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King Discharged from Hospital, Anonymous Donor Improving

King Discharged from Hospital, Anonymous Donor Improving
Thursday, 28 October 2021

By Birgit Schlosser; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian

WF National announced HRM King Alastair IV was discharged home this morning, where he will spend the next eight to nine months recovering from surgery. According to HRM Queen Dowager Ophelia, he is "still doped up on pain medicine, but is happy and smiling."

His children were not present for his discharge, as they were already at school.

His recovery period will consist primarily of rest, limited physical therapy throughout each day, and a strict medication regimen and diet. In addition to ensuring proper organ function and preventing rejection, his nurses and family must be mindful not to expose him to infectious disease. Because he must take immunosuppressants to prevent organ rejection, he is immunocompromised, in addition to the immune damage he is speculated to have sustained after his ordeal with sepsis.

It is worth noting that whilst the King's life has been saved, he is not cured. He still struggles with cardiomyopathy, lung damage, and WKS, comorbidities which precluded him from receiving donor organs for months. His severe alcohol use disorder also prevented him from immediately receiving kidneys and a liver, as the organ donation system is loath to distribute organs to those who have not yet made sufficient progress in overcoming their addictions.

The King has made great strides in therapy since he began taking sessions this past January, and his tenure in the rehabilitation facility helped him work through his psychological dependence and trauma as a result of his condition.

Additionally, the anonymous donor is off of life support as of Wednesday, though the donor remains in the ICU and is greatly weakened. However, no further surgery is necessary at this time. In fact, the cardiac issues that have been bedeviling the donor are lessening in intensity, though the patient's heart is permanently damaged and will need to be monitored indefinitely.

HRM Queen Dowager Ophelia did not reveal the donor's identity at this time, citing the donor's wish to be anonymous until a later date. However, HRM mentioned the donor is "someone very dear to us," though 'tis not clear whether she is referring to the Royal Family as a whole or is using the royal "we."