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How To Pile

Piling is moving a nation in the World Assembly to a target region that's already been hit and endorsing the raider World Assembly Delegate (WAD) and Regional Officers (ROs). By endorsing the point and the regional officers, you're supporting the occupation and helping to keep the target from being liberated by buzzkill defenders. Make sure you leave your World Assembly nation in the region throughout the length of the occupation!

Piling is super easy! The first thing is making sure your nation has a valid email address so you can apply your nation to the World Assembly. You can add or edit your email account on your puppet nation in your nation's settings. After making sure you have a valid email address, click this link to join the World Assembly: page=un. If your nation is already in the World Assembly, skip to the part that says "Donezo. What now?"

Make sure you click the "Apply to Join" button!

Once that's done, check your email address and follow the instructions to let you join the World Assembly. Once you've joined the WA, you should be good to move your nation to the target region endorse the WAD+ROs, successfully supporting the op.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you only have ONE nation in the World Assembly at a time. Having more than one nation in the World Assembly isn't allowed, and you can get forcibly booted from the WA or even banned from it. It's highly recommended you only use one email address across all your nations. This will keep you from accidentally having more than one nation in the World Assembly at a time as the game won't let you join the WA on your nation if you have another nation from the same email currently in the World Assembly.

Currently, we're piling in The Black Hawks! Move your puppet nation to The Black Hawks
and endorse the following nations:

Make sure to keep your nation in The Black Hawks till the op is over! At the end of the op, you should receive a telegram telling you to move back to The Black Hawks. If you find yourself in the Rejected Realms, things happen, just make sure to move back to The Black Hawks at the end of the op.
Congrats! You've correctly piled for an op :)

Remember if you ever want to fly a TBH flag, we have a whole list of flags here!

You can also join our Reserves Program if you havenít already, to gain points for your participation in this operation!

Also if you're interested in joining us off-site and taking part in raids as they happen, come join us offsite on LinkDiscord and the Linkforums to enlist!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me, Aleena Connolly, a telegram, I will respond as soon as I can :)

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