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FNR | The Free Nations Herald November 2021 Edition

Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Age of Sparsosaurus begins yet again
Sparsdan wins the Presidential Elections

The General Elections of the Free Nations Region concluded as Sparsdan won the Presidential Elections with a whopping 27 (79.41%) Votes. This will be Sparsdan's second non-consecutive term as the President. Sparsdan's election manifesto included
  • Finishing the Free Nations University project that was started by President Doctors Orvos.

  • Reviving the Debate club, daily questions, games & music.

  • Establishing an Events Committee dedicated to helping in Regional and Interregional Festivities

  • Monthly Recruitment Tournaments

  • Appointing an "Editor-in-chief" for the Free Nations Herald.

The then Deputy Minister of Defense Burgertopian Empire ran against Sparsdan with a campaign to turn FNR into a Burgertopian Paradise where everyone gets free burgers on a daily basis. Burgertopian Empire also promised to give special attention to the FNDA by actively recruiting for it. Burgertopian Empire got 6 (17.65%) Votes in the elections. While 1 Citizen abstained from Voting.

In his first speech of this term, Sparsdan appointed South Asians and Castenor as Presidential Advisors. He also nominated Alternamerica in the Supreme Court. Alternamerica was confirmed as a Judge by the Citizens' Assembly with 25 Aye Votes, 4 Nay Votes and 4 Abstain Votes.

Gufand won another election as the Speaker of the Free Nations Region in an emphatic fashion. Gufand got 24 (70.59%) Votes while his opponent Alicetopia managed to get 8 (23.53%) Votes. 2 Citizens abstained from Voting. This will be Gufand's Fourth Consecutive Term as the Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly. Gufand's Election Manifesto included releasing monthly legislative reports and finishing the Free Nations Legislative Code.

Spooktacular End of Term Party
Award Ceremony, Games and Ghostbusters

FNR's Spooktober Themed Flag
As Orvos' successful Presidential Term comes to an end, The entire Free Nations Region and some of our foreign friends celebrated his success with an End of Term Party. The Party was hosted by Vice President South Asians. The Event started with President Orvos announcing the recipients of the Presidential Cross of Outstanding Excellence and Dedication. The Presidential Cross is awarded by the President and the Vice President to the members of the government who have excelled in their respective departments during their term. This term's recipients of the Presidential Cross were as follows-

After the conclusion of the Award Ceremony, Event Guests played various game modes of Gartic Phone. The event ended with a watch party where Event Guests watched the Ghostbusters (1984).

The Z-Day Mayhem
The Free Nations Legionnaires Destroys the Zombie Rebellion

The Free Nations Legionnaires Flag
Every year around the time of Halloween, Nationstates celebrates the Z-Day Event. Z-Day is 36 hours of complete chaos where every Nation's population starts turning into zombies. Nation's have their own choice whether they want to kill the zombies, cure them or embrace the hoard and infect other nations at a faster rate.

The Free Nations Region chose to embrace the hoard of zombies during last year's Z-Day with a Mongol Empire theme.

This year, The Free Nations Region decided to exterminate all the zombies as decided in this poll. Former President Orvos ordered this year's Z-Day theme to be Roman during the last days of his Presidential Term. Consuls Heaveria and Sparsdan jointly founded "The Free Nations Legionnaires" to tackle the zombies in a strategic manner and Praetor Castenor declared Zombiesm illegal within the realm. The Legions were led by Legatus Tigerania. Praefectus Doctors Orvos and Praefectus My Nation were joint field commanders of the legions while South Asians acted as the "Nauarchus" the commander of the Roman Navy.

The Event Started with Legionnaires led by Legatus Tigerania, Tribunus Apatosaurus II and Primus Pilus Narvatus actively eliminating zombies from the larger nations. However, the Zombie population was growing rapidly and slowly overwhelming the incoming forces. 10 hours after the beginning of the Z-Day event Nauarchus South Asians launched a full-fledged naval attack on the Zombies. He decided to engage his naval forces one-by-one on nations according to their alphabetical order, mercilessly cleansing them off their Zombie Population along the way. He was assisted in his Quest by Tigerania, Tribunus Weatherwand and Quaestor Allinburg. Consul Sparsdan also decided to join his Legionnaires in the battlefield against the zombies and provided a morale boost to the Legionnaires. 19 hours into the Z-Day event and all the Zombies were completely exterminated from the Free Nations Region. The Glorious Legionnaires celebrated their victory by throwing a grand party and eventually went to sleep. 25 hours into the event the Zombies unexpectedly infiltrated Rome again in smaller numbers. However, their petty rebellion was soon vanquished by the Legionnaires as Centurio Gufand also joined the battle with 100 of his most exceptional warriors.

31 hours into the Event and the victory was in the grasps of the Legions. Legionnaires were relaxing in their luxurious baths thinking that the Zombies were gone. They heard a loud growl has a hoard of Zombies rushed towards them in unexpected large numbers. It was later revealed that Primus Pilus Narvatus got infected by the Zombie Virus while he was fighting against them. This caused the Zombies to reemerge. The Legionnaires didn't bow against this surprise attack, they decided to fight this battle till their last breath. They launched a full-on attack against the Zombies many lost their lives in this deadly final battle that lasted for a couple of hours.

In the end, only a few Legionnaires survived this war but the Zombie hordes were completely destroyed and peace was restored in the Glorious Roman Republic.
The Free Nations Region were ranked #44 in "Most Survivors + No Quarantine" and #54 in "Most Dead" in the Z-Day Leaderboards.


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

The Free Nations Legionnaires

The Imperium

Consul Sparsdan and Consul Heaveria
Praetor Castenor
Legatus Tigerania
Nauarchus South Asians
Praefectus Doctors Orvos
Praefectus My Nation

A Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Brain-Eating Zombies are terrorizing the realm of Nationstates. These Zombies are also about to unleash an attack on the Free Nations Region. To tackle this state of emergency, Praetor Castenor has declared Zombiesm a heresy. The Glorious Free Nations Legionnaires shall protect the people of FNR from these creatures by doing what they do best- Completely Annihilating their enemies.

With the blessings of the Roman God of War, Mars. Let's fight till our last breath against this zombie menace and win this war for the Glory of the Rome and the Free Nations Region!

I welcome you to our glorious Republic, my fellow citizens. Built on the solid Roman ground, by Roman hands, with Roman will, it will prosper through the ages - no matter a zombie apocalypse or two.

-Consul Sparsdan

All able bodied men and women shall immediately enlist in the Roman Legionnaires and follow this Guide.
The Glorious Legionnaires

Quaestor Allinburg
Tribunus Apatosaurus
Tribunus Weatherwand
Primus Pilus Soap tips
Primus Pilus Narvatus
Centurio Alternamerica
Centurio Kiamai
Centurio Gufand
Centurio Europan Union

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Ministerial Elections Concludes
South Asians and Dongerland secured 100% Votes
The Ministerial Elections ended in the Free Nations Region. There were only two contested positions- the Minister of Culture Affairs and the Minister of Immigration. Rest of the positions had a single candidate running.
Here are the full results of the elections:-

Results of the Minister of Internal Affairs Elections
South Asians: 100% (19)


Abstain: 0.00 % (0)

Results of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Elections

Quiameth: 78.95 % (15)


Abstain: 21.05 % (4)

Results of the Minister of Defense Elections

Burgertopian Empire: 89.47 % (17)


Abstain: 10.53 % (2)

Results of the Minister of Culture Elections

Doctors Orvos: 94.74 % (18)

Alicetopia: 5.26% (1)


Abstain: 0.00 % (0)

Results of the Minister of Immigration Elections

Northern Celtic Regions: 78.95 % (15)

Islan Messh: 10.53% (2)


Abstain: 10.53% (2)

Results of the Roleplay Delegate Elections

Dongerland: 100.00% (6)


Abstain: 0.00% (0)

South Asians ran on a campaign to complete the Free Nations University project and Continue his work on the Free Nations University.

Northern Celtic Region promised to send recruitment telegrams to at least 120 nations every single day during his term. He also promised to hold monthly Recruitment Championships.

Doctors Orvos announced Stalengrave as his running mate in the Minister of Culture Elections and promised to hold Interregional Festivals, Game Sessions, Music Sessions, Questions of the Day, Community Events, Monthly Trivia, Reviving the writing room and start a DnD like character RP in the Free Nations Region in their election campaign.

Burgertopian Empire's plans included holding wargames and weekly training exercises for FNDA Agents. He also said he will conscript new members in the FNDA.

Dongerland and Quiameth didn't participate in any kind of public campaigns.

Training Liberation Successful
Liberation of Warzone Europe
Warzone Europe was successfully liberated as a part of a multilateral training exercise led by the League Defense Force with the assistance from Thaempirial Army, The Free Nations Defense Association, The South Pacific Special Forces and Royal Alvarez Militia.

RTF Commander, FNDA Special Agent and Former Minister of Defense Apatosaurus initially approached LDF Commander Quebecshire with the proposal to conduct a joint liberation op on Warzone Europe as the raiding coalition consisting of The North Pacific Army, The West Pacific Armed Forces, and The Black Hawks were occupying the warzone for the past four days. Raider's overconfidence that defenders won't liberate warzones made the operation much easier as no member of the defender coalition got ejected.

FNDA Personnels Involved
Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus II
Cadet Utkarsha

Allies Involved
League's Defense Force
Thaempirial Army
South Pacific Special Forces
Royal Alvarez Military

Liberations: 1

Massive Defender Coalition Crushes Griefing Raiders
Liberation of Trovons
All Records broke down as Defenders emerged victorious in a historic liberation that saw the participation of 115 liberators as opposed to 95 Raiders. This operation is regarded by some as the largest operation since the formation of the conventional R/D Gameplay.

Trovons is a region founded by Trovons aka Freedomanica. Freedomanica made the region's founder "non-executive". He later gave the reasoning behind this decision saying that he wanted to found a region where "democracy was often the national stereotype and was taken seriously especially when it came to the Delegacy as we are a gameplay-focused region...".

Raiders grabbed the opportunity with both hands and launched an invasion on Trovons. The Raiders were led by The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, Thaemperial Army and Lily. They were assisted in this invasion by other regions like Kantrias and Aurelius.

The Liberators commenced their siege efforts right away. The stakes were too high for the liberators as during their second siege attempt the Raiders banned Trovons, the native delegate who was assisting the defenders in an effort to liberate their region. The Raiders showed their intent to grief an unaligned Roleplay community just to prevent the liberators from winning. The actions of the raiders were widely condemned by the defender community in the Nationstates Gameplay Forums. One of the Organisations from the Invading Force the Thaempirial Army withdrew their forces from the operation due to an internal communication error. Thaecia's Minister of Defence consented for the griefing without reaching consensus with the rest of their military leadership.

After this incident, the defender faction decided to give their all to this operation. With commendable outreach work the defender community managed to put together a coalition of 24 organisations including the FNDA to liberate Trovons. Several regions who previously never participated in liberations came forward to assist the liberators in taking out the raiding forces from Trovons.

FNDA also showed their might by deploying a record-breaking 10 Agents throughout the course of this operation. Another Record that FNDA broke was the most number of Agents appearing in a single update by deploying 8 Agents during the final siege attempt that lead to the victory of the liberators. Minister of Defence Burgertopian Empire, RTF Commander Apatosaurus and Director South Asians played a vital role in the deployment of these Agents.

FNDA Personnels Involved
[FNDA] Special Agent South Asians
[FNDA] Operative Utkarsha
[FNDA] Operative Zazann
[FNDA] Cadet New Braveland
[FNDA] Cadet Stalengrave
[FNDA] Cadet Burgertopian Empire
[RTF] Agent Tigerania
[RTF] Agent Sielvenia

Other Liberating Forces Involved

00000 A World Power
10000 Islands
Anti-Fairy Pact
Dragon Knights of Aenaroth
European Union
The Free Nations Region
Imperial Japanese Navy
The League
The North Pacific
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Region That Has No Big Banks
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Asia
Warzone Sandbox
Assorted Mercenaries
Trovons Natives

Liberations: 1

Operation Pacifists of Tyranny Successful
Invasion of Army of Freedom
FNDA Agents and Anti-Fascist allies tasted victory against the Fash yet again as they mounted a successful invasion of the Army of Freedom. The Army of Freedom is the military region of the Republic of Conservative Nations, a region which is plagued by a myriad of OOC-Problematic Issues. The Region was initially raided by The Union Of Great Onionist Nations but they encountered resistance from Fascist Militants. Anti-Fascist allies gathered their troops within 4 hours and retaliated against the Fascists. After we retook the region from the Fash, Union Of Great Onionist Nations joined us to assist in piling efforts. This operation was named as the "Operation Pacifists of Tyranny" by Quebecshire, the antonym of the name of the region we raided.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus II
Operative Utkarsha

Pilers Involved: 7

[RTF] Officer Burgertopian Empire
[RTF] Agent Islan Messh
[RTF] Agent Holzanien
[RTF] Agent Tigerania
[FNDA] Cadet New Braveland
[FNDA] Cadet The 14 Stars
[FNDA] Cadet Stalengrave

Allies Involved

The League's Defense Forces
Legio Pacifica
The Order of the Grey Wardens
Thaempirial Army
The West Pacific Armed Forces
and Mercenaries

Fash Bash: 1

The East Pacific Delegate Elections
Albrook Emerged Victorious

Flag of Albrook
Albrook was elected as the new Delegate of The East Pacific. 10 Citizens announced their candidacies for these elections out of which only 3 candidates ran serious campaigns. Those 3 Candidates were YSG Hermitcraft, Albrook and Eastern Alksearia. At the end Albrook won the elections by getting 50% of the votes. Aivintis who ran a joke campaign got 19% of the votes followed by Eastern Alksearia with 11% votes. The 7 other candidates got the remaining 20% votes. More information about this election can be found in the EPNS October Issue
The Liberty Gala 2021
Ikania wins DefenderVision

DefenferVision Logo
The annual Liberty Gala event concluded on a successful note. The Nine-Day long event had various .io games, Defender Wargames, Movie Watch Party and the DefenderVision song contest.

This year's DefenderVision song contest was won by Ikania with their entry Link"We didn't break the server"" that got 222 points. The song was based on Billy Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire" and the lyrics described a summarized version of the NSGP History. Ikania's entry also won the "Crowd Favorite Award".

The duo of Miravana and FiHami were the runner-ups with their submission Link"Somebody to Raid" that got 124 points. This song was based on The Queen's "Somebody to Love". The same song that they previously submitted in the RaiderVision as well. The lyrics describe the difficulties encountered by the raiders in finding somebody to raid. The lyrics also show how the raiders lament the criticisms that they receive for raiding.

The trio of Minskiev, Quebecshire and Bobberino won the third prize with their song Link"Coping Time" that got 118 points. Coping Time is a song dedicated to one of the most used words in the Nationstates Gameplay in recent times that's "cope". The song depicts the snarkiness shown in the Nationstates Gameplay community on a daily basis.

In Other News....
The West Pacific and Lone Wolves United signs a treaty

The "Treaty of Pirates' Den" was signed between The West Pacific and Lone Wolves United.
The treaty didn't come as a surprise because The West Pacific Armed Forces and Lone Wolves United are regularly participating in raids together for a long period of time. The Treaty covered a wide range of topics like Mutual Defense, Cultural Agreements, Diplomatic Relations, Intelligence and Military Cooperation.

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact South Asians via telegram or Discord (Warrior#0528) and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.

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