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Gaucho Immortalist Society

Gaucho Immortalist Society

Sociedade Imortalista Gaúcha (Portuguese)
Sociedad Imortalista Gaucha (Spanish)



"Death Sets Man Free"

A Morte Liberta o Homem (Portuguese)
La Muerte Libera al Hombre (Spanish)

Abbreviation: SIG

Founded: 18 April 2000

Maestro: Teodoro Schuster Rech

Newspaper: O Pardal / El Gorrión

Headquarters: Porto Alegre, Riograndense Republic

Student Wing: Jovens Farrapos / Jóvenes Harapos

Youth Wing: Juventude Gaucha
(Riograndense Republic and Santa Catarina)

Jóven Federación Artiguista (Uruguay)

Women's Wing: Associação Anita Garibaldi
Asociación Anita Garibaldi

Overseas Wing: Orgulho Pampeano / Orgullo Pampeano

Religious Institution: Church of the Immortal Soul

Membership: 239,958

Political Position: Off-compass

Ideology: Mystic Nationalism

The Gaucho Immortalist Society (SIG) is a spiritual, political, and intellectual movement that was created in 18 April 2000. Although the Immortalist Movement can trace its origins back to the work of Pampean philosopher Vicente Martini, titled "The Immortality of Ideas and the Universe", the movement only took an organized form by the end of the decade of 1990, when Martini's friend and student, Silvio Valentim, founded the Academia for Study of the Soul and Immortality. In 1999, the Church of the Immortal Soul was founded by Silvio Valentim and Luiz Viana. The Church is not related to any Christian church and does not consider itself Christian, although it does incorporate Christ as one of its "cardinal figures" and does take elements of Christianity.

The Immortalists were categorized as a cult by the government in 2002, and as a terrorist organization by the military dictatorship in 2011. Despite being categorized as a terrorist group, no assassinations or attacks were ever attributed to the Immortalist Society. In 2017, the SIG was allowed to operate freely once again. Since then, the number of members of the Gaucho Immortalist Society has been growing, and the Immortalist Church has been growing even more.

The Immortalist Movement considers itself as "the light that brings justice to a perverse world". It condemns both the "materialism of capitalism" and the "Godlessness of communism/anarchism". However, it also criticizes the "lack of empathy and the twisted sense of justice of fascists". Immortalism seeks an alternate type of economics, one in which everyone will receive a basic amount of money. Each person will work according to their abilities, and each will receive an extra payment depending on their productivity. Those who are healthy and can work but decide not to, shall not receive aid. Special groups - such as the disabled, the retired, and pregnant women - shall be cared for by the state.

Immortalists valorize technology and science, seeing it as a way of approaching God. According to the Immortalist view of the universe, "God created the universe, and we must paint and decorate it, such as we do with our homes." With the advancement of technology, humanity gets progressively more creative, developing new methods to practice art, producing more and more art. Creativity is the greatest virtue of a human, and through it we can approach God, obtaining the same feeling he felt when he created the universe.

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