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Harilian Unification

Long ago, tribes walked on the surface of a huge island. This island is the same island that Welba is on. When foreigners arrived on the island, they called every native of every tribe "Harilians". This is where the idea of a Harilian national identity was born.

Fast forward many years later, in the 16th century. Several kingdoms and duchies lived on the island. The island of Haril. This included Welba. During this time, many people supported the idea of unifying all these nations and turning them into one.

The majority of the nations agreed to join the new Harilian nation. The ones that refused to join were taken in by military force. Welba was the third nation to join the Harilian Union.

On January 5, 1637, the nation of Haril was officially declared. This nation would last for hundreds of years. Until a certain man who went by the name Viktor Kol, seized the nation for himself.