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Breaking News Rally in -GEO-

Six hours ago, -GEO- Prime Minister Lasha Labadze was found dead in his own apartment, the country's Interior Ministry said: "The death of the Prime Minister was caused by a gas heater that was improperly installed in the Prime Minister's apartment."

Opposition politician Davit Guruli responded to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
"The Ministry of Internal Affairs is telling a lie. This was not a gas incident, moreover, on which street the Prime Minister lived, that street has not been supplied with gas for the last one week due to technical works."

Two hours after the death of the Prime Minister, the political party National Movement, announced a rally in front of the Parliament building, the rally has been going on for the last 4 hours, protesters demand the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and an objective investigation into the death of the Prime Minister.