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Refugia Eco-Report - October 2021

Photo Credit: Refuge Isle


Howdy, Refugi and other friendos.

The trees have recently begun to shift their hues to pretty shades of reds, oranges, and yellows as the temperatures start dropping to a more enjoyable, not-dangerously hot temperature. Following the new seasonal eco-report system, its due time to check where we are at on our tree-hugging statistics.

Some of you might be looking at this dispatch and thinking “this looks cool and all, but what exactly is this?” If you find yourself wondering this, you’re likely a first time reader of the epic ongoing series of Refugia Eco-Reports. These legendary Eco-Reports are a requirement put on the Councilor of Culture by RRS 6(c)(i) to update folks on the region’s progress on reaching the environmental goals outlined in the RRS. These have also evolved over time to include extra goodies on nerdy environment stuff for those interested.

Eco-Stat Fun



I’ll note that this has been posted later than I had planned, so some of these stats have changed since the times specified. The timespan we’ll be going over is from June 1 to October 1.

Our first stat we’ll be covering is Eco-Friendliness

Since June, we see that our eco-friendliness initially rose significantly, even passing our goal in the RRS at an amazing 3792.58. However, since then, we’ve seen that dip down to 2498.2, with our recent surge of new nations.

Environmental Beauty


Next up we’ll look at Environmental Beauty

Mirroring the trends demonstrated by the eco-friendliness stat, by July, we reached a high of 1162.15, once again meeting the goal outlined in the RRS. Once again, however, we’ve seen a dip to go alongside the recent population growth down to 920.95.

Despite these setbacks, I would like to point out that for each of these stats, if our trends continued, we would have been very far above our goals, and practically would have shattered them several months early. I’m proud of us for accomplishing that.

I’d like to encourage everyone, however, friends new and old, to answer a couple of issues here and there to boost that stat. I know I will too, especially since I’ve been slacking.

To help boost those environmental stats, here’s a couple of quick tips:

  • Several issues tend to pit environmental options against economical ones. Opting for the environmental ones will often raise the stats significantly, and you’ll even get a banner for it.

  • Don’t worry about setbacks! Issue effects vary with every nation with their unique stats, so unpredictable stat changes or mistakes are natural, and you’ll have the ability to fix them in the future, regardless.

There’s so many nations that’ve done an amazing job in raising their stats, and I’d like to highlight a few of them.

The first nation I’d like to shout out for their progress in Eco-Friendliness is Nekhuser-Ra who, between June 1 and October 1, rose by 1264.84 points, from 4554.2 to 5819.07!

Next up is Northern Endo who, since joining in August, has raised their Eco-Friendliness by a considerable amount. By October, it’s raised from 297.84 to 1558.97, by 1261.13 points.

Our progress is made possible by contributions to Refugia’s eco-stats from viewers like you. Thank you.

Eco-Challenge Results

I BET Y’ALL THOUGHT I FORGOT! Of course, I would never forget anything ever, and it is now time to announce the winners of Argo’s Amazing Eco-Challenges, and give out some card prizes.
The first question asked what common North American bird’s wings whistle when it takes flight, and the first one to send me the correct answer, the mourning dove was Araine. Your card has been sent. Congrats!
The second question was a callback to a past eco-report from December 2019 asking what the eco-advice for that issue was. Chatula was the first to answer this one correctly with “taking public transportation”. Your card has been sent. Congrats!
The last question asked what your nation’s relationship with the environment was. Here are the answers I received:
“Stop global warming duh” -Minskievian Refugees

“Evidently, with insufficient environmentalism, the aquatic habitat will be less suitable for trout. This would not only be morally incomprehensible, but would bring the wrath of Trout God (fishy be their name). Our society is dedicated to the service of Trout God (scaled be their visage) and with every step we strive to bring more trout into the world. However, while trout fishing and eco-friendliness are strongly correlated, they are not inextricably linked. Should an advance in trout farming come at the cost of environmental beauty, any Chatulan citizen would not hesitate to think 'what would Trout God do?' (plentiful be their zooplankton).” -Chatula

“Very good, our nation has worked to reduce the amount of animals that can be hunted/fished as well as the amount of trees that could be cut down.” The Texas Constantium

“Starnian religion and culture is deeply connected to the land. They traditionally believe that they must care for the land so that the land can care for them. However rapid urbanization is causing most of the Star Enpire's citizens to feel disconnected from the land. Urbanization was a deliberate policy of the Starnian government, which decided that the solution to population growth was to concentrate the population into extremely dense cities, leaving the rest of the country open for nature. Today the government helps improve the environment by funding ecological research, monitoring the various nature reserves and parks, and creating new environmental regulations; while the Starnian people work to make their supply chains more eco-friendly and their cities more hospitable to wildlife. Planting community gardens are a popular measure.” -The Star Enpire

“My nation is incredibly close with the environment. Not only is every citizen required to hug a tree every day so that the forest knows it's loved, but the ritual sacrifices provide blood and sweet, nurturing sustenance for the nature around us. Now, you may be thinking, Emily, come on, surely all that blood has corrupted the trees. Surprisingly no! We're pretty sure the leaves were always bright red, and that they turned to watch us as we walked by them even before the sacrifices started. Oh also they generally ask for the hugs, so it's nice that they're getting more confident.” -Sylh Alanor

“‘The Environment' is a 2021 Stoletov Film production that stars Anatoly Rostov and his respected business partners being harassed and attacked by a mythical, supernatural creature known as 'The Environment'. 'The Environment' was the highest grossing film thus far of 2021 and is brought to you by Stoletov Aerospace, I am contractually obliged to remind you, 'Stoletov, is it a bird, is it a plane? Not, it's a CPD 211SA Justicar Class Airfortress with optional anti-personal drone bay!'.
The Corporate Dominion would like to remind everyone that once again please don't outside of Metropolis city boundaries as the air has begun to walk again, we don't know why, we don't how and we don't know how to stop it!” -The corporate dominion

“We survive in an alternate dimension of Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge! A digital plane of magical existence! If there is such a thing as an environment, it can probably be cleaned up by maintenance scripts. Or by nuking and paving the server. Per usual.’ -Refuge Isle

And of course, two random respondents will be receiving a card as well.
Those winners are Minskievian Refugees and The Star Enpire! Congrats, your cards have been sent!

Maintaining good eco-friendly habits can become more difficult in the winter months, so here’s a few tips to keep in mind as the temperatures continue to drop.
If you are able, consider using less heat in the colder months if you can wear more layers or if your house has good insulation. However, remember that safety comes first, so be sure to stay warm and avoid starting a fire.
Here’s a few things to consider while using heaters to limit the chance of starting a fire:
  • Make sure any wires are working and aren’t frayed.

  • Make sure to plug space heaters directly into any power outlets, rather than extension cords.

  • Make sure to keep only one heater per electrical circuit to avoid overloading it.

  • Keep any flammable items away from heaters or open flames.

  • Try not to leave running heaters or active fireplaces unattended.

While we’re on the topic of staying safe, happy late Don’t Die In A Carbon Monoxide Attack Day! It truly is a wonderful habit to upkeep, so make sure to have working carbon monoxide detectors in your house, and if you drive a car, do not leave it running in your garage even if it’s warming up. This is a common cause of death during the winter months.
Now if you’re not able to lower your heating usage, that’s alright! Safety should come first and there are other easy ways to help the environment. Try just using a little less water in your daily life. Keep the water off while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers, do laundry when you have a full load, and making sure to fix any leaks all help to conserve water.


LinkHere’s an article on eco-friendly firecracker substitutes made to be planted rather than burning to lower pollution during Diwali and other celebrations. The plants that grow from the lookalikes are chosen to have a similar look to the firecracker counterparts while lit up, and many of which are also edible as well.

National Geographic has a gallery highlighting a few endangered species with information about them Linkhere.

That’s all for this episode of Argo posts a thing but way later than they wanted.
Hope y’all enjoyed!