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Marxist-Leninist Reading Resources

I just composed a list of works for those interested in Marxism-Leninism and looking for stuff to read.

Principles of Communism, Engels 1847

Anti-Duhring, Engels 1877

On Authority, Engels 1872

Wage-Labour and Capital, Marx 1847

Elementary Economics in Simple Language, Keracher 1935 (Note: the social context by which Keracher uses "state capitalism" and his condemnation thereof relates to industrial societies; this is not necessarily a condemnation of Lenin's 1917-18 State Capitalist policies within their social context.)

The Civil War in France, Marx 1871

The State and Revolution, Lenin 1917

Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism, Lenin 1916

What is to be Done?, Lenin 1901

Anarchism or Socialism?, Stalin 1906

Dialectical and Historical Materialism, Stalin 1938

Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, Stalin 1951

Marxism and the National Question, Stalin 1913 (Pairs well with Lenin's works on imperialism, I feel)

On Contradiction, Mao 1937

On Practice, Mao 1937

The German Ideology, Marx + Engels 1846