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A fixed payment made by the state directly to parents to assist in the cost of bringing up children. Popular with parents for obvious reasons, and the poor who see it as a redistributive tax.

By giving state subsidies to childcare, we can ensure more parents return to the workforce after having children, and therefore benefit the economy. Although this can be expensive, and is also the distortion of the market, it is popular with the parents.

Disability Allowance is a weekly payment for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability, such as visits to the doctor or hospital, medicines, extra clothing or travel.

Food stamps are a valuable system for ensuring nobody goes hungry, no matter their income. The government issues vouchers or 'stamps' for the homeless, ensuring that they are able to afford food. Unlike giving a straight cash benefit, food stamps can only be redeemed for uncooked food, preventing them from being used for unhealthy takeaway food.

Public housing is provided, free of rent, for everyone. While straining on the national energy budget, the social benefits are also significant.

Universal Basic Income takes the form of monthly dividend handouts to our population as a whole, ensuring an equal distribution of wealth.

When government gives so much money out in welfare payments, it's essential that the money is correctly targeted and not exploited by people making spurious claims. The [Anti-Fraud Service] exists to investigate people receiving welfare payments and ensure that only people who actually need or deserve the payments are getting them. It is a dedicated fraud department whose job is to detect false claimants, recover lost money and reassure the lawful taxpayers that their taxes are being spent wisely.

The department will help stop fraudulent welfare payments, although it can antagonize legitimate claimants. To help combat illegal profiteering, tax returns must be made public, people can now check if someone is using loopholes or abusing the tax system. This full disclosure will encourage support of the system, as well as reduce tax evasion and force everyone to be able to justify their income.


An essential off-shoot of the [Civil Defense Paramilitaries] is the Disaster Relief Taskforces, a decentralized association of local, self-managing emergency agencies assigned over a distributed network of provinces around the world that help build safe, resilient communities and to help in times of great peril. Receiving funding from the government, they are provided with streamlined training and equipment necessary for a rapid response against natural crises of disasters and pandemics.

It is a voluntary organization formed out of local recruitment drives but rather than striving for complete independence, each provincial Disaster Relief Taskforce is interdependent for support from neighbouring taskforces in times of great disaster. As shown by the [56 AAY Volcanic Eruption of Mt Tubo], a multi-taskforce response helps alleviate the overall burden on the emergency services, treating local communities to superior quality of aid.