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by Theta xi phi. . 46 reads.

Awoken from the deep sleep.

The sun rose and the officials woke up at their desks. The walls were overgrown with vines and everything, including the officials, were caked with a thick layer of dust. Standing up and brushing themselves off the officials began to look around to try and determine what and where they were. 

    Plaques and papers indicated that they were in fact, the parliamentary body of a country called Theta Xi Phi, the crinkled yellowed papers falling to dust in their hands before their ancient inks could be further examined. Some of the members of parliament began looking throughout the rest of the capitol building in search of further clues to their now forgotten identities. 
    What they found was a vast building made of marble and bronze, with columns reaching high up and a stained glass dome. Statues and paintings depicting various figures in the nude caused the members of parliament to realize that they were not wearing clothing either. Some had tarnished jewelry and broken watches on their persons, but not a scrap of cloth was to be found throughout the whole of the capitol building.
    What was to be found was a vast number of small squeegy little rodents, one official seemed to recall these were called “guinea pigs” this was in spite of the fact that they were neither guinea nor pigs. 

    further exploration lead them to a room marked by intricately carved wood, vines curling and lichen caking the walls around it. With some effort the parliamentarians were able to force the doors open. Within they found a perfectly preserved room with several placards and framed policies hung from the walls, and in the centre an immaculate and well maintained desk. Resting upon which was a name plaque reading “President Thaddeus von Winkle”, behind which sat a particularly large and frazzled looking guinea pig chewing fervently on an electoral ballot. 

    The parliamentarians leaped with joy. At last they found their long lost leader! They discarded the bleached skeleton that was sitting in the velvet chair behind the president's desk and replaced President von Winkle in his chair and called it a day.

    Not long after the citizenry began to wake from their hundred year slumber, finding the country had been isolated and quiet for so long all other nations in the region had forgotten about them, to the point where they did not show up on maps, and the off-shore archipelago that they swore once belonged to them had been taken over by a bunch of twenty somethings with black mirrors and reckless abandon…
    Never the less, Theta Xi Phi soldiered on, picking up the pieces of what the them of 100 years ago had left, and oft seeking the profound wisdom of their hairy little president, Thaddeus von Winkle, the people of the nation continued, despite their abandonment by any caring deity that may or may not have ever existed.

    Thus they exist today.

Theta xi phi