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Nolarthi Royal Assembly

Royal Assembly

The royal assembly is made up of royal representatives who meet during emergencies or specified times to manage the country. They are led by the Sovereign, a position granted by royal delegates which constitutes as a weak executive authority over the feudal houses. Their is one royal delegation for each royal house. The nation is mostly confederal in nature though. Delegates are minor nobles, and so is a Sovereign. A Sovereign does not have to be a delegate or a former delegate.

Navgaruar delegate - Circ Navgaruar
Agriartone delegate - See Agriartone
Defehar delegate - Brae Farmerhjre
Invadkur delegate - Marc Invadkur
Ustrailise delegate - Manu Ustrailise
Ademistrable delegate - Des Ademistrable
Naturyale delegate - Ros Naturyale
Sovereign - Loriylita Frendese

Advisor core
When Loriylita took power in the year 11 Gly she set about reforming the new centralized government into something of a federal entity. Whilst the royal houses generally have rule over their domains the Royal Assembly has advisors to the Sovereign who run courtly institutions which negotiate with the royal houses to implement reforms.

Advisory de Économique - Holavar Ademistrable
Advisory de Guerre - Corilena Defehar

Houses [Royal Entites]
House-Main Holding-Main Industries/Strengths*

House Navgaruar - Vogyergaue - Trade, Consumer Products, Fishing, Naval
House Agriartone - Farmerhjre - Farming, Ranching, Food Processing
House Defehar - Foreefhyde - Military, Military Manufacturing
House Invadkur - Assuljrae - Military, Military Manufacturing
House Ustrailise - Forgunoae - Industry, Mining, Construction
House Ademistrable - Govkeren - Administration, Economics, Trade, Bureaucratic work
House Naturyale - Resorhera - Foresting, Mining, Leatherworking

*The distinction is slowly disappearing, but royal families still support these entities over others