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TVE Interwar RP Dispatch (Very WIP)

*Vincent Empire Interwar RP Dispatch


Player list:

*RP Policy and Rules.


*1. Keep things realistic to a degree, this is alt history but donít go crazy.

2. No Puppeteering, donít try to fill up the RP with your secret puppets.

3. No Flamebaiting, keep things civil in RP discussions.

4. No Baiting, donít do things just to cause a argument.

5. Donít make low quality posts, make sure your clear with what your saying, Invasions will require more than 2 posts and each post should be several sentences long.


1. If a player is inactive for 7 days they will be sent a TG to let them know they will be removed in 3 days, if they are not active between then and 3 days later they will be removed.

*2. If a player is taking a break then they should tell RP admins, if this break lasts for more than 12 days then they will be removed ahead of time.

*3. RP admins are the judges of the rules and if someone violated them, one of these is the Monarch of the Empire who is the highest authority concerning RP.

Important Links:

Dispatch Notes:

1* It should also be know this isnít a permanent dispatch and will continue beyond the Victorian Era.

2* The Map is not always up to date and may have a couple inaccuracies , if you wish to be a country then ask RP admins if thereís anything that needs to be clarified about its borders.

3* These rules and policies are not permanent and are subject to change

4* What is and what is not realistic is not clearly defined so itís up the admins to determine if what a player did is or is not realistic. Please be aware they may not agree with you on if something is realistic or not.

5* Exceptions may be made

6* If the monarch is ever unable to do their duties the 2nd in command will take upon the role of highest authority in RP indefinitely.

Finally it should be noted that everything in here is subject to change, thus it is best to check on the dispatch regularly. If you disagree with something or wish to make a change talk with the creator of this dispatch.

Created at 3:52 PM Western Time on Friday, November 21st, 2021 by Ethics.