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by The Sayoko Soyjack of Unified Communist Councils. . 28 reads.


The [Hyper-connectivity] of technology is everywhere and inescapable. Within the kitchen fridges, the living room televisions, our smartphones, to miniature sensors within every activity-based production line, strata of vertical farm and digital business processes. Industrial smartening via the [Interweb of Things] marks the transition from the analogue and manually-driven economy to a faster, digital and automated economy. The elimination of physical currency means that all our transactions are stored and traceable through, and therefore can be analysed by some algorithm. The use of interweb cookies records essential consumer information pertaining to products and service consumption. Light-speed [Photonic Integrated Circuits] and fibre-optics reduce network latency immensely, reducing bandwidth issues that may give rise to delayed, inaccurate or even irrelevant information. [Scaracity Considerations] has been removed from the distributive equation, the resources of society are mobilized in concert to the fulfilment of guaranteed abundance baselines by a [Cybernetic Decision-Support System] affectionately named "Seibayuri" by its parental team. Goods, services and materials are all distributed in accordance with a population's needs through a real-time algedonic feedback mechanism based on cloud servers.

Seibayuri carries out its delegated responsibilities, but alas Bad actors have tried hacking the Cybernetic Decision-Support System to various degrees of success; specifically attacking the cloud networks it is connected to. Terrorist organizations and freelance hackers often launch organized distributed denial-of-service attacks by overloading the request capacity of key data centres. The most infamous attack against Seibayuri was carried out in 74 AAY by the [Grug Wonsungi], an organized Anti-AI Primitivist terrorist group responsible for preventing access to key government networks for a 7-Hour economic stand-still. Delivery requests were not processed and up to forty giga-watts of industrial productivity loss was incurred. The attack severely impacted the medical care sector the most, patients in intensive care did not receive life-saving drugs essential for their recovery, leading to the indirect death of 7,000 people. Other methods of cyberattacks include the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities in the networks, data corruption by malware infections, and hackers using backdoor access to commit identity theft for political or personal means. Interweb Security Co-Operatives and Worker Councils of Network Security engineers are never out of business these days, and many employ armies of white-hat hackers to constantly discover exploits and stay ahead of the curve. The most significant counter-measure to these attacks, devised as of recent, is the [Project Sanctifier] spearheaded by the NetSec Syndicate; envisioning the inception of a smart [Antivirus A.I Program] as a logical evolution to cloud-based heuristic analysis. Equipped with self-learning and growth, it uses machine learning and discrimination to detect, analyze and neutralize malicious code; providing Seibayuri with active security.

Money is an outdated relic of a more primitive past. A quintessential aspect of the All-Unionist Sutras is the stipulation that the commodity form is to be abolished and instead of earning and accumulating wealth, all goods and financial transactions are valued based on the national net energy budget. The [Board of Energy] utilize Seibayuri to plan the economy, a state-of-the-art quantum supercomputer AI for the computation of the worldwide expenditure of energy. [Energy Certificates] based on the values determined by the national net energy budget, record the number of joules expended during the supplier-consumer pathway of a good or service as analyzed by ABC costing principles. Inflation and deflation of energy are non-existent as energy, much like gold in the gold standard system, is a fixed quantitative value of how much 1 joule of work can be done over the span of a minute. Rather than measuring economic growth through the rise of GDP graph lines, the needs of society are gauged through the consumption of energy, so prosperity is intrinsically related to the availability of energy for you to do work. Costs of vertical and controlled environment agriculture have come down greatly, due to a shift of our economy's domination by fossil fuels as energy sources to ones of a mix of nuclear fission power and renewables to the extent of for all practical purposes eliminating fossil fuels in power generation.

Nuclear fission and renewables are varyingly extremely efficient or limitlessly abundant, and much less pollutive than fossil fuels are, while not emitting greenhouses gases. This makes them objectively much better, and their combined efficiency and abundance once their infrastructure is set up makes their running much lower than fossil fuels, which also makes them objectively much better than fossil fuels. Having nuclear power and renewables grids supply the energy to operate vertical and other controlled environment farms, greatly bringing down the costs of their operations, enabling the provision of water, light, nutrients etc to crops grown within such locations very economically.

The growth of vertical farms has resulted in a shift of arable land away from open-air locations, to buildings that take up much less ground surface area than open-air locations, allowing for the reestablishment of wildernesses and ecological improvements in former open-air arable land.

Our goal isn't to beat markets at their own game, instead, the economy is revolutionized into a huge [Holistic Network] where each node of the network is a human brain participating as either producers or consumers. In this system, economic equality is achieved by the abolition of the money system. There is no need for money. Democratic workplaces can coordinate with other Workers' Councils and answer the needs of the community through direct industrial action. Instead of prices, things and services will be priced in accordance with the activities necessary for the desired ends to be actualized. With modern-day computers, high-speed internet and satellite communication, it isn't too difficult to get up-to-date figures on the labour cost of each input in relation to the production process. For the necessary aspects of holistic coordination and a transparent economy, we will turn to the free association to grant every person within the local community a say in their self-determination. Larger-scale cooperation would take place within local [Labour Exchange]; public forums for mutual aid, education, and self-organization amongst their members. When all the producers were thus linked together by the labour exchange, its administrationóconsisting of a Workers' Council of directly-elected delegatesówould be able to estimate the capacities and necessities of the region, could coordinate production, and, communicate with other labour exchanges in the industrial system as a whole, could arrange for the necessary transfer of materials and commodities, inward and outward. Data obtained from the point-of-sales of businesses coop are collected by local Worker Councils, and thus the system benefits from being able to predict capacities and management costs, combined with online consumer feedback and required spendings data. Big data and information transparency enable us to calculate the required production objectives for the [25 and 50 Year Plans].