough for them to state that it was clear that the forces calling for reform intended on destroying Equestria as a principality. An effort was made to convince Princess Celestia-2 that actions was needed to protect their national security from such dangerous outside forces, and that the military needed to be placed back under the control of the aristocracy in order to ensure peace and stability was re-established across Equestria. In light of this, the reformers rallied around Fleur De Lis within the council, and moved to block the action. The military stood on the sidelines, gripping their weapons as they planned their own reaction.

A second expedition would be organised in late September, a much larger fleet was assembled so that a permanent staff of diplomats and soldiers could be stationed at the embassies. Preventus tagged along with the operation once more despite protests from the Imperial Way, due to the fact a sizable Liberationalist presence was found on the fleet. Several officers and researchers had before hand convinced Preventus to allow more younger - albeit inexperienced - units in order to be placed in the Expedition, securing Liberationalist influence over the expedition. This would be the last time the Imperial Way would have any sway over the expedition before the Manekong Incident.1 Departing on the 7th of October 1047, the second expedition would head to Snowlandia and Calavaria in order to set up the embassies and pursue further relations. This expedition would be more successful than the last, with the agreement for a three way conference between Calavaria and Snowlandia secured and several trade agreements signed. Compared to the first, this expedition was uneventful and merely moved the process of integrating the Empire into Equus-2 much faster.

Chapter 2

As the second expedition returned with a series of cheers from the ports of Northern Crystallia-1, the Manekong Incident would kick off in a series of mutinies across the Empire. Angered from their apparent sidelining, the old officers and generals of the MineLegoEquestrian Military would attempt to restore their previous homelands. The details of the Manekong Incident are irrelevant to this document, but what is relevant was the complete removal of the ‘Imperial Way’ faction from matters relating to Equus-2, with most of the personnel originating from the faction dead or discharged. This allowed the Liberationalist factions to move in order to move their plans for Equus-2. The officers wished to move forward with their plans for military intervention in Equestria-2, whilst the researchers moved for deeper ties with the reform-minded Snowlandians and Calavarians. The two groups were ambivalent to each other's ideas, leaving Preventus as the one to decide which action to take for the Empire within his homeworld. Having had two successful expeditions, Preventus wished to move to intervene in Equestria-2, however the Kaisar would side with the researchers, ordering Preventus to deepen ties with sympathetic nations first. Preventus reluctantly agreed, but made a deal stating if Equestria-2 was to experience a revolution, he would have freedom to act as required.

With this in mind, Preventus would set off to Snowlandia again in Febuary 1048, properly appearing publicly during the arranged conference between Calavaria, Snowlandia, and the Empire. Princess Snowflake would dub the conference as the Triumvirate Conference, citing the fact that three nations were involved with similar goals. In the conference, Preventus would offer the two leaders trade deals and military assistance in exchange for diplomatic concessions and military bases - something requested by Parliament. Calavaria would accept the deal wholeheartedly, with recent instability in attempting to modernise and abolish slavery, military presence would help quell any remaining internal threats. Snowflake I would negotiate for a proper military alliance if the MineLegoEquestrians wished to have a military base on Snowlandian soil, something that Preventus could only say that the MineLegoEquestrian Parliament would need to discuss.

The news of Preventus alive and well, and associated with the MineLegoEquestrian Empire would lead to ripples of chaos across Equestria. The reformists would declare that Preventus would most likely convince the MineLegoEquestrians to come in and take over if they didn’t do something to fix their country. The traditionalists dug their heels in, convinced that this was proof regarding the reformists planning on destroying their nation. While the two factions would argue relentlessly in the Privy Council and the Princess silent as ever, desperate to try and balance the two sides, a portion of the Equestrian Army would take the chance to act.

On the eve of the 26th of February 1048, several young army officers would position troops around Canterlot before moving to strike at the Privy Council and several prominent nobles within the nation. As the clock struck midnight, the officers would act and head towards the residences of said nobles. Murdering 23 dukes and nobles, 15 minor nobles, and 5 police officers during the incident. However, this was much less than the planned 50 nobles. This was mainly due to the Canterlot Royal Night Guard quickly descending on the troops, causing firefights to break out across Canterlot between the Royal Guard and the troops. The plan to attack the Privy Council also failed to achieve fruition with the detachment of Royal Guard garrisoning the building being alerted to their advance due to gunshots from different sections of the army carrying out their plans.

By dawn, most of the senior members of the Equestrian Government along with the Princesses would be informed of the situation. An edict of Princess Luna-2 would be sent out before Princess Celestia-2 could do anything about it, dictating that the rebels to stand down and surrender. Several detachments of the army would stand down shortly after, surrendering to the royal guard forces which had begun besieging them out from their positions. However, most of the army detachments would refuse to stand down, believing that victory was near and if they could hold out longer reinforcements would arrive. Reinforcements would not arrive, and most of the rebelling troops would be killed in the ensuing clean up operation by the royal guard.

Seeing the chaos caused by the army, the remaining traditionalists would demand that Celestia-2 dismiss the general staff of the military to ensure that future rebellions would be avoided. Princess Luna-2 was onboard with the plan, however indecision would plague Princess Celestia-2, giving the army several precious hours to act.

The 26th of February Incident was mostly taken up by younger officers who chose to act quickly upon learning of Preventus’ well being. Deciding to take the initiative, the officers would move in an attempt to ensure that reforms could be passed with ease via the removal of the traditionalist faction within the Privy Council. This was the general plan agreed upon by the generals of the Equestrian Army who were growing discontent with the indecisions of Celestia-2 and the general state of Equestrian politics. They had planned to launch the operation after properly establishing contact with the MineLegoEquestrians, in order to coordinate a move to launch the coup alongside with invasions on the west coast of Equestria. But due to the actions of the young officers, the army either had to act now, or let their chance slip away.

By Midday, the army would receive the edict sent by Princess Luna. But by then plans were already in motion. Troops loyal to the newly formed Equestrian Council for National Reformation (ECNR) would storm various government offices, murdering officials determined to be loyal to the royal government before proclaiming the death of the old Equestria, and issuing a call to arms for the new Equestria. In several areas, the Equestrian Royal Guard was able to intercept the army, preventing takeovers in several regions across the nation. Around 3 o’clock, the ECNR would broadcast on radio, stating that it was the military’s intention to fix the country of the parasitic aristocracy. General Shield Strike would order his ponies to send a telegram or message as quickly as possible over to Snowlandia where the Triumvirate Conference was still occurring, to beg the MineLegoEquestrians to see if they were willing to back them. The military knew full well that they could hold up against an angry alicorn, more so two angry alicorns. Hoping that the MineLegoEquestrians would have a weapon to turn the tide.

It would be the dawn 27th of February by the time a message reached the conferencing parties. Princess Phoenix I had planned on leaving that day to discuss with the newly formed Calavarian Senate regarding the conference, and Snowflake I and Preventus had planned to adjourn the conference that same day in order to spend the rest of the stay as a vacation, as one advisor recalls. But the arrival of the message would put wrenches into that plan. The three would conference over the matter, with uncertainty lacing the eyes of the two princesses. Preventus would call back to MineLegotian Canterlot, asking if it was possible to support the uprising, a potential exploitation to expand the Empire and spread harmony. The Kaisar would agree, giving the authorisation to let Preventus - and by extension, the Liberationalists - a chance to do what they wanted. A mediocre sized army would be assembled, and be deployed to take the city of Las Pegasus and Vanhoofer on the west coast. The plan was to take over control, assess the situation, and determine how much support the ENCR would require to win the civil war. That was what was sent back to command, but the Liberationalists had prepared equipment and resources needed to ensure that a revolution could be properly facilitated in Equestria-2.

MineLegoEquestrian troops would arrive in Las Pegasus on the 3rd of March, 1048 ALB. The Equestrian Army - which had begun to refer to themselves as the Reformist Equestrian Army - would greet them enthusiastically, happy that help had arrived in their revolution. The young officers of the Liberationalist movement were more than delighted at the revelation, and would begin moving to supply the REA without permission from the higher ups. The National Parliament of the Multiversal Empire soon had to debate regarding future interventions within Equestria-2, records would show that they would agree on the need for the exporting of the Harmony. However, they decided it should be limited, taking a slower approach in order to not overextend the Empire. The Kaisar would relay the request over to Preventus who merely gave a vague answer. A non-committal agreement to the Parliament’s orders while Liberationalist officers were giving REA soldiers training and equipment as the Equestrian-2 Civil War properly broke out.

Due to proximity to Canterlot, the Royal Guard were stationed across the East Coast in greater numbers, allowing them to be able to respond quickly to the REA. Most of the REA couldn’t hold against the high concentrations of the Royal Guard, who were better equipped and more experienced than them. Forcing the REA to flee westwards in order to avoid being captured.

Despite the general consensus among the army that they needed to reform the nation as a whole, not the entire army chose to follow in the name of the reformation. Parts of it decided that other methods were required, breaking off from the ENCR, various officers and generals would take the moment to carry out their own separate agendas. Not fully in line with either the royalists nor the reformists. Most notably was near the region of Applelousa near central Equestria. Local officers took the moment to revolt against both orders in an attempt to drive out non-native settlers. Declaring the land to be Earth Ponies’ and Earth Ponies’ only. The Royalists would face this same problem, more ambitious officers would break off from the command in order to secure lands and duchies for themselves. These warlords would choose no side, apart from those who could pay them the most, satisfy their ideologies, or help them murder the other warlords. This chaotic period, often referred to as the Equestrian Civil War, would be the cornerstone for the foundation of a future state on the continent. A distinctively, Preventusian one.

As chaos unfolded in the Homeland of the Ponies, with their two bordering allies seizing land and a separtist movement taking in Manehatten, MineLegoEquestrian troops would begin laying the foundations of a colonial state in Las Pegasus, and Coltfoalnia. A move which caused controversy among the REA towards the MineLegoEquestrians. However, due to the immense material support being provided by the MineLegoEquestrians, the REA would mostly stay quiet about this. However, their silence would provide more deserters over to the various warlords of the Western and Central regions. MineLegoEquestrian armaments would be the most common on the continent after the first five months of the conflict due to the extraneous amounts of weapons Preventus had authorised to be shipped over to the REA. These weapons would be noted by many contemporary historians as a way for the MineLegoEquestrians to gain control over the REA, which was a fear echoed by the various warlords and the Royalists. The ENCR would dismiss these concerns, however they couldn’t deny their growing dependency on the MineLegoEquestrians as most factories were located on the east coast.

As the war dragged on, more and more disagreements would appear among the ECNR, with various generals defecting to build their own nations within Equestria. Allowing Royalist Guards to advance further while bringing out amnesties to defecting soldiers. As the situation grew dire by August 1048, with 40% of the original army either defecting to various warlords or to the Royalists, the ECNR would beg for the MineLegoEquestrians to directly intervene to help them in their revolution. Preventus would jump at the opportunity, but couldn’t commit more supplies to the war as National Parliament and the Kaisar held it back, unwilling to jump into the conflict without a guarantee that the MineLegoEquestrians would have influence over the final product of Equestria. The increasing pressure of the Royalist forces would push the ECNR out of Central Equestria would lead to the ECNR begging for the MineLegoEquestrians to intervene in exchange for subserving themselves to the Empire.

The Las Pegasus Agreement would see the ECNR agreeing to submit themselves underneath the MineLegoEquestrian Empire in exchange for support against the Royalists. With this agreement, the MineLegoEquestrians would finally intervene in September 1048 ALB. This would be the first time the MineLegoEquestrian Military would be properly deployed into a foreign conflict. MineLegoEquestrians would arrive on Equestria-2n territory in later October 1048, as soldiers were quickly shipped to the frontline to supplant tired and demoralised Reformist soldiers, holding the line and preventing a total collapse of the entire Reformist movement. As MineLegoEquestrians began supplanting the reformists on the frontlines, Preventus would organise a conference in Las Pegasus between Snowlandia, Calavaria, and the ECNR in order to determine the future of the world with Harmonic Imperialism as a leading feature. The Las Pegasus Conference would be a pivotal turning point for the history of Equus-2. The leaders of Calavaria, Snowlandia, would confer with the leaders of the ENCR and the Empire in order to tie them all closer in order to provide development for their people… and expand each other’s interests.

The MineLegoEquestrian Empire wanted to expand its reach and businesses and also import their ideology into Equus-2. Princess Snowflake I wanted to expand economic connections in order to bring prosperity and accelerate the growth of Snowlandia. For the Calavarians, they wanted to help modernise their nation which had suffered a revolution five years ago. And the ECNR wanted to bring reformation to Equestria-2. The Conference would be an attempt to unite these efforts into a single understandable coherent united plan of the four parties. The ECNR were represented by General Shield Strike, the original stallion who ordered for his soldiers to contact the MineLegoEquestrians, and he had hoped that this conference would ensure that the Equestrian state could be reformed through military force to reunite the nation. However, the conference would largely neglect prioritising the unification of Equestria. The Kaisar didn’t want the Empire to overextend itself with their intervention of Equestria, forcing Preventus to only do what he could to consolidate the current territory of the ECNR rather than unite the entire nation. The Kaisar didn’t want unrest at home from MineLegoEquestrian soldiers dying in a faraway land. General Shield Strike could only wrangle out a promise and a commitment to protecting what the ENCR had managed to wrangle out. An attempt was made to force a peace in Equestria, with diplomats reaching over to Canterlot in order to negotiate for peace. However, the political change that occured in Equestria-2 would make sure that such peace couldn’t occur without a decisive military strike.

Following the Privy Crisis escalating into a full blown civil war, Princess Luna-2 would force political concessions from Princess Celestia-2 and what remained of the Privy Council to cede power over to her as warmistress in order to end the war as far as possible. This reorganisation led to the alliance of Equestria-2 with the Stygian Cover Royal Confederacy, despite the protests from the Privy Council, Princess Luna-2 would import thestral troops in order to help support the Royal Guard which had been suffering from high casualties from the technologically superior military. The Equestrian Civil War would see the ENCR increasingly militarise the population under the generals, who believed that with MineLegoEquestrian weapons they could outpace the Royalists, by having more troops with even better weaponry. This was in contrast to Luna-2’s line of thought, where she began relying heavily on the training up more competent royal guards against the mass army tactics of the ENCR. The increasing elitism of the Equestria-2n army and the increasing populism of the ENCR’s forces would influence the military structures and culture that would begin to grow in the future. In ENCR, the military would be seen more and more as an extension of society, compared to the increasing separation between the royal guard and the society.

Throughout the entire war, the royal guard would move to seize cities, due to the fact that they relied on pre existing infrastructure for supply. In large comparison to the ECNR which began co-opting the land as supply. The fact that the Royal Guard had begun depending on pre existing infrastructure to move, the MineLegoEquestrian advisors present from the start were able to predict the next move of the Royal Guard.

As the ECNR was steadily pushed back from Central Equestria, notably from Ponyville, the MineLegoEquestrian-Reformist forces predicted a move to cut off the Royal Guard by falling back from Applelousa. Which they judged to be the next target of the Royal Guard. A plan was devised to force the Royal Guard into a surrender by faking reports of a massive stockpile of MineLegoEquestrian weapons in Applelousa, left abandoned by a panicked Reformist battalion. The Guard would fall for the trap, marching into Applelousa, searching for the aforementioned weapons. Once they reached it however, a joint coalition of Reformist and MineLegoEquestrians troops would move in and cut off their railway connection, trapping a large number of the Guard in Applelousa. Artillery shells would rain down on the small city until the Guard surrendered in early February 1049, after attempts to break out failed repeatedly. Such a devastating defeat forced Princess Luna-2 to sue for peace, which eventually did come to Equestria-2.

With their autonomy greatly diminished, their forces battered and tired, the ENCR would proclaim a victory over the Royalists despite the fact that more than half the nation was still under the control of said Royalists. The Reformists would end up controlling the west coast of Equestria-2, along with the southern island chains of the Principality. However, any plans the ECNR would have would be drastically overshadowed by the influence the MineLegoEquestrians brought onto them. They had won the war, and now the MineLegoEquestrians demanded reform.