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General Charles Vriken

Major General Charles Vriken


Supreme Commander of the
Olpenese Army Forces on Land

In position:
2029 - Present

Major General Ava Jenkins

Supreme Commander of the Army Group A

In position:
2021 - 2029

General Joseph Nett

General Nathaniel “Bloody” Kirk

Personal Details


March 22nd, 1989(age 46)
Constitution City, South Olpen


Marajarbian - Olpenese


Ashley Hobbs


Matt Hexter (2029, age 6)


Constitution City Military Academy
- Degree in Military Strategy


"Men, we’re gonna fight. We refuse to give up on these people. They are our brothers and sisters, and they must be liberated!
- General Charles Vriken, invasion of Dragonheart Meretica

Major General Charles Vriken (March 26n, 1989) is an Olpenese General who serves as the 56nd commanding general for Olpenese forces in the Atlantic. Previously, he was commander of army group A. Prior to this, he served as Strategic Advisor to Army Group C. He received his current assignment June 31st, 2029.

Born on March 26nd of 1989, Mr. Vriken was set up for military prestige from birth. His father was a prestigious general, having served during the Brazilian Civil War as commander of Olpenese forces, and as a prestigious diplomat. His fathers father, Charles’s grandfather, served in World War 2 as the commander of Olpenese forces during D-Day. Even in his young age, he wished to join the Marine Core. In school, he joined the Youth Soldiers of South Association, and quickly grew in rank. Education-wise, he was naturally gifted. His teachers said he never applied himself, but still he achieved great grades. The only subject he liked was history where he was particularly interested in the Brazilian Civil War and World War 2, the wars his family served in. By the end of High School, he had gotten a full scholarship to his school of choice, Constitution City Military Academy. He got near-perfect marks on the finals, and was offered a job in the military as 2 Ltnt. He took it, and by the time he was 27 he was a Sgt. Maj. in the army. He served in the Dihcroan Civil War, the East Osovian Civil War, the Meretican Civil War, and the Olpenese Lakan Skirmish. During the Zarnicovan Crisis, he was promoted to the Supreme Commander of Army Group A. He wasn’t respected by his peers due to his age (31, at the time), but soon earned respect in the Ross Coup d'éta when he led charge into Sicily. He took his current position in the Slaver Wars, where he developed the Blitzkrieg strategy. He served in the Dragonheart Wars as the leader of the whole affair on the Olpenese end.

Early Life

Born in March of 1989, he and his family had high hopes for his military. He came from a respectable lineage of military family. His father having served in the Brazilian Civil War and his grandfather having served in WW2. He joined a variety of military and discipline-based clubs in school, and he was a prodigy in them. He made fine grades in school exception of History, which he made great grades in. He went to Constitution City Public High School.

After HS, he received a full scholarship to Constitution City Military Academy. After a one year break to mourn the death of his mother and father in a car crash when he worked as a teaching aide at his former Elementary School. During this time, he met his wife, a teacher at the time. After his break, he returned to CCMA with a renewed fervor. In 2012, he graduated top of his class and was offered a job in the military as a Sgt. 2nd Class.

Rise in a Military Career

From Sgt. 2nd Class, Vriken progressed quickly through the ranks of the military. He received his first promotion exactly 8 months and 14 days from his enlistment. He became a Sgt. 1st class. His first assignment was as a second in command to Sgt. Maj. Scott Nitteda in the elite Hellfire Team. To this day, that assignment was the best days of his life. For honorable service in the team, he was promoted to Sgt. First Class 2 years and 3 months into his army career.

In that rank, he served as Liasion to F. Q Arms, a then major arms producer for the Olpenese Defense Force. He had family connections on the Board of Directors, so he was a good fit. He was eventually relieved of that position and sent on a 4 month leave in accordance with the Army Labor Act of 1952, and when he came back he was promoted to First Sgt.

As First Sgt. he was sent to overseas base Fort Oswald where he assisted Brig. Gen. Hallix in the running of the base. He enjoyed seeing soldiers military careers sprout up, but he didn’t enjoy it as much as his active duty in the Hellfire Team. He was returned to active duty during the Dihcroan Civil War where he served as the commander to the elite Scezonian Reaper Squad, a group of 19 soldiers. His unit was respectable, and in light of his service and strategic prowess he was promoted to Sgt. Maj.

The new position was honorable and many would-be content with it, but he was quickly thrust out of it. He met a close family friend and colleague of his father's by the name of Master General Kirk. After a tearful reunion, Kirk decided that Vriken showed as much if not more promise than his father and made it so he was promoted to Colonel.

Still he was kept on a tight leash by both Kirk and the Army, but he proved himself as a competent commander during the East Ossovian Civil War where he commanded the master class attack on the starting position. He was respected by Chamber Minister Sorit, and she personally saw to it that he was made Brigadier General.

General Vriken quickly achieved
the rank of General of the Army

For having come up with War Plan Black, a war plan against Laka he was given the rank of Ltd. Gen. His plan ultimately failed, but many chalk it up to being poor execution of the plan. He was given the rank of General due to the Army Restructuring Act of 2014, where his predecessor was forced into retirement. His final promotion in rank was under similar circumstances. General Kirk asked to be replaced by Vriken in his last transparent to C.C. before his death. Sorit still had a great deal of respect for him, and so she allowed his request to be honored.


For a while, Vriken did not have a specific assignment and simply stood around making military plans. During the Zarnicovan Crisis, however, the Cheif of Staff of the Armed Forces places Gen. C. Broken on duty as the Supreme Commander of Army Group A. In this position, he had absolute control over Army Group A, and he did his job well. He promoted officers to positions of importance, many of which are currently generals.

Vriken was once again promoted, this time to Supreme Commander of Olpenese Land Forces. This came after his boss, and the only one ahead of him in the Army chain of command, was moved to be the army representative to the joint chiefs of staff. He was a major player in the Galapagosian - Olpenese War where he was the one that ordered the drone to enter combat, which many believe ultimately won the war. He was also the man behind the planning in the Dragonheart War. Many frown upon him for losing the war, but no disciplinary action has been taken against him.

Currently, he is overseeing actions in the Galapagos Insurgency Wars, and has been appointed as Governor-General of the Galapagos following the declaration of war and the replacement from Governor Félix Moïse Lachapelle. Due to his work, he is currently at an undisclosed location.
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