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All Tertanian RMB Characters

Jameson King

Former Tertanian president. Loved by most people... or so the official polls said. Assassinated and superseded by Jaedan Maxwell.


Jaedan Maxwell

Former Minister of Defence. Became the president after Jameson King's assassination.



A Tertanian admiral.



A Tertanian general.


Commander Burke

A Kyratean soldier.


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Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"He's waking up."


Elisa and Adam King were sitting alongside their son, Jameson, in a private hospital sat in a chilly forest in the north of Tertania. Jameson's son, Martin, was also alongside them. They had rushed here after the doctors told them that Jameson had awoken from his coma. "What happened?" Were Jameson's first words.

"No-one really knows, son. It was listed as a 'mysterious cause'." Adam, his father, replied.

Jameson looked ahead and took a long moment to respond. "Probably poison," he suggested, likely not thinking clearly.

"Poison? Why... why would you suggest that?" Elisa asked. She had her hand on Jameson's for a bit of comfort.

"He was at a massive feast just days before." Adam answered. "Told him he shouldn't have we-"

"Adam!" Elisa reprimanded. She gave him a glance before looking back at Jameson. "Don't worry.. we'll find out what happened to you in no-time."


Several days passed. Jameson was now well enough to leave the hospital. He resided in his 'holiday home' deep within the Tertanian wilderness. "So, what's happened while I was out?"

"Quite a lot," Greenwood, who was Jameson's closest advisor, replied. "Hilarch's messed everything up."

"Why do you say that?" Jameson asked as he took a sip of his water. He looked out a large glass pane to see a large lake, with a mountain off in the distance. Everything was covered in snow.

"He never bothered to deal with any issues the country had for a month or two, so everything bad has skyrocketed, and everything good has plummeted. The Supreme Council didn't bother to get him out of power, either. The most worrying were probably the revolutions in our puppet states."

Jameson set his glass down and stood up. "I'll deal with this personall-"

"President, you can't!" The nurse alongside them shouted. "You're not well enough!"

The hard glare Jameson gave her was probably enough. "I don't care. Hilarch needs to go." He looked back towards Greenwood. "Have Hilarch escorted out of office and brought to the Midnight Facility."

Greenwood nodded in agreement. Both of them knew what that meant, and Hilarch also would as the guards entered his office. Before Greenwood walked out, Jameson said one last thing. "And get me a report on what's been happening in the CCD. I want to know about it all."


Jameson entered the dark holding cell where Hilarch had been tied up. He was standing on a stool with metal chains holding his arms outstretched. Jameson nodded and the guard alongside him fired water from a hose right into Hilarch, waking him immediately.

"You dirty rat." Jameson began. "You've let this country go to ruins!"

"Can the same not be said for you, Jameson? I was honestly surprised the entire country didn't revolt when you were in power."

"Why did you do this?" Jameson asked.

Hilarch chuckled. "Don't you remember where I'm from? Tertania will burn, Jameson. Long live Kyrateh."

"No, no, no!" Jameson shouted. Another guard burst through the door.

"President, we're reporting several nuclear launches from our own sites!" The guard reported.

"Can you not use the abort codes?!" Jameson quickly responded.

"Our technicians are working on that right now, President! They're headed for our military installations and other population centres!"

Jameson took a long moment to respond. "Do your damn best to get those missiles out of the sky." The guard nodded and ran out.

Hilarch chuckled from behind. Before he could say anything, Jameson pulled out his pistol and put 6 bullets right through Hilarch's head. "Dispose of the body," Jameson ordered. He holstered his pistol and walked out of the holding cell. Destination: the hidden military installation in the Morthor mountain range.

Hail the Confederation!

(OOC: I'm back! I haven't really bothered to read through the RMB or anything else, so I don't really know what's happening... sorry. If there's a major event going on, please tell me and I'll delay what I'm doing here.


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War



"How did you get here so quickly?" General Monaghan asked. He stood in the 'War Room', overlooking everyone else. The room was in a panic, as there was a nuclear warhead shot at Isonphis. They were scrambling to disable it, and for some reason, the codes didn't disarm it as soon as they wanted...

"By a helicopter...?" Jameson answered. He walked up next to Monaghan and glanced around the room. "Are we close to getting it out of the sky?"

"... to be honest, I really have no idea." Monaghan answered. Jameson glared at him.

"How don't you?"

"It's kin-" They were interrupted by the door into the room being blown off its hinges. Before they could react, the guards in the room were all shot dead. Monaghan and Jameson dove to the ground, hoping for their bodyguards to do something: unluckily, their bodyguards were mowed down. As things quietened down - mostly as all of the people in the room were shot - Jameson and Monaghan heard an angry shout.

"No, dammit! How did they get them down?!" Someone - presumably the enemy commander - shouted.

"We were just too late, sir. All is not lost, though: we've gained control of their war room." Another assured the commander. Monaghan and Jameson stared at each other, both thinking about what was going to happen to the country now. The enemy commander took a long moment to respond.

"Was their president not supposed to be here? Search the base from top to bottom, now!" The commander ordered. Running was heard as soldiers scrambled to search everything, but more worryingly were the footsteps that were approaching Jameson and Monaghan. Just as whoever was walking to them rounded the corner around the console, Jameson scrambled for a pistol and unloaded his magazine toward whoever it was...

... and every shot missed. The pistol got kicked out of his hand as the enemy soldier alerted their commander to the President's presence. More guards came running inside to detain them, and they were shown to the commander. Monaghan was the first to speak. "Who the hell are you?!"

"Usually, I'd say it's none of your business," he calmly responded. "Just call me Commander Burke. That's really all you need to know - apart from the fact that we're going to conquer this country in the coming days."

Jameson chuckled. "Kyrate will never. We've been predicting this for ages," he lied, "and you're all going to die." Burke glared at him for a few seconds, before punching him in the face.

"Bring them to 'Broadcast'." Burke ordered. Jameson and Monaghan were towed away and were probably going to be seen reading from some paper and outlining the terms of surrender.


"We've lost our president and top general," Admiral Vaughan sighed to himself. He was sat in his office aboard the TNS Throne of Isonphis, which was the navy's flagship. Vaughan was essentially in control now. He looked up towards two other officers sitting in-front of him. "What's the report looking like?"

"Well, it's been two hours since the invasion. We don't know if the President or Monaghan have been brought elsewhere, or are being kept there. More worrying, however, is this..." He slid Vaughan a document. Several satellite images, along with reports, confirmed Vaughan's worst fears: the west of Tertania had been more-or-less entirely taken. "The TNS Ancenton and Estralas have also been sunk." Vaughan loved his country, and also loved his ships. He stared down at the paper and thought of a response.

"Send a request for help to the rest of the Confederation. How did Kyrate even get this powerful?" He asked, not expecting a response. "Have our armies focus on protecting major strategic areas while we wait for support. Have the fleet on high alert: don't let any submarines slip anywhere close enough to damage this vessel." Vaughan gulped. "You're both dismissed." The two officers stood up, saluted, and walked out. A few years ago, Vaughan probably would have prayed for the help to come, but since religion had essentially been outlawed, he decided to just cross his fingers.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

Following a joint-agreement between Admiral Vaughan and Commander Burke, the war has been postponed for one day. Soldiers are welcome to engage in recreational activities, such as football with the enemy. Weapon warheads will be refitted with presents and we will deliver joy to the globe... or at least the frontlines.

OOC: I guess Christmas wasn't the best time to start it! I'll wait until sometime after Christmas. Apart from that, Merry Christmas!

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Back to business then, eh?"


Vaughan was again sitting at his desk. There was a small Christmas tree in the corner, which in its current state looked very depressing. There was a mug of hot tea on the desk, which Vaughan took sips of every once in a while. The same two officers arrived, again bringing a report for Vaughan to read. "So, what's included in this one?" He asked.

"Well, sir... it's just general news from the war, really. Most worryingly was that many of the soldiers on the frontlines decided to have more friendly relations with the enemy for Christmas. I would suggest having immediate loyalty tests and other methods to make sure they do not join the enemy." One of the officers advised.

Vaughan slowly looked up from the paper. "What did you just say?"

"I said that the soldi-"

"You weren't supposed to answer that. You're out of your mind. These soldiers are people, not machines: let them enjoy this one day. It's natural for them to celebrate a day that they have growing up in life! At least Burke saw the day as a festivity, rather than another day of war..." Vaughan scolded. The officer gulped, and didn't say anything as the Admiral read the report. It took him a minute or two for him to finish up and comment on it. "The Medici Empire, Feuraxia, Deman Kalan and The destroyers of christianity have all come to our help. Greater dragunovia said they were adopting a 'limited intervention' policy as well. At least we know some help is coming." He looked up at the two officers. "Anything else before you get me a Santa hat?"

"Why do you want a Santa hat?"

"You'll see."


Vaughan moved his Christmas tree and chair out onto the bridge. Using whatever supplies they had, they made it look like a Santa's workshop you'd see in a shopping centre... only this time, much worse. The camera was set up in front.

"Ho, ho, ho!" Vaughan begun. "I wish all and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! My message is one day late, but that's because the elves were having some trouble!" He laughed, trying to keep what he thought the voice of Santa was like. "Through these troubling times, the nation has had some big difficulties. But with a sprinkle of luck and Christmas spirit, everything will return to normal in mere weeks. I hope all of you got whatever you wanted, and I'll see you all again next year! Ho, ho, ho!"

The camera stopped and a little graphic went over the TVs of everyone watching. Santa's sleigh floated away with the words "HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS" popping up underneath. Vaughan tore off the hat and other red clothing and went back to his office. Everyone on the bridge was wondering what they just saw.


Jameson slammed his head into the table after watching that. Burke just stood and laughed. "You trust this guy to be in control of your country?" Burke said through his laughter.

"Burke, I honestly do not know what that was."

"At least you'll actually be able to enjoy Christmas in another year's time!" Burke was referring to Kyrate taking control of the country. "I can't wait to see that idiot, Vaughan, imprisoned."

"He honestly should for that performance..." Jameson sadly joked.

One of Burke's soldiers came in. "Sir, their cry for help has seemingly went unanswered. Our military continues to advance."

"That's great news," Burke replied. "How long till Isonphis?"

"About a month at this rate. We're encountering very little resistance. We're approaching the city of Saiho now."

"Saiho? That's... that's one of our biggest..." Jameson said. He sounded pretty sad.

"Looks like it won't be one of your biggest anymore," Burke joked. He turned off the lights and walked to the door. "I'll see you later, King. Think about what you have done." The soldier and Burke walked out. Jameson put his head down in despair.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"When's help coming?"


Ishoigas was surrounded. With the suddenness of Kyrate's invasion, no armies had time to come and assist. With other nations to the west and south, and impassable terrain to the east, they were completely cut off and outnumbered. They waited to see Kyrate's army rolling over the horizon as jets bombed the city. Defensive emplacements had been set up as the city was set into lockdown.


Perhaps stupidly, Tertanian Military Command had decided to send a small relief mission to Ishoigas. Two large transport planes, escorted by four fighter jets, were en-route to the city. Halfway there, they noticed something pop up on their radar.

"Unidentified aircraft, identify yourself."


"Unidentified aircraft, identify yourself or you will be shot down."


"Unidentified aircraft, this is your last warning. Divert or you will be shot down."


"They're Kyratean!" One of the Tertanian fighter pilots shouted over radio. Suddenly, a missile hit the tail of the lead transport plane. The entire tail section came right off as the plane entered a direct spiral towards the ground. The pilots of the transport plane behind it noticed and alerted the others over radio: "Airmed 1 is down!" The remaining transport started to divert its course and fly away from the enemy fighters.

Three of the fighters peeled off to fight the Kyratean jets, while one stayed with the transport plane. Radar showed about 5 Kyratean jets, which would be tough for the 3 Tertanian ones to take down. Missiles were shot from both sides, bringing one of the Kyratean jets down. They zoomed past each other and briefly exchanged fire with their machine guns. One Kyratean jet went after the transport plane, with the others going back for the Tertanian fighters.

"They're on your tail, 1-4!" One of the Tertanian fighter pilots shouted. Not reacting in time, the transport's escort fighter was hit by a missile. The pilot ejected just before it broke up. "The transport's alone. 1-2, go help him out!" 1-1, the wing leader ordered. 1-2 zoomed off towards the transport, but there was some distance between them already. The transport had to come up with something or else it was going to be shot down. Their only last idea was to set up a machine gun and try shoot down the Kyratean jet. The ramp slowly lowered, and the tail of the enemy fighter jet came into view. For some reason, it hadn't fired missiles: perhaps they were having technical difficulties. The machine gunner started spraying...

... and with a huge amount of luck, the Kyratean pilot was killed and the fighter was brought down. Cheering erupted from the transport, but the battle wasn't over just yet. It was a 3 versus 3 between the fighters. They had basically given up on the transport, which had started heading for Ishoigas again. It was a tight fight between the fighters, but they essentially eliminated themselves: it was down to a 1 versus 1. Looping after each other, and out of missiles, they had to resort to machine guns. The Kyratean pilot had gotten on the Tertanian's tail, and he tried something that he really shouldn't have imagined. He put his plane into a dive and got his hand on the ejector handle. His plane was getting riddled with bullets, but when the burst stopped, he pulled the handle.

It looked very much as he was about to go straight into the ground, but the ejector seat's parachute deployed and slowed him down just in time. His jet crashed below, and the Kyratean - not even noticing the Tertanian had ejected - followed soon after. The Tertanian pilot chuckled to himself about how that actually worked and prepared for the seat to touch down in the field under him.


"Airmed 2, glad you made it. Where's your escort?" The ATC asked as Airmed 2, the other transport plane, approached the airport.

"Airmed 1 went down, everyone KIA. The four jets were brought down as well... we saw two eject, and we think the other two were killed. Coming in for landing now."

"Copy that, Airmed 2. We'll send out a recovery crew to get them."

Airmed 2 touched down. It taxied over to a large hangar where a couple of trucks waited. They'd bring the food, water and whatever other supplies Airmed 2 brought and distribute them to civilians and soldiers through Ishoigas. News of the engagement would make it to Tertanian command, and the pilots would likely go down as heroes.

OOC: Thanks to the people who've TG'ed me what they're sending to the war. I'll get to work on a dispatch that'll contain all the information.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common? Details."


"I never imagined I'd have to crawl 4 damn kilometres just to kill some random Kyratean general."

"We would have been spotted if we done anything that wasn't crawling." A sniper in a ghillie suit stood up. His sniper rifle was also covered in netting. They were in the Okolet Valley in the west of Tertania, which had been conquered by the Kyrateans. Intelligence suggested there was a Kyratean general inspecting the troops, and this was a prime opportunity to strike. They had sneaked past the Kyratean scouts making sure no-one got in, so they picked up the pace. There was an abandoned farmhouse on their left, with cows still grazing out front. They started moving towards it.

"Please tell me this isn't the vantage point you were talking about." 2 asked.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" 1 retorted. "No, of course it's not the vantage point. It's a round tower from the medieval ages, and it'll give us the perfect overlook."

"... and how do we get out?"

"Just be ready."


There was a small hole in the side of the round tower which let them view out. 2 was looking down the sniper scope which was resting on its bipod. "You see him?" 1 asked. 1 was looking through binoculars. There was a convoy of trucks, with several IFVs in front and behind. The soldiers had hopped outside and were standing in a line stretching the length of the convoy. This was a pretty dangerous operation, as they were very heavily outnumbered.

"I see him," 2 confirmed. "In the small vehicle with no-top."

"That's him alright. Wait for him to stop. Use the flag on the back of his vehicle to estimate wind direction and speed. Distance is 3,124 metres."

"That's pretty far." 1 didn't respond. A few seconds passed. "He's slowing down."

"Yeah, he's stopping. You got a clear shot?"

"I do." 2 replied.

"Take it."

Bang. The Kyratean general dropped dead.

"He's down," 1 said. "Let's get out of here."

2 picked up the sniper rifle and started going down the steps. The soldiers started looking for the source of the bullet. 1 and 2 started running to the nearby field. Once there, 1 pulled something out of his bag. There were 2 harnesses and a balloon which automatically inflated. "Strap yourself in!" 1 ordered.

2 put on the harness. 1 did as well, and the balloon inflated. "What is this?" 2 asked, wondering what the actual hell this was. A large plane came over the horizon.

"There's our ride!" 1 shouted, pointing it out.

2 took a moment to realise what was happening. "Oh no." He thought to himself. The plane flew over and hooked onto the balloon, pulling 1 and 2 up. For 1 it was an exciting experience. For 2 it was a scary experience. They heard the soldiers shooting up at them, but to no avail. 1 and 2 were brought into the cargo hold of the plane, and it started flying back to Tertanian-owned land.

"Why didn't you tell me about our evac method, and how did this plane get here undetected?!" 2 asked as he unstrapped the harness.

1 laughed. "You seem pretty scared. The plane is more or less radar-resistant. There was no detecting it."

2 laughed after. "That's... that's great. Back home, right?"

"Just know, 2," 1 sat down on one of the seats. "That you could have just helped us win this war."

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Good soldiers follow orders."


"Troops from Eternal Iron and Deman Kalan have arrived. The Medici Empire have a plan to make the enemy think the most decisive attack is coming from the above the Halsonee lake, but they're actually going to go from below it to take the enemy by surprise," an officer explained to Vaughan.

"That's great," Vaughan replied, not really thinking of a proper answer. Do we have any intel on what the Kyreatean's are doing next?"

"They've taken Ishoigas."

Vaughan's head fell into despair. What little confidence he had in himself was gone. "They're moving for Fuolopis now, aren't they..."

"We don't know for sure, but the army that took Ishoigas is moving to below the Halsonee lake as well. We don't think they know about the Medici Empire's plan, but obviously, we can't determine that for sure."

"Have the TNS Erypus head north. Station their battlegroup off the coast of Fuolopis and prepare for the enemy attack. How are we looking at Ancenton?"

"We've held them away. They haven't crossed the river yet, but they're heavily shelling our positions. Our heavy guns are doing all they can to fight back, but the Kyrateans outnumber us. We don't know how many CCD troops are moving there to assist, and we also don't know when they'll arrive. Speaking of CCD troops, our infrastructure is getting strained. We have to stop bringing them in."

"Stop?" Vaughan wanted as much help as possible. "No, we nee-"

"We'll lose more than we gain if more come in, Admiral. We have to stop it."

Vaughan took a long moment to respond. "Sure, then. Tell them to stop bringing in troops. Whatever's here will do. Where's the 4th Army now?"

"Near Ansvale. They're moving to assist Ancenton."

"No, have them head south. Along with the Medici Empire, we'll be able to break through. And we'll be able to encircle them before they get to Ancenton."

"Anything else?"

"No, you're dismissed." Vaughan ordered. The officer saluted and walked out.


"The troops rally behind you, Burke." Emperor Kiyan Henderson began. Burke was in the capital of Kyrate, along with their prisoner, President King. "You can lead this country to glory. Take Ancenton immediately. That will be our foothold into Tertania."

"I will do as you request, your Majesty." Burke was bowing down to his Emperor. A beaten up, hancuffed King stood beside them, along with two guards to make sure he didn't try anything.

"And you, King," the Emperor began, "you will feel the pain and wrath that has been gathering up in Kyrate and I for centuries. Tertania will burn... and so will you..." The Emperor let himself into a demonic laugh. King didn't even look up. The Emperor looked back down at Burke. "Head back to Tertania, commander. Lead the troops to glory."


"There's no way he's dumb enough to keep the President here," 1-3 started. They were in a transport plane with experimental stealth capabilities. They were flying over Kyrate en-route to the capital.

"This is the guy that thought he could invade the CCD and win," 1-4 replied.

"Let's hope nothing unexpected happens." 1-2 said. "With what, their two-point-eight million soldiers, anything could happen. Even with the CCD, we don't know if Kyrate has any experimental tech they could use against us. And they wouldn't mind using damn WMDs on us, either."

1-5 looked over. "Why haven't they? They could have obliterated us a long time ago. Maybe the numbers are wrong."

"... or maybe they want the land." 1-1 butted in. "Enough with the chatter. Check your gear, Alpha Squad. Drop is in 3 minutes."

"Only 3 minutes? I thought it was like, 3 hours." 1-3 joked as he stood up.

"Time flies when you're having fun, no?" 1-5 replied. She also stood up to check her gear. No-one said anything until everyone's gear had been checked. Everything was in proper order. The ramp started to lower. The noise of wind flying past and the jet erupted inside. 1-1 stared at the red light and waited for it to turn green...

And it switched.

"Go, go, go!" He shouted out. 1-1 was the first out, followed by 1-2 and so on. They spiraled downwards in a controlled descent.

"We're pretty high up, eh?" 1-3 joked over radio.

"I can't see a damn thing!" 1-4 shouted. They could see the sun just going down way off in the distance, but apart from that, it was pitch black.

"That's a good thing!" 1-1 assured. "They won't be able to see us! Just make sure not to accidentally pull your parachute and take 3 hours to reach the ground like you did in that weird shoot-em'-up!"

"Oh, shut up!" 1-4 retorted. They were passing through the clouds now. The brights lights of Ilagas, Kyrate's capital, filled their vision. Massive buildings were dotted around. "Where are we landing?!"

"On the roof of the Palace!" 1-1 replied. "You should know that!" 1-4 didn't reply. At the last possible moment, the squad pulled their parachutes, and came to a stop on the roof of the palace. They tucked up their parachutes and hid them so they wouldn't be spotted. "Everyone see that door? We're going through there. 1-5, stay up on the glass roof and provide cover fire when we breach."

"Got it, 1-1. Good luck."


OOC: If all the participants can message me the name of the main commander/commanders they sent along with their forces, that'd be helpful for the battle box in my factbook. You can just generate a random name and use that: it really doesn't matter. I'll be making another admin post shortly. Thanks! p.s. they may die, so make them expendable

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Cold Waters."


"Your orders are clear, captain," Admiral Kyran Nelson stated. He was stationed at West Radden Island, which housed a hidden Tertanian submarine base.

Captain Micah Turner of the TNS Ironwolf took a long moment to respond.


"I understand, Admiral. It just... doesn't sit right with me. I don't know if I'll be able to do it," Turner replied. They were both in Nelson's office at the dock. The Ironwolfwas getting ready to leave. "Won't we get sanctioned?"

"No, no, of course not." Nelson assured. "The nuclear missiles have been replaced with low-flying ballistic ones. You're not going to cause any birth defects or anything. We're only targeting their military installations as well."

Turner nodded. "I understand, Admiral. I won't have any problems doing it. I promise."

Nelson smiled. "Great to hear. I believe your ship is ready. You can go."


The Ironwolf had left the submarine dock and sailed east. They had sailed surprisingly far for the amount of time since they left. It was rather peaceful, until the Ironwolf's vice captain called Turner.

"Captain, we're picking up what seems to be a Kyratean battlegroup heading our way. We have to divert or else we'll be detected."

Turner looked at him. Where are they going? He thought. Then it clicked. "They're heading for the Hammer of Fuolopis. What were they doing getting so damn close?!"

"Should we alert them, sir?"

"No, no..." Turner looked at his handdrawn map...

He wondered how his handwriting had got so bad recently. At least he could read it... or at least some of it. "Divert north. Dive under the ice sheets and go through the gap to avoid their SOSUS line and whatever patrols they're running. There'll be much less up north."

"I hear you, captain. It'll take longer, but at least we'll get there alive."


The Ironwolf was heading through the gap on their "northern route". They were still submerged under ice sheets, and really weren't expecting anyone.

That was until they heard the active sonar ping. Turner immediately ordered the ship into silent running and slowed it way down. They hadn't gotten a signature on the enemy submarine yet. First of all, Turner wondered why the enemy hadn't used passive sonar.

Until he realised that the sonar pings were coming from a torpedo. They were getting gradually faster, which meant the torpedo was getting closer. "Full speed ahead!" Turner immediately ordered. "Get noisemakers in the damn water! Form knuckles, anything to get that damn torpedo away!" While he said that, he wondered how they didn't hear the torpedo firing. He soon remembered that they hadn't deployed a towed array and the enemy submarine was probably in their baffles. The pinging got more frequent...

Until it stopped. It wasn't over, though: the torpedo entered a "search pattern", where it would circle around until its sonar picked up the Ironwolf again. If they knew how close the enemy submarine was, they could probably get the torpedo to home back in on that. But they didn't, so Turner ordered a mobile submarine simulator - a MOSS - to be fired at the speed the Ironwolf was going but in a different direction. He also got the submarine to enter an emergency dive which would get it out of the path of the torpedo's search pattern and cut their engines to make as little noise as they could. Hopefully the torpedo would home in on the MOSS instead of the submarine, but all Turner could do was hope. The Ironwolf also started to very slowly turn around on the spot to try and get the enemy submarine onto sonar.

There was a muffled explosion as the torpedo hit the MOSS. A few seconds after, the enemy submarine was detected cavitating as they had upped their speed: they thought that Turner's submarine was destroyed...

but it wasn't. Turner waited and waited... "Now!" He shouted. The Ironwolf launched two torpedoes and immediately started moving again, but didn't change direction as to not lose the wire which let them control the torpedo. With a strong sonar signature on the enemy submarine, it was a battle won for Turner. They could guide the torpedo towards the submarine, and no matter what noisemakers or other countermeasures it used, it would still get hit. The enemy submarine was hit which caused it to flood. Unable to keep itself up, it started to sink and was crushed as it sunk past its test depth and into the darkness of the cold waters below.

There was no time for cheering, however. Kyratean command would soon know there was a Tertanian sub lurking, but hopefully they would think it was on some kind of patrol and not heading down into the Hakon Sea - which was exactly where the Ironwolf was headed. Several hours - or days, the crew didn't even know at this point - passed: and no Kyraetean ships picked them up. They had arrived at their launch point and rose to where they were just under the water line. With one last check of sonar to make sure no enemy ships were around, it launched 10 of its missiles in under 2 minutes and immediately submerged to the deepest they could go. They started heading back north, and as the missiles were launched, they could now take as long as they needed.


Once past Kyratean patrols, the Ironwolf received a transmission on a secure line. It was from Admiral Nelson and was a report on their mission.


OOC: Hope that's satisfactory! I'll make another post today with something that isn't a short story and that'll actually develop the war. I've been enjoying writing these and I hope you've been enjoying them as well.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War



Feuraxian reconnaissance notices something strange. A large number of Kyratean forces pull away from the Fuolopis front, but the main bulk of the Feuraxian army had not arrived yet, so there was no way that they could push through Kyratean lines. It was mere hours before they received news that the Kyrateans had broke through Tertanian lines and were spearheading towards Erypus. More worryingly, they were setting up land-based, long-range anti-ship missiles which would hamper the Tertanian Navy's ability to restock at the important docks and shipyards near Fuolopis. While submarines could still restock at West Radden Island, surface ships would have to go all the way past Oakfell Island to reach a resupply base. But now since the Tertanian surface ships wouldn't be able to get restocked and return to combat as quickly, the Kyrateans could make a move for West Radden Island, which would grant them complete naval superiority in the North Tertanian Sea and the Arctic...


"How the Hell did you let that damn submarine through?!" Emperor Kiyan shouted at two of his commanders. They had been called back to the Emperor's Palace in Ibuson, the capital of Kyrate. It was in the north-east of Kyrate and near the cold ocean.

"They went around our SONUS line, your Majesty," one of the commanders pleaded. "We had several ships stationed where they went, but it was pure luck how their submarine wasn't destroyed."

"Pure luck isn't good enough." Kiyan angrily replied. He turned around and made a gesture near his own neck which essentially said "execute these guys." The guards in his palace done exactly that, and with 2 quick shots, they were dead.

"They just executed two of their own," 1-5 reported. She was looking in through the glass ceiling.

"I heard that. We've took down two guards already. Any signs of the chemicals?" 1-1 replied.

"None so far." 'Chemicals' was the codename for the President. If the Kyrateans tapped into their comms, they'd hopefully be lead away from where the President was being held.

"Then they're in the storage bay. We're moving there now. Keep us informed." They were actually heading for the holding cells, which is probably where President King was. Their plan was to steal a Kyratean vehicle from the Palace's garage and get out with that and hopefully not get detected. They were to rendezvous with the Ironwolf which was anchored as close as it could be to the shore while staying hidden and still being able to move. Two small RHIBs had been deployed for the spec ops squad to use to get back to the submarine. The turnaround on the Ironwolf from its previous mission was quick as it had to take an even longer route to get here.

The spec ops squad had reached the holding cells and were gradually clearing through them. There were guard bodies lining the hallway as well. "Found the chemicals," 1-3 reported. King was tied to a chair in one of the holding cells, completely naked and covered in scars and bruises. 1-3 got the door open using the guard's keys and untied King before hoisting him up onto his shoulder.

"1-5, we have the chemicals. Get out." 1-1 ordered. 1-5 immediately started running for the stairwell down into the garage. When the rest of the squad got there, they saw no guards. Either 1-5 had got them or they bought their plan. They had no time to discuss. 1-1 found keys for one of the cars and they all shuffled inside. 1-5 got the gate open and hopped in as well. The car started driving off, and it'd blend in with the numerous cars around them. That was until they heard a myriad of sirens blaring: King was found missing, and every police car in the city was sent to find him. Roadblocks would quickly get set up on every road driving out of the city, so 1-1 picked up the pace. Very luckily, he got out of the city without encountering a roadblock, but then realised there were civilian, police and military helicopters scanning the roads and countryside. The Ironwolf wasn't that far away, so they would probably make it. 1-1 drove the car down onto the beach and slowed it to a stop. He realised there was a police car and two officers standing next to the RHIBs. "1-5, take the one on the right. I'll go for left. On go."





The two police officers were dropped. 1-1 got back into the car and drove it into the water. He done the same with the police car before disposing of the bodies. The entire group got onto the RHIBs and headed for the Ironwolf's position. "I think I see their ESM mast." 1-3 spotted out. The Ironwolf suddenly surfaced when the two RHIBs were right above it. "Oh, I see their ESM mast all right!"


The RHIBs were taken into the submarine and the spec ops forces were as well. They settled down, got showered, and relaxed after a long mission. King, on the other hand, was in the med-bay, with all kinds of fluids pumping into his body and bandages everywhere. The Ironwolf was going back the route they came, and along with their two Ancenton-class SSN escorts, they would make it home safe. They were on their way to West Radden Island, but as soon as King was well, he'd be transported elsewhere. Nelson again congratulated Turner on the successful mission, but he brought up something that he didn't fit in his initial report...

"Admiral, the Ironwolf's sonar operators heard something big. We thought it was a surface ship, an aircraft carrier maybe, but we were under the ice sheets. There was no way it could have been a surface ship unless it's some new kind of icebreaker. We only heard one signature."

"Did you use active sonar, Captain?" Admiral Nelson asked.

"No, we kept it strictly passive. But this thing was big and loud. Didn't match any signatures we have on record."

"A new type of submarine, perhaps? Any chance it belongs to the The Yeetusa?"

"I wouldn't see why they'd be running operations there. We've recorded their signature in-case we see it again."

"At least we got our President back."


Kyratean Captain Sierra Malek knew everything about it, though. He was the Captain of a brand new "supersubmarine", named the "Poseidon." It was capable of holding several aircraft and completely obliterating the entire world. But for now, it was heading into the open ocean and were going to slice the artery that kept the Feuraxian Army and Tertanian Navy alive.


OOC: Read Cape Canavral's post above me. I didn't mean to write this as he wrote that.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

The following is a telegram transmitted to the nations participating in the Tertanian-Kyratean War at approx. 02:56 Tertanian Standard Time.

Tertanian Military Command Comlink 007.1

Commanders from the Medici Empire, The Destroyers of Christianity, Deman Kalan, Feuraxia, Eternal iron and the CDF have been relayed a message from Tertanian Military Command stationed in the EAm Building in Isonphis. They report that the Kyratean Military are making a move for Erypus and then will perform a pincer maneuver to encircle the forces stationed in Ancenton. Tertanian reserves are moving to intercept. They also advise to begin more naval patrols in the Icarus Sea and the North Pike Ocean as there may be Kyratean submarines lurking.

Kyratean land-based, long-range anti-ship "harpoon" missiles (AShM) have been set up in the north of the state of Aresburg (a map detailing the states has been attached). We fear these may be used to target ships heading into the Fuolopis Docks, which are vital to Tertanian naval operations. IntDiv have been unable to secure an exact position of these AShM batteries, but using images developed using satellites and other forms of reconnaissance, IntDiv hopes to find them soon. Their exact locations will be transmitted immediately once they are found.

The TNS Ironwolf has also reported finding a new acoustic signature, which may relate to a new class of Kyratean submarine. The acoustic signature has been attached to this Comlink and it would be advised that it is distributed to sonar databases across your fleet. This will help us find the new submarine, provided it is fully operational and undertaking missions in the Icarus Sea. Also attached is a map detailing what IntDiv has suggested the Kyratean Military will be trying in the next few days.

This message will soon be transmitted on the RMB as TMC saw it more useful for this information to be in your hands at an earlier time.

We thank you for your time,

SfD. Jaedan Maxwell,



"TNS Orklens"

The TNS Orklens was an Ondragos-class SSBN, operating in the west of the Icarus Sea. It was quite near the coast of VlaRiSsiA... but what was it doing there?

"Approaching the coast now, captain," the vice-captain of the Orklens reported. They were near periscope depth in the dark of night, and although it could give away their position, the submarine had their periscope, ESM mast and radar up. They were scanning the Vlarissian coast for certain reasons. Captain Shea Field soon gave up as the visibility was absolutely terrible. The submarine submerged and dropped to 5 knots to deploy their towed array. The Orklens done a quick circle in the water before heading back out into the ocean.

Soon enough, they heard something on sonar... an aircraft carrier? More signatures came up, and they were all identified to be Kyratean in origin. They had somehow slipped past the numerous blockades established by the participating nations, or perhaps they had got here before the blockades had been set up. But... why? There was a minimal chance of them having trailed the Orklens all the way here, or maybe it could be a show of force to the Vlarissians, saying "don't interfere or we'll kill all of you." Or even a mobile drilling rig to steal some Vlarissian oil? If that even existed, Captain Field thought to himself. Whatever. This wasn't the Orklen's target, but there was no chance that the submarine could wait around long enough for them to pass. Captain Field made a pretty bad decision, here, and decided to fire torpedoes towards the Kyratean ships, mainly the aircraft carrier, as that was a lot of tonnage just waiting to be sunk. As soon as the torpedoes were fired, the aircraft carrier immediately whipped around to try and avoid the torpedo. The Kyratean submarine escort detected the Orklen's launch transient and the Kyrateans started blasting them with active sonar.

The Tertanians were known for their fast, big and "filled-with-fuel" MK55 torpedoes. Three of which were heading right towards the Kyratean aircraft carrier, but the Orklens was also expecting about a hundred torpedoes in return. Most worryingly was probably the two nuclear missiles the submarine had, and if the submarine was hit and they were somehow set off in a chain reaction, that could cause a very bad diplomatic incident. Hopefully, the submarine wouldn't be hit. But the chances of it not getting hit were slim. The escorts had launched helicopters which were using dipping sonar and depth charges. Surface-based torpedoes were also being fired. The Orklens had already launched all its torpedoes and were now using every MOSS and noisemaker it had. Captain Field had now realised that he had made a massive mistake.... but everything was saying that the torpedoes had lost him. Was it time to dive and get out of there?

Before he could decide, the torpedoes he had launched detonated. He didn't know what ship they hit, but hopefully it was the aircraft carri-

A very loud explosion was suddenly heard. A torpedo had hit the Orklens and it immediately started flooding. The pumps had been damaged from the hit and were having trouble getting all the water out, and there was no way Captain Field was going to consider doing an emergency blow. They'd get executed on the surface if they were found by the Kyrateans! Field honestly hoped that the Vlarissian's would come and help, but apparently they didn't work on Wednesdays. The Orklens hit the seafloor, and were just above its test depth. Luckily they were over a piece of seafloor that was rather high, but were just on the edge. There was a chance the weight of the submarine would make the land slip and they'd fall to their death. Field obviously didn't hope for that, and just hoped that the Kyrateans thought they were dead. The submarine was put into silent running and bulkheads were fully shut to prevent anymore water from getting in. Sonar was still somewhat operational, and they had a few hours worth of oxygen left.

The crew was panicking, but still tried to keep it quiet. They wondered if these were the last hours. They wrote notes to their families, and Field was about to put out a small radio module which would float up to the surface and let them communicate with Navy Command... or the Vlarissians. Just before he puts it up, Field receives news that the Kyratean fleet has actually returned. He had no idea what their motives were to return, but this was his chance. He prepared the crew to fire ballistic missiles and wait for the fleet to pass right above. While it would be a miracle for the ballistic missiles to travel 230 metres to the surface, all Field could do was hope. As they passed right above, the ballistic missile tubes filled with water and the missiles launched. The shift of weight upset the piece of land they were on and the submarine started sinking. 20 more metres and they were gone...

But the explosions were heard through the water. The ballistic missiles hit right into the task force right above them, and completely obliterated the aircraft carrier and most of the ships around it. They all started sinking around the Orklens, but Field let out a sigh of relief: even if he died here, he had just neutralised a Kyratean task force. He quickly deployed the radio module and begged for Vlarissians, Tertanians, or even anyone apart from the Kyrateans to come and save them. Before he could broadcast their position, the radio cut out. It was now a race against time to stop them from dying.


Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War



"While I would include the message, President, I cannot remember it for the life of me." The chief of cybersecurity for the Tertanian military, Murphy McConnell confessed. There had been a - as he described it - "mass, unlawful intrusion." Or in simpler terms, a hack.

"Well, what did they get?" President King queried.

"... everything."

"Everything? All the designs, plans? Even the 'acoustic signature' packages that included a bug of our own?"



"But yes, they did get everything. They want us to surrender, you to resign, and to get everyone the hell out of our country." McConnell explained.

King looked at the ground for a long moment before responding. "No. Find them and raid whatever warehouse they're working out of. Surely shouldn't be too hard."

"I'll get on it, sir." He got up and started to leave.

"Actually, er," King stopped him. McConnell turned around. "What's the situation with the Orklens?"

"Well, the VlaRiSsiAn's have allowed us to continue with our salvage mission, but we assume they're under a very close eye. The Orklens has been found and is in the process of being placed upon the TNS Jameson D King's flight deck."

"In that case, everything is well." He looked away for a few seconds and tried to think of any other worries. "I have nothing else. You may go."


"They've re-captured Ishoigas and are now planning to cut off our troops in Aresburg," one of Kyrate's top generals explained to Kyratean Emperor Kiyan Henderson.


"How.. what, sir?"


The general would have explained that it was in-fact several other countries that had done it, but he knew saying that would cost him and his family their lives.

"You have until the end of the week to fix this, General." The Emperor re-gained his composure. "Don't fail me again."


Captain Sierra Malek commanded the experimental Kyratean submarine, the "Poseidon". It was able to carry several helicopters and VTOL jets, along with 24 vertical launch tubes, and 6 torpedo tubes on each side. Coupled with state of the art systems, the Poseidon posed a threat to the army, air force and navy. Their mission right now however, was to disrupt supply lines that left the Tertanian forces in Ondragos alive - and they were close their to their first, and probably juiciest target: a convoy of oil tankers.

Even though they were escorted by warships, they still stood no-chance against the Poseidon. After getting a proper target signature, and with all the right conditions, they opened fire. Armed with experimental torpedoes as well, the Poseidon could take these massive ships down in just one hit. The sub launched 10 torpedoes: 4 for the oil tankers, and the remaining 6 for the warships. All went up in fiery explosions and were completely defenceless. After the warships sank fully, the Poseidon surfaced and deployed two of its helicopters. They flew over the sinking oil tankers and their lifeboats. The crew on the lifeboats probably thought they were being saved, as the helicopter had no markings and they hadn't spotted the submarine, but they were about the furthest thing from being rescued. The doors on the helicopters opened up and the lifeboats were littered with machine gun fire. After a long barrage, the helicopters peeled off and returned to their submarine.

Several Tertanian jets on patrol done a low fly-by after receiving the distress calls from the ships. They were coincidentally very close and arrived very quickly - the Poseidon hadn't even submerged yet. "Look at the size of that thing!" One of the pilots shouted upon seeing it.

"Shut it, Tabloid." The lead, Golem, barked. "Your plane's armed with Exocets, right?"

"That's right, Gole- what, you want me to go engage that thing!?"

"Precisely. I'll stay back and get pictures for IntDiv. That'll earn me a lot of credit!" Golem joked.

Tabloid sighed. "Fine, I'll do it." His plane shifted and started flying towards the Poseidon. It got a lock and deployed two of its Exocet anti-ship missiles. The submarine started submerging right as the missiles were fired. One of the Exocets hit the top of the submarine on the side. "Direct hit, Golem! She's still submerging!"

"It'll be gone by the time you loop around. Re-group on me. I got everything I needed. Command will shower us in gold for this."


Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War



The Kyrateans had heard of the Feuraxian's push along the Ondragos-Aresburg border. For now, their main goal was to capture Erypus. With only one DoC (Destroyer of Christianity) army protecting it, they were getting pushed back quite quickly as they were heavily outnumbered. Two Kyratean armies were trying to hold off the Feuraxians, but with the massive shipment of oil destroyed by the Poseidon, the Feuraxian attacks would probably get stopped soon. With the loss of Ishoigas by the Kyrateans, the southern areas of Kyrate were now exposed. The Kyrateans had to capture Erypus and Fuolopis to free up armies, otherwise this was the end. The Feuraxian and DoC armies in Ondragos started coming under heavy artillery bombardment from behind the Gambourg mountain range, and it was the same case with the Medicians in Ishoigas. The Kyrateans were getting pretty desperate and were putting everything they had towards this.

Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

The Kyratean divisions were speeding towards the Feuraxian breakthrough. One of Kyrate's best air squadrons, Crown Squadron, was also en-route to assist along with a myriad of other fighters. Capable of ground strikes and getting air superiority, Crown Squadron was a big threat. Feuraxian commanders soon got notice that their fighters were being swatted out of the air. They were quickly losing superiority in the air and with the sunken shipment of oil, their advance would quickly lose momentum. Satellite images showed a large Kyratean naval task force moving towards the north of Ondragos, which was probably a naval invasion. They had planned this, as most of the Tertanian ships had sailed far south to refuel, restock and repair, which meant that the Kyrateans could also gain naval superiority.

Medici Empire wrote:

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There was even more bad news for the Medicians. Several Kyratean armies were approaching from the north and east. If the DoC army didn't arrive and get entrenched soon, the Medicians would soon be massively outnumbered. Air divisions also outnumbered them and long-range artillery bombardment took place. The damaged city of Ishoigas was getting devastated even more. Parallel to what was happening to the Feuraxians, one of the most elite Kyratean tank divisions was also coming towards them. A renowned commander accompanied them and the furthest ahead Medician units were getting decimated. The National Post dubbed it "the Kyrateans strike back." The Tertanians were moving to assist, but right now their main focus was on protecting Erypus and not letting Kyrate dominate in the oceans.


"Rules of engagement, sir? Crew expendable."


1-1 and his squad had gotten a few days of rest before being briefed on their next mission. Not nearly as dangerous, it was a rather simple (for them) task, only having to rappel onto a container ship which IntDiv had tagged as "suspicious." They decided to do it under the cover of darkness and the weather also somewhat helped: it was a huge storm, with lightning lighting up the sky. The rain and thunder also masked the noise of the helicopter, so they'd be able to make it in without getting spotted. 1-1's helicopter was approaching it at pretty high speed but it obviously slowed down as it got over it. Circling over once, 1-1 and his team rappelled down onto the front of the boat, where there was a "mini-bridge". The squad blasted the people inside through the windows before moving inside. The helicopter flew away and they would get evacuated by another helicopter.

The squad moved inside and slowly walked down the stairs. They could hear drunken singing from down the hallway. "Hear that? Looks like they were celebrating something." 1-3 noted.

"It's Kyrate's Independence Day. That's why we're seeing so many attacks across each front. They're using it for morale and propaganda purposes," 1-2 explained.

"Good thing you studied, 1-2, but now is not the time. Let's find this guy." 1-1 commanded. They quietly walked down the hallway and saw the guy singing in a room to their right. He was dancing around an empty room, with a TV showing Kyratean marches: propaganda, mainly. 1-1 holstered his gun, walked in and slit the person's throat. He gently laid him down on a bed before moving into the next room: two people were sleeping. 1-1 and 1-2 slit their throats in quick succession, and all they had to do now was hope no-one came in here. They moved out onto the container deck and started moving to the opposite side of the boat where they'd be able to get into the hold. Halfway across the deck, they realised that the bodies were found - mainly because they were getting lit up by gunfire from the opposite bridge. The squad took cover behind some containers and shot anyone approaching from behind. "Big Bird, this is 1-1, we've got tangos shooting at us from the bridge. Requesting immediate fire support."

"We hear ya, 1-1. Coming in now." Big Bird arrived quickly, and using its door-mounted miniguns, it opened fire on the bridge and quickly took out everyone that was shooting... along with essentially the entire bridge. That didn't matter, as the squad just had to go into the hold.

"Thanks for the fire support, Big Bird. Just be there for evac." 1-1 thanked. The squad started moving towards the bridge and would head down into the hold from here. It was obviously filled with containers, but still had enough space to move around. What seemed like the entire crew began shooting at them once they entered, but the squad took them out one-by-one. Only now did the squad apart from 1-1 and 1-2 know why they were there: there was a suspected nuclear device hidden on the ship. "Why weren't we told about this?" 1-5 barked.

"Don't worry about it, 1-5. It's not dangerous to us as long as we don't shoot it, hug it or the ship sinks. To be honest, I don't know why they didn't tell you either. All I know is that we just have to get the manifest." 1-1 confessed.

"1-1, this is Baseplate, come in, over."

"I hear you, Baseplate. What is it?"

"We're reading two Kyratean fast-movers approaching from the north. Big Bird has peeled off to get out of the firing line. We believe they're Kyratean jets, and we advise you to get the hell out of there, over."

"Roger that, Baseplate. We've got the manifest, out." Once 1-1 had pocketed the manifest, the ship was rocked by what seemed like 3 missile impacts. The Kyratean jets had fired and hit the boat, which caused it to start sinking and capsizing. There was no crew to shut the bulkheads, and the team had to get out quick. Most of them had been knocked over, but were quickly getting up, as if they didn't get out of here fast enough they'd all drown. Tertanian jets were dispatched to intercept, but how the Kyratean jets got this far without getting detected was a mystery.

"Come in, Alpha Team. What happened, dammit?" Baseplate burst out over radio.

"Baseplate, this is Alpha Team, we're on our way out! Have Big Bird on standby!" 1-1 shouted back. He noticed 1-4 was struggling to get up, so he went over to help. "On your feet, soldier, we are leaving!"

Alpha Team was rushing out of the ship. Most of the enemy combatants had already been killed, so they weren't encountering any resistance. They got up to the deck and started running. It was difficult not to slip as the entire deck was soaking wet and the ship was at an angle from the amount of water it was taking on, but they could see the helicopter waiting for them. It had its back ramp lowered. The entire squad had managed to jump on, apart from 1-4 who only managed to grasp onto the back ramp and was quickly slipping off. 1-2 pointed it out and 1-1 again pulled him up into the helicopter.



Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Bend it like... who?"


"I've literally never heard of him. You must be lying," a Kyratean soldier sat in the back of a truck denied. They were en-route to a hidden research facility in the north-east of Kyrate. They were there to serve as guards - or potentially test subjects - for a 3 month shift before rotating back to their previous post for a year. The soldiers didn't even know what went down there, as any soldier who spoke of it would never be seen again... perhaps contradicting the "3 month shift" system.

"Surely you have. He was one of the best players of all time, mate. Even if you don't follow the sport you must have heard of him from something else!" Another soldier bellowed. The truck shifted and started heading down a ramp. After a few seconds, it slowed to a stop for a checkpoint. The truck had to undergo a quick scan, and after a few seconds, the engine roared back as it started to accelerate again. After another few minutes, it pulled to a stop and the soldiers disembarked, only to notice another truck was actually following them in all the way. However, instead of carrying soldiers, it carried equipment...

"Corporal, get over here, now!" An officer barked. The soldier was in another world as he stared at what came out of the other truck, but quickly snapped back into attention as his CO shouted for him. He ran over and got into the line, and surprisingly the officer didn't punish him: unusual for a Kyratean officer not to, perhaps in order to keep their morale high for what they were about to see. The officer started pacing back and forth in front of the line. "Comrades, what you are about to see here may be disturbing. But you have been selected for your high scores in the MSAT exam. You should all be able to handle this, if you put your minds to it. Remember, you are doing this for the greater good of Kyrate. What we are doing here will finish off Tertania and the rats that defend them in a matter of weeks. Glory to the Emperor, and glory to Kyrate!" The officer finished. The message was repeated in unison by everyone around them. A large door opened up behind the officer and the soldiers started moving down it. They arrived soon to their barracks where they got showered and had a bit of banter before moving to the canteen for their first meal. Tomorrow, they would get a tour of the facility...


Elsewhere, in the city of Rul in southwestern Tertania was a small brick apartment building. This inconspicuous building was considered home to 5 of the most dangerous individuals in the country: the members of rINO. After having infiltrated secure TMC communications, there was essentially nothing they could do. They had access to the camera feed outside of their building which would let them know about any police raids. They made sure that there was nothing the government could use to trace them... apart from the electricity bill, probably.

They all communicated using an encrypted messaging service which they believed to be impenetrable. If the government gained access to these chat logs, they could use everything to incriminate rINO... well, they could just blow up the building and no-one would do anything about it, but that wouldn't be as interesting.

Click to hide...

Palps: Any response?

Gallius: its been like 3 days they're not going to get back to us in this time

Max: 3 days? these people are known for getting stuff done in hours

Antilles: no they're not

Max: yes they are

Antilles: they've taken like 7 years to build that one road

Max: oh my god

Palps: Stop bickering. We need to get something out of them. Getting that Comlink wasn't enough, it seems. Who's doing the most in the war?

Sky: Probably feuraxia or the medici empire

Palps: Right, try get something from whatever databases they have. Try get everything, but a few things will probably make them think we have everything. Get on it, guys.

Gallius: sure

Max: alright

Antilles: i haven't slept in 3 days

Sky: I'll do my best

User SKY has logged off...

User ANTILLES has logged off...

User GALLIUS has logged off...

User MAX has logged off...

User PALPS has logged off...


Tertanian Military Command were doing their best to nullify rINO and get their files back. While their best cybersecurity experts were on it, they decided they needed someone else to speed it up: after trying to get all the big names (who all declined as they didn't want to be involved in a war), they decided to go for Eclipse Solutions. All TMC could do was hope, and from the look on their faces once the "Eclipse Experts" showed up, they didn't seem to have much hope...

There was one rather skinny person, one rather large person, and someone who was middle of the range. All of them had glasses, and were facing down the most powerful people in the Tertanian Military. "So you're the so-called 'Eclipse Experts'...?" SfD. Jaedan Maxwell asked. From his voice, he sounded pretty disappointed.

"Yes, uh, we are indeed the Eclipse Experts. We can do anything you want, right guys? ... guys?" The skinny one - who had a small name tag which said "WILLIE" in big writing - said enthusiastically.

"Oh my god," the general standing next to Jaedan muttered. "Can you guys get this done?"

"Yes, we can, commandant... captain? Admiral! Yes, admiral, that's it. We just need equipment in the form of computers."

"It's general..."

"Well, that's great," Jaedan replied with a sarcastic tone. "We'll get it to you. You know the sensitivity and importance of what you're doing, right?"

"Yes, we do," Willie responded. "At least we'll do our best."


Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War



"We really hired these people?" General Oscar Maddison whispered to Marshal Ken Aguilar. They were watching the workers of Eclipse Solutions on the computers. While they didn't look much on the surface, Eclipse Solutions were actually a very talented group of individuals: it's just that TMC didn't know that yet.

"I think we did, Oscar. As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover." Aguilar joked.

"Not really a time for jokes, Ken. But... yes, let's just hope." Oscar cleared his throat and raised his voice. "Hey, uh, Keith? That's your name, right? How long will it take to get something on this hacker group?"

Keith, who was one of the Eclipse Solutions workers, answered without looking away from the screen. "A few days, or maybe hours if we can get some more details."

"Like what?" Oscar asked.

"I know you have surveillance in all our homes," Keith shared. Oscar gulped and both the TMC officers glared at each other. "Try looking for stuff like... I don't know, probably extensive internet or power usage coming from an apartment or warehouse. Then check it out with the cameras and mics you have."

Oscar nodded. He couldn't really think of anything else. "I'll try. You'll probably have them before we find them from power and internet bills, but alright."


"Something's coming up on radar, sir." A Feuraxian operator alerted his commander. They were stationed on the north coast of Ondragos near the numerous naval batteries and fortifications they had set up to prevent a Kyratean naval invasion.

"Well, what is it? Big or small?" He replied, walking over and putting his hand on the operator's chair.

"Big. Looks like several tactical bombers along with a lot of smaller planes. They're coming right for us."

"Right for us?!" The officer turned away and took a long moment to respond. "They're going to bomb us to clear the way for a naval invasion. Do our buoys read any submarines or ships off the coast?"

"Yes, quite a lot, sir."

"Thank.. thank you." The officer said before walking out. He looked to the first person he saw. "Get me General Rudaffi. Tell him we're under attack."


The planes they saw on radar were in-fact Kyratean. There were several large tactical bombers, and as the Feuraxian commander predicted, they were clearing out a path for the naval forces. Low flying Kyratean penetrators had taken out Feuraxian long-range radar with anti-radiation missiles (ARMs) to prevent the bomber formation from being intercepted. Now, they were over their targets and were using precision-guided bombs to take out bunkers, AA emplacements, along everything else that they needed to. Focusing on a small part of the Feuraxian defensive lines, they would break through there, and with Crown Squadron of Ondragos in the east wreaking havoc and the Kyrateans planning another large-scale attack, Feuraxian forces would be spread thin. While other Feuraxian forces on the seafront reported the Kyratean naval invasion, they had managed to get a foothold on the beach before they could be fought off. Ships bombarded the counter-attacking Feuraxian forces. They were going to spearhead towards Fuolopis and try to encircle everyone in the eastern portion of Ondragos.

However, it was a large distance to Fuolopis and it'd take a while for the Kyratean forces to actually arrive there. The TNS Hammer of Fuolopis which had been moored in Fuolopis for repairs was capable enough to use its weaponry, but that was a last ditch in the event the Kyrateans got to Fuolopis. The aircraft on the ship were being launched to recon enemy forces and ferry supplies around the city. They had received information that the Tertanians were planning on using "milk cow" submarines to get fuel past the Kyratean navy and into Fuolopis for the war effort, but they'd never actually know the exact times the submarines would arrive. For now, most of the crew were off the ship and helping out with other emplacements. By this stage, General Rudaffi - or Marshal Rhodessi Coular, whoever was commanding this area - would know all about the Kyratean naval attacks and would likely be diverting troops or taking other actions. With the Poseidon still active, the Kyrateans would likely use it to bombard the city with ballistic missiles or keep it at sea to retain naval superiority.


The The destroyers of christianity army defending Erypus was quickly fought back to the city's boundaries. The Tertanian military was doing their best to stop the Kyratean military from completely encircling them, but they were still struggling against the massive Kyratean armies. Erypus had already been entrenched, so this combat zone would be a bloodbath. The Kyrateans needed this done quick, so batteries of artillery were set up outside the city and were heavily bombarding it. They didn't exactly care about civilian casualties at this point. However, they had good news: the Tertanian 181st "Goliath" Squadron was en-route. They had previously been fighting near Ishoigas, but had been diverted towards Erypus to fend off the Kyrateans. Their first task was to eliminate the first wave of Kyratean soldiers and vehicles approaching the city. Flying low enough, they took them by complete surprise.

"I think they see us now. You know what that means: let your weapons loose! Primary target are air vehicles. The boys on the ground should be able to fight off the ground troops until we can help. Everyone here me?" Flight lead, Mimic, ordered.

"Copy," Scream answered.

"Roger that," Lollipop replied.

"I hear you." Bolt responded.

"Copy," Rage echoed.

"That's everyone, then. Let's do this." Mimic finished. The five planes split off and started taking out the Kyratean helicopters with missiles and the other weaponry on their air craft. SAMs were hopeless against the five planes of "Goliath" as they popped all their countermeasures and all their fancy maneuvers. Soon enough, Kyratean fighters had been deployed.

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"We're going up against Five Stripes? We're dead!" The pilot was panicking. "Five Stripes" was the nickname the Kyrateans had given to Goliath.

"Kyrate is superior. We will win this. Do not worry." Another calmed.

"Not a chance! I'm retreating!"

"You will be executed if you retreat. That is pure dissidence. Stay and fight, you coward!"

"Fighters incoming, Mimic." Scream alerted.

"I see 'em." Mimic quickly responded. "They're our primary target now. We're receiving support from the direction of Erypus in the form of an AWACS unit and planes armed with ARMs. Stay calm, and this will be over and done with."

"Copy that." Bolt answered. He finished off the helicopter he was strafing before peeling off and heading for the fighters. Without the helicopters, the forces defending Erypus fought off the enemy ground units. The Kyrateans retreated but would likely prepare for another attack soon.

The sound of someone chewing broke over the mic. "This is AWACS Sky Knight. We're coming to support you, Goliath Squadron. What's the situation?"

"Is your mouth full?" Mimic asked.

"Had to get a bite before leaving Erypus." Sky Knight confessed. "Just focus on the planes. Uploading data to your planes now."

Mimic was in disbelief at how he was eating instead of focusing on the mission. Nevertheless, Goliath Squadron kept up their attacks and lots of dogfighting ensued, given they had expended most of their missiles. The Kyrateans were firing missiles, but most missed or were destroyed in other ways. The Kyratean jets were hopeless and soon followed the Kyratean army in their retreat. A few cheers from ground troops were heard over radio. "Got them! Who took down the most? Probably me!" Bolt boasted.

"Data shows it was Rage that took the most down. Maybe next time, Bolt. By the way, we've been assigned to your squadron as your dedicated AWACS unit." Sky Knight announced.

"Not really "Five Stripes" then, eh?" Lollipop said.

"That just relates to us, Lollipop." Mimic replied. "And for you, Sky Knight: just keep up."


President King had returned to an underground bunker and got back to his work. He was looking through some files before someone knocked on the door. "What is it?" He shouted.

The door opened and Jaedan Maxwell stepped inside. He closed the door behind him. "Something's happening in Jocospor."

"Like what? More celebrations?" He joked.

"No, we received a transmission. You should be getting it right now."

Something popped up on King's computer. It was the original message. "By the Empire... what do you make of this, Jaedan?"

"Our people managed to decrypt - or for a more realistic way to say it, 'find the missing letters' - and came up with this. HMS NHS, New England INC and Cape Canavral helped to find out what it is."

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"Depackya reported something as well. You'll be able to make something out of it by yourself. The JNSWS is on 'Alpha', which means it's a possible coup, act of terror or an invasion and the unlawful disposition of the Emperor." Jaeden announced. It popped up on King's screen as well.

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To the Confederation,

There is presently a minor security breach within the halls of government in Depackya. At this time, it is not extremely concerning, given the huge military presence in Dubrova. There is-


"Any idea on what's happening there?" King asked.

"Likely coordinated terror attacks. Once we get more intelligence on it, I'll get another report to you. And for the most part, we're pushing the Kyrateans ba-"

"I'd prefer to focus on Jocospor and Depackya for now. Terror attacks... they're terrible. Once we establish communications with the governments, offer them our help - regardless of the situation with Kyrate. But... do you know what Protocol 275B is?"

"Well, we believe it's [SPEECH REDACTED]."


Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Spec Ops: Operation Oil Spill"


On a cold, rainy night in Isonphis, commanders from 4 different nations were gathered: Tertania, Russian States of Eurasia, Feuraxia and The destroyers of christianity. This was relating to a joint-ops mission, with its objective being destroying several Kyratean oil rigs. IntDiv suggested they had been armed with SAMs and AShMs, but they couldn't be destroyed as there were civilians on-board: of course, Tertania did usually just kill civilians whenever they needed, but this would put Kyrate in other country's favour: something that had to be avoided.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you..." The person presenting pulled down a cover which revealed a board. It had the words "Operation: Oil Spill" in large black writing. "Operation Oil Spill. As you might already know in the folders we've handed you, this is about taking out several Kyratean oil rigs in the Northern Kyratean Sea. There are 4 main ones in question, which will be named 'Platform 1-through-4'. We will insert via Special Forces Delivery Vehicles attached to diesel-electric submarines - or nuclear if you'd prefer - and they will go from there. We... err... may have sent a spy onto one of these rigs before the war to investigate IntDiv's speculation that there were weapons stationed there, and the agent may have been found, which probably started the war. Not to worry, though. We don't know what specific rig he's on, so you'll have to identify him yourselves. We do have a picture, though." He flipped a page on the board which revealed a silhouette of a face. "It seems there were some, uh, issues with the production of this image. I'm sure he'll be in a conscious state and will be able to tell you he's our spy. Anyways, the submarines will launch from ports in Serherper. They all belong to us, so please don't litter or scribble on the walls." He joked. "By the way, I'm part of SPECOM and formally you'd address me as 'supreme commander', but you can just call me Dave. Any questions?"


A few days passed and the teams were getting ready in Serherper. It was a military dock and the four large submarines were waiting for them, with the SFDVs attached on-top. A Tertanian representative went to each special forces' quarters and done one last check-up before giving the commanders the order to depart. Another few hours passed and the four submarines were submerged in the North Pike Ocean, heading for the Icarus Sea and through the Shelburg Strait. They received one last message on encrypted channels:







Hail the Confederation!


Series: Second Tertanian-Kyratean War

"Skin as thick as a rhino."


Jaedan Maxwell was pacing around the command room. There was a large digital map in the middle which was being constantly updated. He had his two hands down on the table and he was examining it; trying to decide what to do just next...

"Hey, hey! We have them!" Maxwell heard a distant shout. He got up and quickly walked into the other section of the room, which is where Keith, Bob and Bill of Eclipse Solutions were working away.

"You have them?" Maxwell questioned. "Where?"

"Rul, err, Rul. Can I connect it to that big screen over there?" Keith asked.

"Do it! Anything to help us find him. Is this a definite position?"

The big massive screen taking up the entire wall switched to a satellite feed which zoomed in on the city. It went to a spot in one of the poorer districts - although poor in Tertania was considered quite rich in some other countries - and revealed a row of buildings. "That one, there." One of the buildings was highlighted in a red outline.

"Are you sure?" Maxwell asked, looking Keith right in the eyes.

"Yes, sir," Keith adjusted his glasses. "I'm sure."


A group of unmarked police vehicles approached the building. They went through the back alley and about two dozen policemen kitted out in riot gear stepped out. There was IntDiv and TIA liaison as well, but the policemen were obviously going to most of the work. They very quietly unfurled a ladder and propped it up against the escape staircase and slowly began to walk up it. The first one up stopped and peeked through one of the windows and saw an empty room.. They peeked through another second floor window and saw something they weren't here for, so they shuffled up the stairs. Peeking through the next window revealed someone on a computer, and it seemed like a pretty high end setup. They could be seen talking into a mic, so the first policeman signaled that 'this was the one'. They checked the window on the other side of the stairs and it revealed another person on a computer. This was definite. A breach charge was laid down on the window - which was probably not safe on an escape ladder of this quality - and they backed up and began the countdown.




Boom. The window was blown completely open and they rushed inside without the person inside having any time to react. "On the ground, on the ground! Hands where I can see them!" The first officer in shouted. They were aiming their shotgun towards the person, who was now face-down on the ground. The shouting and explosion alerted the others, so the same was done to the other room with the computer, and the suspect inside arrested as well. The team at the front door started moving up and the team on the roof started coming down: they'd pinch anyone else trying to escape. Their plan worked, as two more people came running out. Both were arrested, but there were supposedly five... and then they saw the final door. Three started moving up to it and as soon as he was about to kick it down, the person inside unloaded a shotgun into the door, shredding the officer's leg. One of the other policemen unloaded their rifle through the door in return and something was heard falling to the ground. The policeman went through as the injured one was dragged away. "All units, this is Bravo 6. 5 arrested, 1 killed. rINO is down."


In a much more peaceful setting, a servant opened a door into a large room. He was holding a tray with some biscuits and tea. The room was cosy, with a fireplace heating it up, bookshelves lining the walls and the bright moon shining through the windows. A man sat next to the fireplace, reading Heart of Tertania: a book, still in writing, that was produced by the government about a person who lived in Isonphis. He set it down and looked over to the servant. "Thank you, Alfred. Though... do you know of anything that is happening soon? I feel like I've forgotten something. I was reading this and it mentioned '3 years' and it reminded me of something that I just can't put my finger on..."

"3 years, Master Guthrie?" He paused for a long moment, trying to think of it. "Perhaps something to do with a dead relative, or something with your previous assignments?"

Guthrie's eyes lit up, and he soon burst out: "The third anniversary of my shocking campaign in the Civil Congress! That's it, that's it!"

Alfred wondered why he was so... ecstatic about remembering that. He got one vote, after all - and that was from Tertania. Perhaps it was being called a 'very qualified candidate' in an official news article, but that wouldn't make him this happy... though maybe it just reminded him of simpler times, before there was a country planning on obliterating his own.


Hail the Confederation!