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Alterra Misplaces 1km Capital Ship Aurora (Archived = Old News)

Contact has been lost with the Aurora some 18 months into its journey to install a phasegate in the Ariadne Arm, report inside sources.

Alterra launched the Aurora to much fanfare almost two years ago, and recently announced the ship had arrived in the destination solar system. The Aurora has reportedly now missed more than one routine check in.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for Alterra said, 'Communication with ships outside of the phase gate network can take weeks or months in ordinary circumstances, and is commonly interrupted. The Aurora was in good shape and ahead of schedule the last time they checked in, we have no reason to think anything has changed.'

Nonetheless our sources emphasize that Alterra cannot yet explain the loss of contact, and given the exceptional value of the ship and its mission they are taking every possible measure to re-establish contact. Shareholders will be watching closely.

Keen readers will remember, however, that Alterra's network of directors have a history of leaking scare stories like this to the press, only for the trans-gov to rebound with positive news against the odds. Director's shareholdings and dealings are of course not public information.