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Main Political Parties

The Mexican Honorable House (Senate) holds 62 members and the People’s House (House of Reps) holds 450 members.

The MPPP, MCP, and POH flags were not made by me, I found them online

  • Mexican Peoples Party (MPP): The Mexican Peoples party was founded on June 5th, 1924. It is a center-left to left party. Its political ideology is Social Liberalism, Progressivism, and Social Democracy. It is the leading party in Mexico. It has formed a coalition with the Green party and Mexican Progressive Party. Has 140 Peoples (Person in the People's house) and 32 Horables . It is the 1rst biggest party and the President is a part of it.

    Polices: adding new government programs to help the poor, protecting the environment, to get rid of carbon emissions by 2030 and switch to nuclear energy, treating minorities well, pro union, and give everyone jobs.

  • Mexican Peoples Progressive Party (MPPP): Founded in 1994, April 4th. It is center-left to left. It follows the ideology of Progressivism. It has 115 Peoples, and 10 Honorables. It forms a coalition government with the Mexican Peoples Party and Green Party and is the 2nd biggest party in Mexico. It is more left than the MPP.

    Policies: Wanting Home and Car insurance to be abolished and replaced with government insurance. Replace national health insurance with single payer healthcare, and De-arm Police. It also supports all the things the MPP supports except nuclear power and it wants to eliminate carbon emissions by 2025.

  • Mexican Socialist Party (MSP): Founded in 1972, May 18th. It is a left-wing party. It follows the ideology of Socialism. The Socialist and the Communist party are a part of a coalition. It has 75 Peoples and 10 Honorables. It is the 3rd biggest party in Mexico.

    Polices: Establish a Socialist Government and expand the things people can vote on.

  • Mexican Green Party (MGP: Founded in 1999, Jan 1rst. Its main goal is addressing Climate Change and Protecting the Environment. It has 55 Peoples and 5 Honorables. It is the 4th biggest party.

  • Mexican Conservative Party (MCP): Founded in 1850, February 13th. It is center-right, to right. Follows the ideology of Conservatism, Social Conservatism, and Capitalism. Has 54 Peoples and 3 Honorables. Is the 5th biggest party.

    Polices: Give the Monarchy more power, promote Aztec Family Values, Conserve Aztec Culture, Less Regulations on the market.

  • Mexican Peoples Communist Party (MPCP): Founded in 1940, March 25th. It is Far left, It follows the ideology of Communism, Marxist-Leninism, and Marxism. It has 9 Peoples and 2 Honorables. It is the 6th biggest party.

    Polices: Establish a Communist State, get rid of Religion, culture revolution, get rid of old traditions.

  • Aztec Monarchist Party (AMP): Founded in 1845, May 8th. They want to return to a Monarchy and give the Monarch full power. It is a far right winged party. It has 2 Peoples and 0 Honorables.

    Polices: Restoring the Monarchy, bringing back feudalism, banning all foreign religions, and kicking out Latinos

  • Mexican Centrist United Party (MCUP): The Mexican Centrist Party was founded in 2015, August 9th. They are center although they have been described as Neo-Liberal and Libertarian. It has 2 Peoples and 0 Honorables.

    Policies: private healthcare, no regulation with the market, less restrictions on guns, and de-arming the police.

  • Party of Huitzilopochtli (POH): Founded in 1820, May 26th. It is far right. They believe that people should still make human sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli and are very far right. They are classified as a terrorist organization so they have no representation in the government. They do acts of terrorism and human sacrifices. They come in go every once in awhile and their leader is unknown and why they have been around for so long.