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Bengal Command

Bengal Command

The general officers of the Nawabate of Bengal Army (NBA), were the senior military leaders of the Army. They are often former officers from the Army (the regular army) prior to War, while others were given the rank based on merit or when necessity demanded. Most Bengali generals needed confirmation from the ruling Monarch.

Like all of the Bengali military forces, these generals answered to their civilian leadership.



•Bir Sreshtho
(Bengali: বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ; literally, "The Most Valiant Hero"), the highest gallantry award

•Bir Uttom
(Bengali: বীর উত্তম; literally, "Better among Braves"), the second highest gallantry award

•Bir Bikrom
(Bengali: বীর বিক্রম; literally, "Valiant hero"), the third highest gallantry award

•Bir Protik
(Bengali: বীর প্রতীক; literally, "Symbol of Bravery or Idol of Courage"), the fourth highest gallantry award.

Service Medals

•Order of Military Merit

• Jestha Padak I (10 years service)

• Jestha Padak II (20 years service)

• Jestha Padak III (30 years service)


Nickname: Horseman
Branch: Cavalry
Rank: Major
Wars: • Mysorean war of Bengal Conquest

Nickname: Fox
Branch: Infantry
Rank: Captain
Wars: • Mysorean war of Bengal Conquest