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URA 2nd Anniversary Festival

URA 2nd Anniversary Festival event schedule

It's that time of year again for the URA Anniversary Festival where we celebrate the continuation of the alliance with the whole of Nationstates. This event is open to the public and will be hosted on the URA Discord server you can join LinkHere. This year the festival will be a 4-day event with giveaways, games, presentations, and the induction of the first URA Hall of Fame class as well! The event runs from November 18th-21! Come celebrate with us and have some fun!

November 18th

Open Ceremony- Speech by URA Founder Ellenburg 7am US EST.

RP event kickoff-

Anniversary Roleplay Rules

This November, United Regions Alliance is celebrating its second anniversary since its founding. As part of the fabulous celebrations arranged by the Alliance Founder and Cultural department, we would like to introduce you to the Character Roleplay Event!

As the name suggests, you would be roleplaying as a person in the situation given. You could mingle with other people out in the situation and find solutions. You will have to roleplay as a member of the army of Lamont trying to survive the siege. Wellsenfaile would play the role of Fisca.


It's winter at Lamont castle, and it's been a very eventful winter. The tribesmen from the neighbouring country of Fisca have sieged Lamont, and it's not just a simple raid, the Fisca tribesmen are planning to invade all of Arasca.

The castle only has 65 soldiers, while there are around 125 men who have sieged that castle. Lamont can only last for 2 more days before it surrenders, and when that happens, Fisca will control the castle and be able to send their men to invade Arasca.

It's a matter of days before Lamont falls to Fisca, can the soldiers at Lamont be able to stop Fisca?


1. Do not do Godmodding
2. Do not do Metagaming
3. Be Realistic
4. Keep your roleplays PG-13
5. Keep your weapons around the 12th-century tech level.

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Epic Card giveaways daily brought to by URACO

Trivia will be run a few times a day throughout the event

Kickoff of our URA Banner contest:

URA Banner contest

For the banner contest, we want you to create a banner for the URA home region. Here are some of the rules

-Make sure it is appropriate and SFW

-Make it something URA-related

-Get creative and create a banner for the URA.

-Entries open on the 18th of November

-Entries close 21st November

Authored by Wellsenfaile

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November 19th

President Noble Titans Presentation on "How to best utilize your URA membership" afternoon US time

URA Hall of Fame induction ceremony hosted by Ellenburg and Socialist Platypus at 5:30 pm US EST. All Hall of Fame nominees should try to be present at this time.

November 20th

URA regions tour- Hosted by Azellenburg - Morning/Mid-day US time

Presentation by Giovanniland/The West Pacific- "Trading Cards, its community, and relation with regions and their governments" 1pm US EST.

November 21st

World Assembly Round table discussion at 10 am US EST featuring:

Ellenburg/Free Azell- URA Founder and Former Delegate of Conch Kingdom and Autropolis

Chunga chunga chunga- Head of World Assembly Affairs for URA and Former Delegate of The Great Experiment current member of Mariner Trench

TESDAI- Current URA Director of Internal Affairs and current Delegate of Lands End

Boston Castle - Director of World Assembly Affairs for The North Pacific

Giovanniland - Guardian of the West/Card Czar for The West Pacific

Echoslavia/Indusse - Current URA Director of Cultural Affairs as well as Current Delegate of Autropolis and Former Delegate of India

RP Event concludes:

Banner contest winner announced

Final Card giveaway: Legendary Card - Season 2-Legendary-Jakker card

Closing Ceremony speech by URA President Noble Titans