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VoidNews incident

VoidNews incident

"Voidstania Weekly" of 5 November 2021


8 November 2021 – 14 November 2021
(7 days)


The Communist Bloc


Brezzian-Voidstanian agreement

The "VoidNews incident" is an expression used by the Brezzian press to describe an episode of the political crisis elapsed between Brezzia and Kingdom of Voidstania. On November 8, 2021, Voidstania imposed an embargo against Brezzia that lasted 2 days.


During Z-Day 10

During the Zombie Apocalypse of 30 and 31 November 2021, The Communist Bloc did not develop a common strategy. Nations split into ideologically opposed groups, and those who decided to resist the zombification were targeted by waves of undead from the Zombie Empires. Shortly before the start of the catastrophe, the Council of Commissars of Brezzia released its provisions regarding the confrontation of the zombie threat.[1] Other bulletins were released by the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of Brezzia and by the Brezzian Red Guard.[2, 3]

In order to coordinate efforts against the Zombie Empires, Voidstania suggested the formation of a military alliance, the Anti-Zombie Pact (AZP) and recognized the work of the Brezzian Red Guard in identifying warring parties during the period of chaos.[4, 5] In these phases of the conflict, the Brezzian Red Guard discovered the double game of Arsa, who had recently declared its intention to join the Anti-Zombie Pact, and helped other nations in need.[6, 7, 8] All this happened before the official foundation of the AZP.[9] After Arsa officially embraced the Zombist ideology, the Brezzian Red Guard decisively contributed to the defeat of Arsa and its puppet Yathis.[10, 11, 12, 13, 14] Voidstania quickly tried to attribute the victory against Yathis only to the now called Anti Zombie Alliance (AZA); Voidstania has denied this attribution.[15, 46]

After the victories, Brezzia suffered attacks from Radicalania, which was courted by the Zombie Empires and made dubious claims about its war strategy.[16, 17, 18] Voidstania tried to calm the fighting, but Radicalandia continued to attack Brezzia and doubts arose among the AZA members.[19, 20] A confusion arose about the supposed membership of the AZA of Brezzia, which did not join any alliance during the conflict, and Voidstania tried to help Radicalania from the AZA members themselves.[21, 22, 23] While Brezzia was undergoing a cross-attack from Radicalanian bullets and the fangs of the Zombie Empires, Voidstania was still trying in vain to recruit Radicalania into the AZA.[24, 25, 26, 27]

Brezzia ceased its operations abroad, while the AZA continued its activities in total resignation.[28, 29, 30] Voidstania has stated that Voidstanian resignation was a ploy ment to confuse Zombie Empires.[46]

Voidstanian historical reconstruction

On November 5, a document concerning the work of the AZA during Z-Day 10 was published in Voidstania.[31] The Council of Commissars of Brezzia responded to this document with a press release on the same day, in which it contested the veracity of the Voidstanian historical reconstruction.[32] Voidstania confirmed its positions and expressed critical considerations regarding the activity of the Brezzian Red Guard on Z-Day.[33]


VoidNews and first negotiation

On November 8, the newspaper "Voidstania Weekly" dated November 5 was distributed internationally.[34] The Brezzian Foreign Commissar issued an ordinance in which he expressed condemnation of the newspaper and summoned the Voidstanian Ambassador to clarify the position of the government of the kingdom.[35] Voidstania then communicated its willingness to negotiate on the matter.[36]

The plenipotentiaries of the two nations met in the Brezzian capital, Nova Sybaris, but the negotiations ended in failure.[37] The Brezzian CommEst issued ordinances that has suspended diplomatic relations with Voidstania and has expelled the leader of the Voidstanian delegation for negotiations; these ordinances were not published to avoid scandal.[38]

Voidstanian Embargo

Also on November 8, Voidstania announced an embargo against Brezzia accusing it of wanting to destroy the AZA and called on AZA members to do the same.[39] Encouraged by the fact that Voidstania is not a major business partner of Brezzia in Mining and Timber Woodchipping Industries, the Brezzian authorities decided to ignore further provocations.[40]

On November 9, The People's Socialist Republic of Bamana strongly condemned the embargo on Brezzia imposed by Voidstania and, following contacts between Bamanese Department of International Affairs and Brezzian CommEst, decided to support Brezzia with humanitarian aid, calling for a pacification.[41, 42, 43]

The historians of the University of Macondo, in the Brezzian region of Marx, published a review of the events involving Brezzia and Voidstania.[44] Voidstania contested the reconstruction of the Brezzian historians and confirmed its allegations against Brezzia for the breakdowns of its relations with Radicalania.[45] The Sayoko Soyjack of Unified Communist Councils considered accountable for their miscommunication the leaders of the two nations.[46] The CommEst issued a communiqué to the TCB nations, in which it listed its requests and declared its willingness to negotiate in a third country.[47]

On November 10, the Ministry of Voidstanian Foreign Affairs released a document in which it expressed willingness to comply with some of Brezzian requests and accepted to negotiate in a third country.[48] The United Revolutionary States of Janpia suggested Brezzia and the Kingdom of Voidstania to hold another rounds of diplomatic talks and declared its neutrality.[49]

Second negotiation

Also on November 10, Bamanese Department of International Affairs proposed its capital Sienlieng to host a second round of negotiations.[50] Voidstania accepted Bamanan proposal, while Brezzia requested the end to the embargo before proceeding to the meetings.[51, 52] Voidstania refused to lift the embargo, leading Bamana to request Voidstania to temporarily lift the embargo in order to continue the diplomatic negotiations.[53, 54] Brezzia refused to initiate the negotiations while undergoing the embargo or during its temporarily suspension.[55] Despite internal divisions, Voidstania lifted the embargo against Brezzia.[56] Unified Communist Councils applauded the new negotiations and has transferred up to 1, 000,000 tonnes of consumer goods and heavy industrial equipment to Brezzia.[57]

On November 11, the plenipotentiaries of Brezzia and Voidstania met in Sienlieng, the capital of Bamana, to try a second negotiation.[37] During the negotiations, a new issue of the newspaper "Voidstania News" containing the correction of the contents published on November 5th was internationally released.[58] On November 14th, the two nations reached an agreement.[59, 63]


Voidstania made the first of six payments of 1 million voidan (about 125,000 tarì) to Brezzia and changed its national historiography.[60, 63] Brezzia sent a new Ambassador to Voidstania and was invited as an international observer in the subsequent Banamese elections.[61, 62] Voidstania has seen an increase in the spread of anti-Brezzian nationalistic ideas, culminating in the attempted murder of a Voidstan senator.[64]


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