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World Assembly Supremacy Program

Recent Proposals:

GA, November 27th 2021 Repeal “Promotion of Clean Energy”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Xernon
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 430)
Final WA vote: For 11348 (75.1%) | Against 3770 (24.9%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #357 “Promotion of Clean Energy” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses - Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing that GAR#357 “Promotion of Clean Energy” is an important piece of legislation that seeks to promote the use of clean forms of energy in order to reduce and counteract the negative health and environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels,

Noting, however, that GAR#357 fails to adequately provide the milestones and mandates necessary to guide member nations through the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources,

Observing that GAR#357 also fails to establish concrete international efforts or collaborative strategies to promote clean energy use amongst member nations,

Believing that any legislation seeking to promote the utilization of clean energy sources should be grounded in international cooperation, research, and technology development,

Convinced that a replacement resolution is necessary to provide member nations with the comprehensive framework and international cooperation needed to drive the switch in energy reliance from fossil fuels to clean energy sources,

Hereby repeals GAR#357 “Promotion of Clean Energy.”

GA, November 23rd 2021 Emergency Broadcasting Standards: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Hulldom
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 0 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 424)
Final WA vote: For 13769 (89.6%) | Against 1595 (10.4%)
Result: Passed.

Believing that it is prudent for residents of all states to have access to critical information before, during, and after emergencies,

Noting the creation of international standards regarding emergency broadcasting was urged in GA #570 "Disaster Precautions and Responses", hereby:

1. Defines "emergency event", for the purposes of this resolution, as any serious, unexpected, or dangerous situation requiring immediate action to avoid widespread property damage, injury, or loss of life.

2. All member states must create emergency communications systems which shall be utilized to communicate with their residents regarding emergency events.

3. Member states shall utilize a variety of means to communicate with their citizens during an emergency event. These means shall be commensurate with the technology available in each member state.

4. If an emergency event threatens another nation, the member state first affected must notify that nation of the event so they can promptly communicate with their citizens regarding the emergency if the disaster would otherwise be likely to surprise the other nation.

5. Member states shall prioritize the broadcasting of localized or regionalized messaging in emergency events if practical under the circumstances.

6. Member states are required to undertake regular testing of all emergency communications systems and to ensure that the equipment used, if any special equipment is used, is in good repair.

GA, November 19th 2021 Paid Leave Act: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Minskiev
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 7 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 418)
Final WA vote: For 11886 (77.3%) | Against 3482 (22.7%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Accepting that economic growth follows the economic security of workers,

Hoping to both achieve economic security as well as a healthy, growing populace,

Understanding that one such way to achieve these ideals is through paid leave and securing jobs for workers for them to care for themselves and their loved ones, however careful not to excessively interfere with employers' operations,


1. Defines for this resolution:

a. economic security as having a stable income or resources to sufficiently support oneself and one's dependents now and in the foreseeable future;

b. a worker as any individual bound by a contract of employment who works for or services another party as a part of said contract; and

c. paid leave as time which an employer must not require a worker to work for or service another party per their employment contract, during which the worker receives from their employer:

i. compensation sufficient to financially support themselves and their dependents if the receiving worker requires it for economic security;

ii. all non-income benefits that the worker would normally receive that could take away economic security from a worker without it; and

iii. the right to the same job or a job with a similar salary, field of work, necessary skill set, set of employment benefits, work schedule, and work location, once the worker returns from paid leave, should the employer be able to provide it without bankrupting themselves.

2. Mandates that member states provide workers requesting paid leave a minimum of the following durations of paid leave or any higher limits that the World Assembly may subsequently set for their respective conditions:

a. the duration of the worker's illness or injury to recover if the illness or injury directly compromises the worker's or their co-workers' ability to work, unless it is an irreversible illness or injury, in which case the minimum would be four weeks;

b. the duration of the worker's spouse's, child's, parent's, grandparent's, or dependent's illness or injury to care for the affected individual if the illness or injury directly compromises their ability to function, unless it is an irreversible illness or injury, in which case the minimum would be six weeks, should the affected individual require such care from the worker;

c. two weeks per year for general purposes; and

d. twelve weeks to care for the worker's new child, whether from childbirth, adoption, or placement of the new child in foster care, should that child require such care from the worker.

3. Forbids employers from terminating the employment of a worker, reducing the benefits or compensation of a worker, or disciplining a worker with the reason being the worker filed for paid leave, and forbids employers from terminating the employment of a worker while they are on paid leave,

4. Declares that workers must alert their employers as soon as they are aware of any foreseeable events or conditions that may induce the worker to file for paid leave in the future,

5. Restates and clarifies that:

a. member states and employers may not impose conditions for granting paid leave;

b. the paid leave minimums only apply to workers on contracts for at least twelve weeks longer than the minimum paid leave duration of the worker's respective condition for paid leave;

c. only the filing worker is granted paid leave;

d. paid leave under 2d ends when the worker's child no longer requires care from the worker if it is within the twelve weeks;

e. member states pay the financial compensation outlined in 1ci unless it is general-purposes paid leave, in which case the filing worker's employer pays, however, employers of workers filing for general-purposes paid leave may force the workers' member states to provide the financial compensation throughout the paid leave if the employer employs less than fifty workers; and

f. employers and member states may increase the duration of paid leave beyond the minimums listed in this resolution.

SC, November 14th 2021 Commend Joe Bobs: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Apatosaurus
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 410)
Final WA vote: For 2628 (18.1%) | Against 11872 (81.9%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Noting that Joe Bobs has been an exemplary contributor to various historically significant regions and to the noble cause of defending,

Recalling Joe Bobs' beginnings as a member of Q102, where it had already garnered praise for its admirable government policies, especially:

i. Having one of the most exemplary historians in NationStates, whose works are best displayed through the incredibly well-detailed documentation of the Bobbian Civil War, even documenting foreign aid to the same level of detail,

ii. Running an extremely reliable News Agency that has recorded much of the history of Joe Bobs in astonishing levels of detail, from the attempted invasion by the neighbouring nation of Mweeha to a failed military coup d’etat attempt, and

iii. Showing dedication to utopian policies, notably through its universal healthcare, strong opposition to the death penalty, support of the environment and extensive protections of animal rights,

Delighted by Joe Bobs’ contributions to regional politics within Q102, especially through its work as an extremely effective Immigrations and Officials Minister; its diligence in recruitment helped build Q102 into one of the most active regions of its era and increased its size by over 18% in only 3 months; and its introduction of a formal alliance with Europa, which became such a close ally of Q102 that Q102's community later designated the alliance as one of most valued regional relationships at the time,

Acknowledging that Joe Bobs was a central figure in the creation of the Q102 Hall of Fame, allowing the best contributors to Q102 to be officially recognised, and founded the Q102 University, a place for national leaders learn about various subjects, then going on to teach various subjects there such as Philosophy, Literature and NationStates history,

Applauding Joe Bobs' extraordinary show of leadership and diligence when it founded the Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC) in 2006, which helped in the fight against the reprehnsible ideologies of Nazism and racism; Joe Bobs built the ARC into one of the largest historical inter-regional coalitions, with over 500 individual members and several noteworthy regions such as The New Meritocracy and Belgium, and then went on to serve as Chairman (leader) of the ARC,

Impressed by Joe Bobs' significant contributions to the Global Right Alliance (GRA), working tirelessly to build its community and helping start the innovative form of government known as the "rotatorship", where each week a ruler would be chosen to have absolute power, helping increase regional engagement in an entertaining way,

Hailing Joe Bobs' pivotal role in the creation of the GRA Economy program as President, which encouraged government participation by rewarding regional "cash" for participation, as well as Joe Bobs' reorganisation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by dividing it into the Ministries of Culture and Activity, allowing for further focus on both departments,

Acclaiming that Joe Bobs played an important role in rebuilding the GRA Defence Forces from a relatively inactive state around 2010 through both recruitment and structural reforms, soon making it a dominant force in defending again,

Cognisant that following the GRA's relaunch in 2014 after years of inactivity, Joe Bobs helped rebuild regional infrastructure by creating legislation that defined judicial procedures, World Assembly Delegate elections, and Speaker succession, ensuring the region had integral procedures in place during its redevelopment,

Celebrating Joe Bobs’ work within the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA), where it notably held a very successful term as Arch-Chancellor in 2014, during which it took action for the FRA to become further involved in the stabilizing of recently raided regions, and hosted the third iteration of FRAVision, a worldwide singing competition that was widely successful and helped promote the FRA,

Extolling Joe Bobs' compiling of the histories of various significant regions, most notably by authoring an in-depth documentation of the history of the GRA known as the "General History of the GRA", and creating a public library in the FRA of the history of multiple important regions such as United Kingdom while Arch-Chancellor; this helped ensure the public accessibilies of regional histories for years to come, and

Believing that while Joe Bobs' flag and national symbol, the penguin, being cute and fluffy is not necessarily enough for interregional recognition, Joe Bobs' achievements in various regions and to the defender cause serve as extraordinary examples of hard work and dedication, and are worthy of the honour,

Hereby Commends Joe Bobs.

SC, November 9th 2021 The Zombie Apocalypse: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Concrete Slab
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 7 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 413)
Final WA vote: For 4749 (35.3%) | Against 8716 (64.7%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Relieved it is finally safe to emerge from the bunker of the World Assembly Headquarters,

Concerned about the number of World Assembly ambassadors inquiring about the nearest supply of “brainsssssss,”

Wondering if this is due to the recent resurgence of the zombie virus or whether these esteemed ambassadors are simply taunting their colleagues,

Realizzzzzzing the zombie virus reappears at suspiciously consistent intervals of time, extremely similar to the annual “N-Day,”

Asserts that the tenth resurgence of the zombie virus, hereby denoted as “Z-Day,” has recently concluded across the multiverse,

Distraught that this iteration of Z-Day claimed the lives of more citizens of the multiverse than ever before, with a shocking 743.3 trillion brains consumed by the virus, with an additional 168.4 trillion life-forms still being afflicted before a cure could be found,

Disgusted at the blunders of the World Z-Day Preparedness Center insofar that there “cure” has failed to prevent the zombie virus from carving through the multiverse every year, claiming hundreds of trillions of innocent lives,

Horrified that seven hours into the tenth Z-Day, the data banks of the World Z-Day Preparedness Center suddenly crashed, losing all progress on a cure to the novel zombie virus and allowing the undead to gain a critical foothold,

Lauding the groundbreaking strategies employed by The North Pacific allowing them to finish Z-Day with not even a single zombie left to feast on the delicious and delectable brains of their population of 28.7 trillion, the largest amount of citizens housed by a region in the entire multiverse,

Noting that while the guidelines of the annual “N-Day” are clearly understood by all nations of the multiverse, confusion abounds among less organized regions and nations on how to combat the zombie apocalypse and what the information put forth by the World Z-Day Preparedness Center during the crisis actually means,

Wondering if, in light of all these events, the World Z-Day Preparedness Center is actually on the side of the living,

Seeking to unmask the secrets of this organization so that this Security Council may better prepare for the inevitable future battle against the zombies,

Hereby affirms that:

a. nations have three options to pursue during Z-Day: utilizing Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads to murder the undead, researching a cure to the zombie virus and using missiles to convert zombies back to living citizens, or embracing Zombie Hordes by spreading the infection to other nations within a region,

b. the zombie apocalypse persists for approximately 36 hours,

c. the “Z-Rating” put forth by the World Z-Day Preparedness Center indicates the change in zombie populations within regions as the event progresses, with a negative Z-Rating indicating that zombie populations are being converted to the living while a positive Z-Rating indicates living populations are turned into zombies,

d. multiple factors influence this Z-Rating, including: the number of nations within a region researching a cure to the zombie virus, the size of nations within a region researching a cure to the zombie virus, and the amount of living citizens vs. infected citizens within a region,

e. the potency of Cure Missiles is influenced by the living population of the nation firing the missile as well as the zombie population of the nation being fired upon, with these Missiles curing less and less citizens as the zombie population decreases,

f. having no zombies within a nation decreases the speed of cure research,

g. the effectiveness of Zombie Hordes is similar to that of Cure Missiles, with the zombie population of the nation unleashing the horde being the biggest factor,

h. the effectiveness of Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads is not impacted by the decreasing zombie population of a targeted nation,

i. if left unchecked, zombies will begin to turn into dead citizens naturally,

Hoping this information will aid in the annual battle against the undead,

Hereby declares this Council’s steadfast commitment against the zombie horde, using whatever means necessary to safeguard the exquisite brainss of the citizens of the world.

GA, November 8th 2021 Paid Leave Act: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Miskiev
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 409)
Final WA vote: For 5771 (39%) | Against 9009 (61%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Firmly believing that economic growth follows the economic security of workers,

Hoping to achieve both economic security and a healthy, growing populace,

Understanding that one such way to achieve these enviable ideals is through the secure introduction of paid leave and job security for workers everywhere, allowing those workers to care better for themselves and their loved ones, although remaining cautious against excessively interfering with employers' operations,


1. Defines for this resolution:

a. "job security" as the assurance that one will likely remain in their job or a job with a similar salary, field of work, necessary skill set, set of employment benefits, work schedule, and work location now and for the foreseeable future;

b. a "worker" as any individual bound by a contract of employment who works for another party as a part of said contract; and

c. "paid leave" as time that a worker may not be required to work for their employers or any other party as part of their employment contract but during which that worker, and only that worker, still unconditionally receives from their employer the same pay, benefits, and job security as they would usually receive according to their contract.

2. Mandates that member states provide workers a minimum of the following durations of paid leave or any higher limits that the World Assembly may subsequently set for their respective conditions if their contract employs them for at least twelve weeks longer than the minimum duration of the worker's respective condition, or at least sixteen weeks in total if the paid leave has no predefined duration:

a. the duration of a worker's illness or injury for recovery;

b. the duration of a family member or dependent's illness or injury to care for the affected individual;

c. two weeks per year for general purposes; and

d. twelve weeks to care for a worker's new child, whether through childbirth, adoption, or foster care, should that child require such care from the worker.

3. Forbids member states and employers from terminating employment, reducing benefits or compensation, or disciplining any worker because they filed for paid leave, and additionally forbids employers from terminating the employment of a worker while they are on paid leave,

4. Declares that a worker must give sufficient notice to their employer if they foresee any future events, or an event has occurred where giving advance notice was implausible, if those events should induce a worker to obtain paid leave,

5. Allows any employer of a worker filing for paid leave to require that worker's first member state of citizenship to provide any financial compensation throughout that paid leave if the employer employs less than fifty workers, and

6. Restates and clarifies that:

a. paid leave under 2a and 2b is only applicable if:

i. for 2a, the illness or injury directly compromises the worker's or their co-workers' ability to work;

ii. for 2b, the illness or injury directly compromises the affected individual's ability to function;

iii. for both 2a and 2b, the illness or injury is reversible; if not, the leave ends after four weeks; and

iv. for 2b, no one of closer familial relations can care for that family member.

b. paid leave under 2d ends when the worker's child no longer requires care from the worker, even if it is within the twelve allotted weeks; and

c. employers and member states may increase the duration of paid leave beyond the minimums listed in this resolution.

Co-author: Thousand Branches

GA, November 4th 2021 Homelessness Mitigation and Protections Act: A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.
Author: Xernon
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 0 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 402)
Final WA vote: For 13079 (86.5%) | Against 2048 (13.5%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Acknowledging the negative impact of homelessness on the health, social, and economic indicators of member nations, and

Believing that additional solutions are necessary for combatting homelessness,

Hereby enacts the following:

1. For the purposes of this resolution:

a. ''homelessness" refers to the lack of reliable access to physical housing and consistent housing amenities. This includes living on the streets, in temporary shelters and boarding houses, or with friends and relatives intermittently, and excludes those independently pursuing nomadic life-styles.

b. "housing status" refers to whether an inhabitant is homeless or not.

2. The Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) is established and shall be responsible for:

a. Collecting annual data from member nations pertaining to: the population of homeless inhabitants, measures taken by member nations to prevent homelessness, and the efficacy of those measures.

b. Collaborating with member nations to establish annual homeless population reduction milestones, also referred to as homelessness reduction milestones, taking into account each member nation's resources and fiscal status.

c. Researching innovative strategies in home construction, land use planning, and urban development to maximize affordable housing.

d. Employing volunteer based efforts to construct permanent housing for homeless inhabitants in low resource member nations.

3. Member nations must establish local housing agencies tasked with providing homeless inhabitants or inhabitants at risk of homelessness with housing resources and case management services.

4. Member nations shall guarantee all inhabitants, regardless of housing status, the right to:

a. Access and use spaces designated for public use, including public parks, sidewalks, libraries, and transportation, within their normal hours of operation and for their designated purpose. Cases where an inhabitant poses a clear and present danger to the safety of those around them shall be an exception to this clause.

b. Register for and receive government documents and services.

5. Member nations shall enact laws that prohibit discrimination in employment and employment-related decisions based on housing status. This excludes assessing an employee or candidate's geographic location when making employment-related decisions.

6. Member nations must provide inhabitants experiencing homelessness with access to the following services:

a. Emergency and preventative healthcare.

b. Food assistance either directly via food vouchers or in collaboration with local food banks.

c. Vocational training and job finding assistance.

6. Member nations shall endeavor to achieve their homelessness reduction milestones. As part of this, member nations must:

a. Create systems of welfare to assist low-income homeless inhabitants or inhabitants at risk of homelessness with security deposits, rent and utility payments, and housing search services.

b. Establish nationally-based systems extending to local governments dedicated to the distribution of resources for the development of affordable housing.

c. Implement permanent housing accommodations for the disabled and inhabitants with chronic health conditions who may be at an increased risk of homelessness. Such accommodations shall not be segregated from other residential communities nor shall they be considered an inheritable entitlement. Inhabitants retain their right to free movement.

d. Create a homelessness strategy that targets youth populations experiencing child abuse, domestic violence, or parental substance use that may lead to youth homelessness.

e. Facilitate full and free access to education for homeless children by providing them with the transportation and resources necessary to attend school.

f. Enact laws that protect inhabitants from the loss of their residential property without legal justification or fair compensation. For purposes of this resolution, legal justification refers to foreclosure or seizure due to criminal or civil misconduct in accordance with the laws of member nations.

g. Equip night shelters, whose primary function is to eliminate the challenges attributed to health risks and diseases encountered by lack of sleep or sanitary places to sleep, with security cameras, bathrooms, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

8. The WA General Accounting Office (GAO) shall allocate and provide funds at the request of any member nation for the purposes of complying with this legislation, so long as the recipient member nation:

a. Uses the funds exclusively to fulfill the mandates of this legislation, and

b .Is deemed to be a low resource nation, or

c. Is suffering from an economic downturn that renders it unable to achieve its homelessness reduction milestones.

Co-authored by Hulldom and Maowi.

GA/SC, November 2nd 2021 Commend Cassadaigua: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 0 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 402)
Final WA vote: For 11094 (80.7%) | Against 2652 (19.3%)
Result: Passed.


INTRODUCING The Matriarchy of Cassadaigua as the only nation to have won all of the following five major single-sport competitions:

the football World Cup (WC) at its 50th and 51st editions;

the World Baseball Classic (WBC) at its 14th, 16th, 19th and 50th editions;

the gridiron World Bowl at its 8th, 22nd and 40th editions;

the International Basketball Championships (IBC) at their 13th edition; and

the World Cup of Hockey (i.e. ice hockey) at its 11th and 39th editions;

RECALLING that, while neither the first or the last to have done so, Cassadaigua remains one of the most successful nations to have fielded all-female teams in international competition (most notably their seven victorious squads in the WC, WBC and IBC); especially given its excellent yet ongoing progress towards achieving gender equality in a matriarchal framework, which has been spurred largely by a long-running non-violent movement known as Male Equality Now;

AWARE that many of Cassadaigua's iconic sportswomen continue to inspire women and girls everywhere to this day, including but by no means limited to:

Courtney Ferguson, who captained the Cassadagan football team from their debut in 30th Baptism of Fire until their group stage exit at the 45th WC - delivering leadership without which Cassadaigua may well have been a nondescript and much-forgotten sporting nation - before serving as Nethertopia's assistant manager as they came third at the 51st WC;

Jessica Schanke, a quietly confident player whose winning goal in the final of the 51st WC consolidated her reputation as perhaps Cassadaigua's best striker in their early years of success;

Rachel Schanke, Jessica's granddaughter, who has captained the national football team since the 86th WC - where she scored three in their epic semifinal defeat to Nephara - and remains one of Cassadaigua's most prolific players of recent times;

Hannah Ranucci, who started for Cassadaigua after its return from a years-long absence from football at the 78th WC, took over the captaincy before the start of the 81st and remained dangerous in front of goal until her retirement after the 84th WC; and

Stacie Houston, who not only won the 7th series of the NSSCRA (the multiverse's leading stock car racing championship), but also established an eponymous Foundation which seeks to provide essential and targeted support for people with disabilities of all ages;

APPLAUDING the tireless work not only of the Concord Heights Times' journalists (Chelsea Dufresne foremost among them in recent years) but also, on many occasions, the blogs of many Cassadagan sportspeople themselves for helping to deliver to the multiverse unabashedly opinionated yet highly informative tales of Cassadaigua's triumphs, tragedies, successes and failures since time immemorial;

RECOGNISING that Cassadaigua has successfully organised many enjoyable and well-run sporting events, most prominently:

an astonishing six WBCs - second only to Newmanistan - with almost no outside help whatsoever: the 18th, 26th, 40th, 43rd, 45th and 50th;

four WCs: the 54th (co-hosted with The babbage islands), 67th (with Equestrian States, now known as Equestria), 84th (with the Commonwealth of Baker Park) and 88th (with Chromatika);

three Cups of Harmony, for the best football teams to have missed out on the WC: the 57th, 73rd (both co-hosted with Equestria) and 79th (with Northwest kalactin); as well as

hosting and helping interested nations sign up for the 9th Volleyball World Expo by themselves in 2020 - a tournament which had not been held in three years but which is now consistently being run for the first time since 2011-12;

NOTING that dedicated and reliable Cassadagan administrators have also served as:

World Cup Committee Vice-President from the 55th to the 57th and then from the 61st to the 63rd WCs; where they oversaw host votes involving bids from the Presidents' home countries in each term, thus helping to prevent conflicts of interest that could have damaged trust in the Committee; and then

WBC Council President from the 44th to the 46th and then from the 50th to the 52nd WBCs; where they distributed WBC signup forms, organised host votes, oversaw the induction of nations into the WBC's Council and Hall of Fame, and established an official World Baseball Classic mission for continuity purposes; and

OBSERVING that the multidisciplinary excellence of Cassadaigua, although matched by few (if any) in the sporting world, is respected by almost all nations which are aware of their contributions to international sports, and should similarly be appreciated by this august body:

HEREBY COMMENDS The Matriarchy of Cassadaigua.

GA, October 31st 2021 Access to Effective Medications: A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.
Author: Xanthorrhoea
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 3 | Against 2 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 404)
Final WA vote: For 8620 (54.9%) | Against 7087 (45.1%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly:

Recognising the numerous social, humanitarian and economic benefits of a healthy, happy populace, and the importance of access to effective medication in maintaining this health and happiness;

Recalling the efforts of resolutions such as GA 41 Access to Life-Saving Drugs, GA 333 Preserving Antimicrobials, GA 429 Traditional Medicine, and GA 571 Access to Transgender Hormone Therapy to improve access to safe and effective medication worldwide;

Noting, despite these efforts, the ongoing disproportionate distribution of access to effective medications between nations, and between peoples within nations, including the significant impact of poverty and income inequality on this access, and noting the lack of a globally accepted standard of medical treatment;

Seeking to reaffirm and strengthen its commitment to improving the health of all peoples, regardless of World Assembly (WA) membership status, hereby enacts the following:

1. The World Medications Council (henceforth the WMC) is established as a branch of the World Health Authority, with the purpose of improving access to safe, efficacious, and cost-effective medications in all nations. The WMC shall have the following duties:

a. To assess and record the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of all known medications, defined as any substance used to diagnose, prevent, treat, or manage the symptoms of disease, medical and/or psychological conditions (including for the purposes of disinfection, immunisation, contraception, abortion, hormone therapy, and euthanasia). In assessing a medication, the WMC must consider:

i. A medication’s safety, including the severity and frequency of known adverse effects, the therapeutic range, toxicity, interactions with other medications, and requirements for that medication's safe storage, handling, and administration;

ii. The impact of patient factors on a medication’s safety, including species, pregnancy, intercurrent medical and/or psychological conditions, employment, and lifestyle factors;

iii. A medication’s efficacy for all clinical indications for which it is used, including the magnitude of effect, whether a medication is curative or requires ongoing use, the therapeutic dose, frequency of dosing, duration of therapy, and synergistic or adverse effects when used with other medications;

iv. A medication’s relative cost-effectiveness, including the medication's price, total cost of therapy, costs associated with storage, handling and transport, staff training and safety protocols required for its use, and relative cost and efficacy compared to other available medications used for the same or similar purposes; and

v. Any other factors it deems relevant.

b. To, based on this assessment, create and maintain an Effective Medications List (henceforth the EML), containing those medications that are best suited to meet the needs of an effective health system.

c. To regularly assess and update the EML based upon the current scientific consensus.

d. To undertake activities to promote access to medications on the EML in all WA member nations (henceforth members).

e. To promote access to medications on the EML in non-WA member nations, with the consent of and according to the laws of those nations.

2. All members must provide access to all medications included in the EML to all residents of their nation, unless one of the following exceptions applies. Nations are not required to provide access to a medication:

a. That is illegal, or for purposes that are illegal in that nation, for all of their residents;

b. For purposes other than the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or management of disease, medical and/or psychological conditions for which that medication has an established clinical use; or

c. That they cannot provide access to for reasons outside their control. In this case, they must provide access to an available similarly effective alternative, and provide access to the unavailable medication as soon as possible.

3. Members must ensure that medications are priced in a way that allows all residents to afford all the medications they require while maintaining an adequate standard of living.

4. Members are encouraged to minimise the cost of medications to patients through all appropriate means, including subsidising common and/or effective medications, standardising prices, enforcing strong anti-trust legislation, and creating special access schemes for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Co-authored by Tinhampton

SC, October 29th 2021 Commend Nephara: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 392)
Final WA vote: For 11985 (89.1%) | Against 1467 (10.9%)
Result: Passed.


COGNIZANT that, although thousands of nations have competed in the past 89 editions of the World Cup (the multiverse's oldest and greatest football competition), few get to reach football's pinnacle, and even fewer do so as rapidly and effectively as The Grand Union of Nephara, known prior to the 69th World Cup as New Sideburn;

IMPRESSED by what the Cormorants, as Nephara's national football team has always been affectionately known, have achieved with their renowned brand of pace-focused, physical and pressing-oriented football, most notably being:

one of only four nations to win the much-coveted "Triple Crown" of World Cup Committee (WCC)-run tournaments: the 51st Baptism of Fire, the 61st Cup of Harmony, and ultimately the 74th and 87th World Cups;

winners of Rushmore's regional football tournament, the Copa Rushmori, four times (including on each of the past three occasions), more than any other nation except Pasarga (4) and Polar islandstates (5); and

able to boast of winning five Campionati Esportiva (Esportiva's regional football tournament) - a figure matched only by their old colony of Brenecia, which also won the 80th World Cup;

RECOGNISING the Nepharan football league pyramid as one of the most organised, well-documented, and renowned such systems in the world, as well as one which has historically proven itself successful on the international stage; its clubs won two Champions' Cups, three Globe Cups, and a Youth Cup when those competitions were still run by the UICA (not to mention AFC Treason's youth team winning the Rising Stars Cup in the modern IFCF era twice, including a famous 0-0 win on away goals in the inaugural final);

APPRECIATING the international outreach efforts of Nephara's football association: both in helping to educate new or otherwise confused FAs about how to set up, maintain, and present their own national football leagues; as well as in organising an exchange where clubs in all football-playing nations can buy and sell players (at a sensible price, of course);

AWARE that, like all great sporting nations, Nepharan influence and values stretch far beyond the trophy cabinet; for example:

Markus Rensenbrink has put in major commitment to serve in the two greatest roles of responsibility in international football, firstly as Vice-President and then, for one cycle, President of the WCC;

The late, great Gethin Ramsey - whose daughter Triffid now manages the Cormorants - not only won the Baptism of Fire with his homeland but also led three countries (Nephara, Cosumar and The Licentian Isles) to the World Cup proper, the only manager in history to do so;

The nation also overcame a lack of dedicated rugby stadia, plus flooding that devastated the city of Brinemouth and brought significant political tensions, to solely host the 13th Rugby League World Cup and its 40 participants;

Nepharim sports publication KarlingSport oversaw the announcement of the list of Galacticos, a totally non-arbitrary list of the multiverse's best and brightest footballers in any given season, for five cycles of international football (the last two UICA and first three IFCF cycles), before compatriots and energy drink bottlers First Wind took over in time for IFCF 4; and

The work of the Herald (previously called the Brinemouth Herald) must also be applauded for bringing the Cormorants to the attention of the wider world through a skilful journalistic combination of match reports, expert post-mortem analysis, and even the occasional dedicated article about Nepharan politics;

EMPHASISING the significance of Nephara's work during April 2017's nuclear apocalypse in helping the International Geese Brigades (IGB) become the world's third-most successful faction (and the only top-ten faction not to have been irradiated at all), especially considering their position as the IGB's Morale Officer and their participation in the final attack that brought the IGB's rank from eighth to third; and

BELIEVING that the international sporting community has never quite had it so good in large part thanks to the influence of Nephara - consistent, timely, occasionally sharp but never unappreciated:

HEREBY COMMENDS The Grand Union of Nephara.

GA, October 27th 2021 Repeal “Protected Working Leave”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Minskiev
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 388)
Final WA vote: For 8889 (67.1%) | Against 4354 (32.9%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #527 “Protected Working Leave” (Category: Regulation; Area of Effect: Labour Rights) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Lauding GA#527's intent to protect workers' economic and social security, yet aware of GA#527's many shortcomings, the General Assembly repeals GA#527 for the following reasons:

1. GA#527 contains a slew of imprecise, vague, and exploitable language, including but not limited to:

a. guaranteeing workers returning from paid leave the same or a comparable job as to what they had before "should their employer reasonably be able to provide such," effectively undermining the goal of that subclause by allowing employers to hurt workers with unjust demotions per the word reasonable,

b. "serious illness" and "seriously ill," allowing workers to request paid leave on a whim per the vagueness of the words serious and seriously,

c. requiring workers to give "reasonable notice" or alert their employers of any "serious health conditions" that may require them to take paid leave, yet more poor wording that causes unnecessary workplace trouble in the case of notices that disallow employers to adequately adjust, on top of the concerns with using "serious" as listed in the above bulletpoint,

d. how employers may not impose "unnecessarily onerous conditions" for paid leave, an easy way for employers to restrict workers' rights and prevent employees from taking paid leave per the ambiguity of unnecessarily onerous,

e. how member nations may place the burden of compensating workers on paid leave onto the workers' employer if the employer can provide it "without significant financial strain," which could result in small businesses and large corporations carrying the same weight, increasing bankruptcy risk among small businesses and thus creating social and economic instability for the owners of said bankrupt smaller businesses and its employees,

f. the vagueness of a "comparable job," which doesn't specify how the job is comparable, thus opening the door to salary decreases, a change to a field the employee is uninterested in, a different necessary skill set for the job, a combination of these factors, or other factors, and

g. how subclause 5a only protects workers from "unnecessarily onerous conditions" from employers, leaving room for malign member state actors to oppress its workforce due to the lack of restrictions on their placing of conditions upon workers filing for paid leave,

2. GA#527's definition of worker fails to differentiate between employees on perpetual contracts and non-perpetual contracts, ultimately allowing employees on time-limited contracts to request paid leave on the first day of their employment and remain on paid leave until the end of it,

3. GA#527 forbids employers from not giving employees the same or comparable jobs on return even when impossible but additionally allows exceptions for when it is both impossible or "unreasonable," contradicting itself, and

4. Clause 2 of GA#527 states employers must give workers "a reasonable duration of paid leave" if they request it under certain poorly-worded conditions; one example being "to care for a seriously ill or physically or mentally disabled spouse, child below the age of majority, parent, grandparent, or dependent should they require such care [to the extent necessary to adequately service this condition]." Such wording allows for excessive paid leave; a worker caring for their infant offspring (who cannot live independently) will receive paid leave for years, and a worker caring for their mentally disabled parent (who again needs care) may receive paid leave for even longer. Moreover, a business, perhaps one with considerable leverage over an employee, may argue "reasonable" and "adequately" to mean, for example, a period that wouldn't allow an employee to recover fully from a "serious illness" to not endanger their fellow employees. The lack of a minimum or maximum paid leave length requirement only worsens this.

SC, October 25th 2021 Commend Libertanny: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Aivintis
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: [url=]Discussion Thread[/url]
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 3 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 4
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 383)
Final WA vote: For 5321 (36.7%) | Against 9177 (63.3%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Believing that there exists few nations of such caliber that can permanently better the fates of their regions through work of extraordinary difficulty and nearly unmatched inspiration, of which Libertanny of The East Pacific (TEP) can be counted,

Applauding Libertanny’s contributions to TEP as Minister of Information in early 2018 and Chief Minister of Communications in late 2018, a period in which they worked to involve members of the unrepresented Regional Message Board (RMB) community within the Ministry, and played an integral role in expanding the reach and scope of the Eastern Pacific News Service (EPNS) as an informative tool, also repealing the EPNS Act (which heavily restricted the operations of the EPNS) in the Magisterium so that the EPNS could function with greater flexibility and effectiveness,

Identifying Libertanny’s contributions to design and art in TEP, serving as Minister of Design in late 2018, where they engaged a formerly decaying ministry, circulating various design programs to assist nations in their pursuits, and creating numerous designs including the TEP delegate seal as well as various flags, badges, and awards.

Admiring Libertanny’s valiant efforts to oppose the 2019 coup d’etat of TEP by Fedele via the founding of a legislative bloc which actively and publicly opposed Fedele’s actions, the proposal of a symbolic Magisterial resolution to condemn Fedele for openly ignoring regional law, and the assistance in unendorsement campaigns during the coup to depose the usurper, ultimately playing a vital role to overcome the subversion,

Recognizing Libertanny’s restructuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the coup, creating a new leadership council consisting of senior diplomats and delegating leadership responsibilities to it, helping democratize the decision-making process, ease the burden of leadership, and allow for such greater efficiency that it remains in use to this day,

Noting Libertanny’s extensive structural reforms of TEP’s Government during their eight-month tenure as Delegate, including but not limited to:

i. Empowering World Assembly influence in the region by establishing the independence of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs from the purview of any other ministries, strengthening its decision-making power and building engagement within this very Assembly,

ii. Creating Ambassador positions for various, underrepresented communities within TEP's government, such as the RMB and the Cards Association, TEAPOT; connecting TEP’s government to more isolated parts of the region and fostering a greater sense of community in TEP,

iii. Instituting the precedent of allowing regional legislature representation in treaty negotiations, improving upon the prolonged process of drafting treaties and eliminating a large hindrance to the advancement of interregional diplomacy, and

iv. Directing the creation of REWARD without aid, a World Assembly Development Program which has strengthened regional security by incentivizing the endorsement of regional security officers and encouraged a more vibrant endorsement culture within the region,

Saluting Libertanny’s contributions to TEP diplomacy during their delegacy, mainly by building treaties emphasizing goodwill, mutual defense, and cooperation, with regions such as The Free Nations Region and Thaecia, both of which have become some of TEP’s closest allies,

Appreciating Libertanny’s initiative in creating and helping to host all editions of the well regarded 2020 “Paradoxical Event”, a gaming festival regularly enjoyed by 100+ nations; this boosted regional activity for participating regions, and encouraging the forming of new and bountiful international relationships; and in founding the subsequent “Paradoxical Corporation,” which will continue to host such events,

Accrediting that Libertanny has single-handedly transformed and bettered The East Pacific as a respected leader, hard worker, and reformer on a caliber befitting such a commendation,

Hereby Commends Libertanny.

Co-authored by Ponthieu.

GA, October 23rd 2021 Repeal “World Assembly Headquarters”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Kavarad
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: [url=]Discussion Thread[/url]
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 383)
Final WA vote: For 5116 (33.3%) | Against 10226 (66.7%)
Result: Failed to pass.

General Assembly Resolution #8 “World Assembly Headquarters” (Category: Political Stability; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The General Assembly,

Noting that GA#8 was passed by a slim margin many years ago,

Observing that many important global events have befallen the international community since that time,

Aware that many of the staff working inside the World Assembly Headquarters would be better off working from home in this day and age,

Cognizant of the carbon emissions resulting from the semi-regular travel of thousands of delegations to and from a single international headquarters,

Suggesting that decreasing the degree of travel necessary for WA diplomats to do their jobs may well aid in the fight against climate change,

Asserting that there are many other uses for the land on which the World Assembly Headquarters currently resides that would provide far more social good, such as, but not limited to:

Free social housing

Affordable social housing

Extortionate social housing

A shopping centre

Many pubs

The world’s largest brothel

Decorative rubble

Conceding that there may be some alternative uses that might provide a net negative to the international community, such as an office for a law firm,

Ignoring this on the grounds that lawyers will likely be dealt with when the revolution comes,

Hereby Repeals GA#8 “World Assembly Headquarters”.

SC, October 21st 2021 Condemn Wickedly evil people: A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.
Author: Giovanniland
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 3 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 3
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 338)
Final WA vote: For 12624 (85.3%) | Against 2182 (14.7%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognizing Wickedly evil people (WEP), also known as Eli, as one of the oldest and most populous nations of the multiverse, yet saddened that they decided to constantly serve as an obstacle to achieving stability in the West Pacific for several years during its early history;

Beginning with the fact that WEP successfully claimed the delegacy of the West Pacific after the chaos that ensued in November 2005 when Minineenee's West Pacific Dominion was dissolved, creating the West Pacific Triumvirate together with other long-time members such as Tao the watcher;

Recalling that, while the Triumvirate was initially driven by three nations, WEP later turned against the other two members and held onto power alone until June 2006 (when negotiations with the Government in Exile finished), committing various villainous actions while in control:

the establishment of a draconian endorsement limit of 50, giving residents only two days to comply or be removed from the region even though the previous limit was higher;

the banishment of over 70 long-term residents from the region, many of which had no political aspirations at all, as well as prominent members that would later become delegates, including Bhang Bhang Duc, Westwind, and BIteland;

the enlistment of nations from other regions, such as Unistrut and Pierconium (a nation condemned by this very Council), that held important roles like administering regional communication platforms in order to cement the Triumvirate's control of the region, demonstrating a foreign influence in the government imposed against residents' wishes;

Aghast that the West Pacific Triumvirate was not WEP's only subversion to the delegacy of the West Pacific, as the nation first worked closely with Gatesville, a region also condemned by this Council, to get the Gatesville agent Lots of ants into the delegacy in March 2008 and then purposefully make that nation go into inactivity to destabilize the region; the leader of WEP was later given control of Lots of Ants towards the end of the delegacy and used this fact for their own benefit by posting a "farewell" address and resigning from the World Assembly as Lots of Ants only to assume the seat as WEP in April 2008, staying for around a month in the position;

Horrified that WEP again seized the delegacy of the West Pacific in January 2009, destabilizing the region by declaring the former Constitution void, disbanding the entire government including the notable West Pacific Liberation Force, and then building a committee-style government that again featured nations condemned by this Council such as Pierconium and Minineenee, actions that enabled WEP's delegacy to last for over 100 days until it was ousted in a counter-coup by Rolheath with the aid of Lone Wolves United in April 2009;

Appalled that in all three mentioned delegacies, WEP actively undermined the existing democratic institutions present in the region for most of its early history, replacing it with governments based on the authoritarian principle of delegate supremacy that goes against the democratic ideals of the Security Council, eventually serving as a basis for later West Pacifican governments to strengthen this principle and allow it to last to the present day;

Concluding that WEP’s role in overthrowing various iterations of a government, holding power for over a year across these three reigns, and undermining democratic ideals, even if concentrated in only one region, certainly changed the course of history, and sadly served as an inspiration or even a training ground for nations such as Durkadurkiranistan ii, also condemned by this Council, to plan more coups in other major regions; and

Wishing to finally bring justice by highlighting WEP's wickedly evil deeds as an example that no nation should follow;

Hereby condemns Wickedly evil people.

GA, October 19th 2021 Omnibus Due Process Act: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Imperium Anglorium
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 387)
Final WA vote: For 10199 (73.3%) | Against 3711 (26.7%)
Result: Passed.

Whereas recent legal developments have led to the repeal of GA 443 “Preventing the Execution of Innocents”, and the repeal of various provisions protecting the rights of criminal defendants writ large, rather than just in terms of capital prosecutions:

And whereas the Assembly seeks to reimpose those protections to protect defendants from overzealous prosecutors seeking unfair and unjust outcomes to pad their case records or the influence of member nations seeking certain favourable outcomes by undue process of law:

And whereas three classes of protections are of utmost importance to safeguard defendants from corruption of their advocates, prevent defendants from being surprised with evidence introduced at the last minute, and safeguard persons under the custody of member nations or agents thereof from being rendered to areas where they are not protected by World Assembly legislation:

The World Assembly enacts as follows:

1. Negative inference. The invocation of any right or privilege by the defendant may not be used as evidence of wrongdoing or as the basis of a negative inference.

2. Undue influence. Member nations shall not attempt to pervert justice by unduly influencing the defendant or defence counsel. Nor shall member nations require or coerce the defendant or defence counsel to make decisions which may damage their defence or, in the case of counsel, client welfare.

3. Discovery. Prosecutors before member nation courts shall provide the defence with all evidence collected in the process of investigation. Defendants must also provide to prosecutors such evidence they also have collected.

a. Evidence may be excluded if there is a preponderance of evidence that providing it would lead to witness tampering or intimidation, expose information vital to national security, or substantially threaten the safety of witnesses or other third parties.

b. Counsel for the defence shall be provided sufficient time to review and examine evidence provided under the above clause. It shall be grounds for reversible error on appeal if the defence can show insufficient time was provided such that a competent advocate could not have provided effective counsel.

c. In this section, the word “evidence” does not include strategies or other products of time spent by attorneys or advocates reviewing that case.

4. Rendition. No individual in the custody of a member nation, or any agents thereof, may be extradited, rendered, or otherwise moved to any place likely to commence, resume, or carry out judicial proceedings which would contravene World Assembly legislation against that individual.

SC, October 17th 2021 Condemn Dalimbar: A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.
Author: Giovanniland
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 2 | Abstain 2 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 376)
Final WA vote: For 12067 (83.8%) | Against 2333 (16.2%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Introducing Dalimbar as a nation that not only actively undermined the sovereignty of various regions throughout several years, but also emboldened other despicable nations to do the same;

Alarmed by Dalimbar's repeated subversion of the North Pacific's legitimate government, via the satellite state of Chodean Kal, performing such detestable deeds as:

winning the February 2007 delegate elections against Emperor matthuis (EM) by enacting a heinous plan in which outsiders not only manipulated the election by voting for Chodean Kal but also made EM pass Great Bights Mum in endorsements, thus appearing like EM couped the region and successfully shifting the public's opinion;

refusing to leave once their delegate term was over as mandated by regional laws, instead staying on the seat for three more weeks until August 2007 and blaming regional stagnation as the reason for this villainous action, even going so far as to dissolve the regional government and banish many long term residents during the illegitimate part of their delegacy;

sowing chaos in the region when EM couped it in October 2007, during which Neo Kervoskia and Chodean Kal colluded to publicly support the couping side and the opposition respectively while privately manipulating both sides;

aiding the coup of January 2008, perpetrated by Westwind through the satellite state Lewis and Clark, that established the Crimson Order, in which Chodean Kal served as Lord Marshal General to command a new military after the destruction of the region's previous defender military that had been in existence for several years, and also led the Crimson Order's foreign affairs, strategy, and infiltration of opposition;

Disturbed that Dalimbar used the alias of Lady Anastasia to create the Empire (a notorious group that enacted multiple coups within several large regions) alongside Minineenee (Lady Phedre) and Neo Kervoskia (Lord Griffin), serving within the Imperial Council in the roles of Lady of the Shadows and Coordinator of Consolidation and Expansion to manage the Empire's intelligence and foreign affairs respectively, ultimately contributing to the success of the Empire's actions;

Appalled by Lady Anastasia's contributions to the Empire's coup of the East Pacific in August 2008, during which they created propaganda against the natives, declared war on nearly every feeder and sinker, and nearly convinced Delegate The faeyas of the West Pacific (TWP) to sign a treaty in which TWP would recognize the Empire as the legitimate East Pacifican government; all while their masters in Dalimbar held the position of Magister in the overthrown government and continued to serve as Delegate of Equilism until Lady Anastasia's identity was uncovered, demonstrating Dalimbar's atrocious ability of keeping secret identities separate to trick the international community for months;

Horrified by Dalimbar's aid in the December 2012 coup spearheaded by Neo Kervoskia against the Kemetic Republic of Osiris, in which these two then-members of the Council of Ma'at (the regional security council) revealed their true colors by flying the Empire's flag and seizing the Delegate seat for twelve hours each, during which a purge of over 500 Osiran residents was conducted in order to destabilize the region;

Dismayed by Dalimbar's support of other nations' plans to overthrow the legitimate governments of other Feeder regions, including, but not limited to:

Wickedly evil people's January 2009 takeover of the West Pacific, with Dalimbar serving as the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, assisting in the rogue government's foreign relations and its hold onto power for over 100 days, which influenced the end of democracy in the region and the rise of an authoritarian government based on delegate supremacy that continues to this day;

Sedgistan's May 2011 takeover of the South Pacific, orchestrated through the secret satellite state of Devonitians, during which Dalimbar convinced multiple raider regions to help in the operation, only to later publicly reveal Devonitians' true identity in an attempt to cause internal upheaval within the Rejected Realms (an ally of the South Pacific), where Sedgistan was involved in the government at the time; and

Surprised that a nation with such history has not yet been reprehended by this Council, and warning other nations not to go down this path of regional subversion;

Hereby condemns Dalimbar.

10ki wa secretariat