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Expansion of the Australian Governate-General to Sydney-Warrnambool

November 15, 2021

Tena koutou katoa.
I am pleased to announce that the Australian Governate-General will be expanding to the provinces of Sydney, Canberra, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Warrnambool. From 6 am today, the military has been expanding into these areas and occupying them. I assure the natives of these areas that they will be treated fairly and respectfully. Settlers will be able to travel to these areas from midday tomorrow, and flights from New Zealand will be departing Nelson, Christchurch, and Hamilton airports will be departing then. Infrastructure is already being set up in terms of roading, railroads, and water services. Over the coming months we expect around 330,000 settlers to arrive in Warrnambool, 150,000 to the Ballarat area, 125,000 to Bendigo, 300,000 to Canberra, and 500,000 to the Sydney area. These areas will be governed from the Office of the Governor-General for Australia, based in Melbourne. Each province will be given the same standard of public amenities that the rest of the Empire has, and by early 2023 we expect that the area will be developed to the same standard as the rest of the Empire. This is a crucial part of our plan for a Greater South Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere, as this keeps our march across Australia going. I applaud all of our brave servicemen and women, the builders, surveyors and engineers helping to get the area ready, and to all our brave settlers, helping expand the Empire in word, thought, and deed. You are doing your nation a great service.
Tēnā Koe, Nga Mihi Me Te Kororia Ki Te Emepaea!

Map of the Australian Governate-General, with the newly expanded territories in green.

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