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Our [Democratic World Republic] is founded upon a non-partisan mode of governance where the power is held by the people and their elected officials through a [Direct Democracy]. The purpose of such was for the democratisation of the economy, material conditions, policy decision-making and distribution management of our Proletariat Union by a council of temporary and instantly revocable delegates known as [Public Servants]. Workers' Councils elect public servants into a higher position to pursue their mandates until the entire industrial system is run by public servants. [Proposals] are dialectically analysed with other public servants, in consultation with the base population via referendum, and if ratified become [Resolutions]. It is by definition an organic democracy, and difference of opinion along with freedom of discussion is permitted, so long as it does not cross into revisionism which would result in an all-but-certain possibility of impeachment.

Votes translate linearly to [Elected Representation], with no seats or electoral college. Our public servants are elected through direct vote after demonstrating consistent technical expertise, and an ability to apply knowledge into practice and devising suitable, relevant strategies. Public servants are accountable to their electors and bound to the civic duty of carrying out the electors' imperatives. This ensures that the workers are able to direct their own agendas and determine their own needs in accordance with the Harmony Principle of All-Unionist Theory: "Each decision takes into account a proletariats abilities, the results to minimize all suffering first." Groups of public servants in turn elevate a public servant among their ranks into a higher position via election to pursue their mandates until delegates are running the entirety of the industrial system.

[Democratic Centralism] entails a society wherein public servants are directly elected by the people into all administrative levels of government. A proletariat society is one universal party, a [All-Union] whose members is the population as a whole; everyone has the ability for decision-making potential as guaranteed by [Universal Suffrage]. The people self-administrate themselves through the [Voluntary Association] of constituent local republics. This system sufficiently empowers workers and preserves civic freedom with the atrophy of the state, substantially delegating self-rule, self-management, and collective control over the means of production and distribution to Worker and Village Councils on the local/municipal level.

Defending our [Permanent Revolution] is a glorious Proletariat' Liberation Army of courageous men, women and tactical dolls prepared at all times to defend the people and their revolution from all foreign and internal threats. Following [Worldwide Unification], conscription policy was replaced with voluntary membership. As a professional armed fighting force, we value a military of ethical integrity. Women are permitted into our ranks and treated equally, sexual discrimination is heavily frowned upon in the service, and people of all backgrounds can volunteer for the people's army.

We strive for an All-Unionist society that will no longer require coercion through judiciary law to induce individuals to behave in a way that benefits the entire society. The concentration of authority has atrophied back to the collective via means of horizontal networks of directly elected Worker Councils, facilitating the preliminary steps towards the [Withering of the State]. [Socialization of Society] has eliminated hierarchical division of social class and the means of production have no single ownership: rather there is common ownership without the need of a state middleman as observed in Socialist models utilizing a Vanguard One-Party state.

The politicization of civil society through a cultural revolution was a logical step in achieving such a reality— enforcing socialist norms and rooting out traditions that can lead to revisionist thought or outright dissent; causing instability to arise due to conflict in interests. By abolishing the business-profit model itself, which itself is tied to the commodity form – you eliminate either of them, and the other will wither away like a cut flower, for they are really two sides of the same coin. The goal of All-Unionism is not truly mere abundance, but guaranteed abundance to the point where labour itself becomes a null factor. This benefits us by reconciling the individual ego (individual freedom) with the common interests of the societal superstructures.

Direct Democracy gives us the added benefit of granting representation unto all Proletariat under their national identity through education and language reforms; engendering tolerance, inclusivity and multiculturalism. Utilizing public holidays, rebellious youth, fraternizing a common national history and identity, and compulsory language classes, we can build [Racial Harmony] and celebrate the diversity of our species. [Diversity Quotas] are also enabled for cooperatives, forcing them to hire more people from ethnic backgrounds that have the same qualifications, easing racial tensions and making companies a place of equal opportunity; diverse companies are a happy and healthy company.

Our government faces a monumental task in trying to provide free housing, free medical, free education and on top of this; strong welfare and social services adequate to meet the basic needs of the immense number of Proletariats spread over our vast planet. The government budget runs on generating the energy necessary for the selling of goods and services. Electricity from the budget is allocated to collective expenditures, including the construction of the housing. The consumption of society is accounted for using Energy Credits, which is taxed by the government for the funding of various social edicts and legal policies.

Electors set up public imperatives that delegates must strive to carry out to their fullest ability. Delegates meet these mandates through initiatives, which are plans or strategies. Initiatives often arise out of a need to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation.

The [Global Ecology and Wildlife Association] is an international program of ethical natural resource use, allocation, and protection. By promoting the stewardship of the country's natural resources in a sustainable way, we can benefit from maintaining or improving the environment. Short term gain is eschewed in favour of preserving the natural world for generations to come. The GEWA leads the way in combatting illegal game hunting, climate change adaption and wasteland reclamation efforts.

Our world is increasingly connected by strong and reliable networks of various public transportation options. High-speed rail is ubiquitous and by being used everywhere, slow trains chugging along at mediocre speeds are a figment of the past. We can benefit from an interconnected world, free of imaginary border restrictions.

Education is vital. Without science, engineers cannot reliably construct bridges and great people's halls. Without mathematics, we would not be able to overcome fundamental calculation issues surrounding the equal distribution of our abundant resources. Spreading awareness of good health and learning languages would also be similarly inefficient to teach on a large scale without reliable institutions.

The daily singing of a Link[National Anthem], Link[International Anthem] and reciting of a pledge are compulsory in schools and youth organizations. Furthermore, these anthems are also played at the start of every government news broadcast to promote patriotism for our country.

International Anthem

Arise, those who refuse to be bond-slaves!
Arise, those berated and oppressed,
Don't cling so hard to your possessions,
For you have nothing if you have no rights!
Away with all your superstitions,
Servile masses, arise, arise!
Freedom is merely privilege extended,
Unless enjoyed by one and all.
So comrades, come rally,
For the struggle carries on,
All-Union of the Working Man,
Yan's teachings unite us all,
So comrades, come rally,
As this is the time and place!
The Egalitarian ideal,
Unites the human race.

No god, no king, nor chosen hero,
Is capable of redeeming us all,
Only through our own hands,
Can emancipation be achieved!
In order to snap and break our chains,
To end both racism and slavery,
They must feel the power of a raging fist,
And the fire of our soul!

So comrades, come rally,
For the struggle carries on,
All-Union of the Working Man,
Yan's teachings unite us all,
So comrades, come rally,
As this is the time and place!
The Egalitarian ideal,
Unites the human race.

Who is the cultivator of the world?
Only us, the toilers in fields and factories,
Everything is entitled to the producer,
There is no place for selfish parasites,
How much hot blood of ours we have bled,
Victims of a cruel and evil monster.
If it is someday fully killed,
A red sun will shine all over the tri-continents!

So comrades, come rally,
For the struggle carries on,
All-Union of the Working Man,
Yan's teachings unite us all,
So comrades, come rally,
As this is the time and place!
The Egalitarian ideal,
Unites the human race

Pledge of Allegience

We are the flowers of Yan,
Who embrace the age of youth;
We are the rising sun,
Who ignites the future with life.
The torch of Yan's Revolution,
Aroused the awakening of the Proletariat.
A magnificent career,
Inspires us to carry on the future.

Public Healthcare that is both [Free] and [Universal] for all services lets us benefit from added social security, quality of life improvements and a general rise in productivity that comes with assured access to healthcare to the residents of our world. But as our past has shown us, universality itself was a challenge to achieve within a post-war world. There are those old enough who still remember the swamped hospitals and clinics, whose beds were overloaded beyond capacity by people suffering from incurable ailments. To add salt to injury, the high-tech laboratories that were necessary to synthesize important pharmaceutical drugs, most of them were reduced to radioactive rubble by the bombs. [Field Hospital Conversion] and [Mass Graves] were all but necessary during those dark times. Eventually, the first 25-Year Plan was drafted, including the critical need for functioning hospitals, emergency health centres and community clinics along with training the qualified medical workers to staff them.

Eventually, in 42 AAY researchers within the [Science Cities] was able to suppress off-target mutations and [CRISPR Gene Therapy] became viable. This procedure revolutionized healthcare, it became possible to attack the DNA of malignant tumours using Cas9 enzymes. With no profit motive stopping the production of this treatment, the procedure was disseminated across the Proletariat Union. [Frontier Gene-Clinics] were established for the treatment of previously incurable chronic illnesses like cancer among the isolated populations living within frontier communes, greatly improving the living standards of rural locales. The health of the Erudian populace has improved considerably since 42 AAY. Average life expectancy has increased by about three decades and presently ranks at the level equal to pre-war industrial societies. Many communicable diseases, such as plague, smallpox, cholera, and typhus, have either been wiped out or brought under control. In addition, the incidences of malaria and schistosomiasis have declined dramatically since 42 AAY, and presently the Global Health Organization declared that malaria had been eliminated from the continent of Orienisia as a part of our 50-Year Plan for Post-Scarcity Living.

Welfare resources are heavily concentrated in the urban areas, while the responsibility for welfare in rural areas are left to the semi-autonomous Villager Councils. There is a social contract to support the disadvantaged margins of society. However, unemployed individuals are typically taken care of by their working relatives and all Erudian citizens have a legal obligation to care for their elderly parents. There is a small number of retirement homes for the elderly who have no children or other relatives to support them. Additionally, [Emergency Response Taskforces] exist for the coordination of civil evacuation and natural disaster relief.

After the [Resolution for Womens' Equity] was passed in 52 AAY by the 51st Session of the Supreme Congress, women are legally entitled to receiving paid leave from employment for childbirth in the form of a supplementary bonus added on-top of their [Universal Basic Income]. Historically, the status of women has been relegated to one of submission, we will uproot the paradigm if it means liberating our mothers and single women from the yoke of unjust praxi.

Our elderly were worked to the bone. Unchecked progress was the only way we would climb out the pit of post-war cruelties. However, in today's society with the [Social Safety-Net Resolution] having been ratified thirty-four years ago, that is no longer the case. While retirement is an optional circumstance that you can file for, doing so and passing basic legal requirements will entitle you to the [Pension Dividend] added on top of the pre-existing UBI. When your body begins to slow down after a long life of hard labour, we believe you to have the right to keep living life how you want it to be.

Not one worker needs to be homeless or jobless, we believe that the reduction of society's suffering lies in collective productivity. Legally, all residents are to be allotted their own apartment within a Yan-ui jib as a part of the [Urban Stewardship Initiative]. Sure, waiting times may be experienced but rest assured, with enough patience you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a home without the worry of paying any landlord a single credit. Construction Collectives, pay for the concrete, bricks, glass and metal, and the labour costs from architects to construction workers through government grants. Therefore, you have to pay for every [Yan-ui jib] (Yan's Apartment Building) that you inhabit before moving into public housing units that you can live within indefinitely, free of rent.

Youth support services, relationship counselling, suicide hotlines and all the sort. For those who need help, we provide you with the necessary people, and it's okay to reach out for help. Sometimes, talking to a stranger can be the best therapy. The [One Call Away] was passed by Secretariat Kim Dokja as a part of an initiative to stamp out rising mental health problems and at the same time, create more jobs within a digital, increasingly automated workplace. Our people are entitled to basic rights, which includes the right to support and guidance. With enough time, the incremental streamlining of the process will lead to greater quality of service for our Proletariat in mental and emotional needs.