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Flag of Baratochi

Coat of Arms of Baratochi

T h eS e i t o k u k e nS t a t eo fB a r a t o c h i


202,948,560 (2021 Census.)

Largest City:




Ethnic Groups:

Baratochin(90%), Volkish(6%),
Euskaran(2%), Other(3%)

State Religion:


Government Type:

Left-Wing Nationalist Ruled Unitary Republic

State Consul:

Rui Matsubara-Herrera
Torajiro Sakane


Shū Hyōgi-kai


494,287 mi^2
(1,280,200 km^2)



GDP per Capita:

3.101 Trillion OSU
15,280 OSU

The Seitokuken State of Baratochi, (Pro.: Bar-a-to-chi | Jihan Script: バラトチ) is an Authoritarian Unitary Republic led by the Hitotsukokka Dōmei (一つ国家同盟), a political party with a mix of both Nationalist and Socialist oriented ideals. It is located on North Osea, and exists at an intersection of the northern, eastern, and central sections of its continent. It is bordered to the north by The Supreme Military Order of Euskara, to the east by The Imperial Realm of Gothgraff and Lilium, to the south by unorganized territories and The State of Cryopathia. To the west it is bordered by unorganized territories yet considers itself to share a maritime border with The Socialist Union of Marshava. Baratochi has connections to both the Shiroisuna Sea (N.O. Inland Sea | 白い砂の海) and the Cascade Ocean as well as the Osean Great Lakes. Baratochi is made up of over 490k square miles of territory and consists of a total of 51 Prefectures.

Baratochi is among the top 20(?) nations in terms of population size, with 202,948,560 citizens and 14 cities over 1 million people and a total of 201 cities. A large part of Baratochi's populace is located in the countries south while a decent part of the north remains loosely populated. At the far inlet of the Shiroisuna Sea, The Greater Gōrudenko Metropolitican Area totals 31,506,600 inhabitants.

Baratochi, (バラトチ), received its name from the native Fūzuki Bara, a member of the Rose Family (Hibiscus Rosa-Fuzium) that grows everywhere throughout the Baratochin Nation. Baratochi directly translates into 'Land of the Roses' in Strangerelean. 'Bara' meaning Roses, and 'tochi' meaning Land of the.

Spanning just under half a million square miles of land, Baratochi has a wide variety of geography ranging from mountains and jungles to deserts and swamps. The southwest portion of the country is heavily forested with rainforest, with swamps spread around the Hābesutāgawa River, reaching inland from the innermost inlet. Carving the south in half and reaching far northwards into the Hottomatsu Forests are the Shinchiyama Mountains. With the highest point at 14,025 feet above sea level, the Shinchiyama Mountains have an average height of feet above sea level at 7,205. The mountains are made of three distinct sections. The Western half of the mountains, which remain the lushness of the jungle with moss-filled environments and tropical animals and flora. The central and northern regions contain the highest sections of the mountain range and have much colder, harsher climates then the others. Lastly, on the eastern side of the mountains, they are much more arid before spreading out into rocky deserts. On the east side of the Shinchiyama Mountains are the desert portions of the Seitokuken State. Almost half of the lands east of the Shinchiyamas are rocky deserts. Portions right next to the Osean Great Lakes and gripping the Cascade coast are much cooler and harbor more temperate climates. Going up the north, the tropical rainforest and arid lands dissolve into much more temperate areas, that are home to the Baratochin Moyamatsu 'Mist Pine'. Several major rivers flow from the Shinchiyamas Mountains that go east or west. The untamable rivers of the West provide the western half of the country with the water needed to sustain the rainforest, while the lackluster rivers in much of the east justify the dry climate.

Map of Baratochin Geography

The Seitokuken State of Baratochi is a Unitary Republic on North Osea, ruled by the Hitotsukokka Party. The Chancellor of the Seitokuken State, currently Rui Matsubara-Herrera, holds almost absolute power within the Baratochin Political Sphere, able to carry out numerous orders and privileges. The Chancellor position however, doesn't hold the power to overrule national elections which happen every 6 years. Baratochi's legislature is the Shū Hyōgi-kai, or National Assembly and only consists of one house. Laws needing approval from both the Shū Hyōgi-kai and the Chancellor to be fully put into effect. While the members of the Shū Hyōgi-kai are elected by the people of Baratochi, the Chancellor has the ability to appoint and fire non-public officials at their own volition. The State Consul, currently Torajiro Sakane, works under and acts as the replacement for the Chancellor when needed. Baratochi consists of 51 Prefectures, each Provisional Governor being elected by natives of said Prefectures and serve 2 Year terms with no term limit.

The Hitotsukokka Dōmei, or the One Nation Party is the ruling political party within the Seitokuken State. It describes itself as a Paternal-Socialistic Left Wing Nationalist Diplomatic Alliance, having distinct subdivisions that represent a variety of views and interests from across the Seitokuken Political Sphere. It's fundemental values is creating an patriotic nation of liberal peoples guided by socialist economic values and a strong-man government. With the 2nd People's Revolution in 1978, the oppressive regime collapsed in on itself, its intense policies being torn down by a series of coups and the establishment of a more liberalized approach of Communism in Baratochi. The reformed Hitotsukokka Dōmei focusing heavily on recreating faith in socialism while expanding civil rights, something the former government lacked.

With 202,948,560 Residents, the Baratochin nation has one of the top percentages of population on Strangereal. Native to the Seitokuken State, the Baratochin ethnic group exists as the majority within the country, constituting of 90.17% of the total population. Throughout the world outside of Baratochi, small populations of people of Baratochin descent live in neighboring nations and other Jāne Nations as minorities. Baratochin people are commonly characterized by their naturally pale skin, however people from the eastern half of the Seitokuken State tend to have tanner skin, naturally black hair, and thin eyes. Equally, Baratochin people are known for their continued embracement of tradition and conservative values, an odd breed of nationalism being born with the institution of Socialism and modernist ideals to the nation. The people of the Seitokuken State hold positions, loyalty, and respect in high regard. Despite there being close solidarity of those who are Baratochin, there is a clear division in how foreigner Baratochin people are seen within the Seitokuken State as they are commonly called "Insaidā" or -Inside Outsider- and are treated differently and common described as disgraces to the people.

'The Seitokuken State of Baratochi'
in Baranese and Jihan Script

Baranese is an North Osean language spoken by about 195 million people and is only an official language within the Seitokuken State of Baratochi, where it is the national language. It is a member of the Jāne language family, and has close resemblances to other languages such as Fujiwaran, Exlesian, and Komashin who share a similar dialect. Along with the normal script/language there are several small subbranches throughout the nation with distinct differences and accents that can vary a large amount depending on where in the country someone is from. Baranese is barely spoken outside of the country, other than in fringe minority groups in places such as Euskara, Cryopathia, Marshava, and Sallent; who all ly near Baratochi.

The Baratochin Revolutionary Armed Forces (バラトチ革命的国軍) is the official military branches of the Baratochin State compounded under one flag. It is divided into 4 distinct branches, The Ground Force, the Naval Force, the Air Force, and the Special Forces respectively. It has one of the largest armies in its local region, with 152k soldiers activated during peacetime with a total of 6,088,400 available manpower on hand. Baratochi employs the policy of constriction, with a total of 3% of its population registered. The Chancellor of the Seitokuken State acts as the BRAF's Commander-in-Chief while the Ministry of Defense handles standard military happenings. The Baratochin Revolutionary Armed Forces acts as the guardian of Baratochin soil, seas, air, and influence alike.

The Economy of the Baratochin State is a burgeoning control economy, with the Government playing a heavy role in the nation's markets. The Gross Domestic Product of Baratochi totals at 43.676 Billion Gin (3.101 Trillion OSU), with a GDP per capita of 215,200 Gin (15,280 OSU). It is one of the largest in its local area with a large abundance of natural resources and a massive workforce at its disposal. Valued at 0.071 Baratochin Gin per 1 OSU, the Baratochin currency holds median power as a tradable currency. It's largest exports include Machinery, Transport, and other Industrial equipment, Mineral Fuels, Chemicals, Animals and other agricultural goods, manufactured goods, and much more.