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Fernost Ecconomical Union (FEU)

The Fernost Ecconomical Union (FEU) agreements:

The Ecconomical Union is purely for trading between the members of the FEU and are not intended as a politcal union, the only political union is an peace agreement (however, the possibility of the Union evolving to more is possible.

The agreements of the FEU are:

1. Every nation in the FEU agrees to have no tariffs on any product or service between each other.
1.1 The exceptions are guns not intented for military or drugs of any kind.
1.2 Any nation remains the right to not allow illegal products to enter its own nation.

2. No sanctions are allowed between any members of the FEU.

3. Due to the Union being not political, politcal conflicts between any FEU member and a not FEU member dont compel non participating FEU members to take side with the FEU member.

4. If two members of the FEU get in a military conflict, both of them lose the membership in the FEU. Any remaining nation is however allowed to take side and support one of the previous members.

5. To become a member of the FEU, the nation has to be in no military conflict with any member of the FEU. The nation gains membership if 2/3 of the members agrees with the including of the interested nation. This also includes nations who lost membership.

6. A nation can lose its membership if 2/3 of the members are for it. The reasons can be of any kind.

Current members of the agreement:
Dengestia, Nedemberg