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3rd Amendment of TOUN (PASSED)

WA Delegate of TOUN, hereby Proposes the 3rd Amendment.

Section 1
1. Regional Officers cannot Abort Embassy's without consent, must ask the Founder or Delegate or do a region wide vote on the abortion of the embassy that connects one to another.

2. Officers in TOUN cannot accept random embassy requests from foreign regions that TOUN does not know of. They can release raiders or can be embassy spammers.

Section 2
3. Officers with Border Control cannot ban people from TOUN unless they pose a violation to NS, not just the regional rules, if they ban random people with a bad reason, they will be warned. 2nd warning ends up in Border Warning removal for a day, 3rd warning is removing border control for a week.

4. All future amendments will go through 2 phases, 1st phase is where it is checked if it is valid for voting, 2nd phase is where nations in TOUN vote for the new amendment. I call this process "Check Vote"
This amendment covers many topics that are issues or are helpers for TOUN.